On Tidbits of Stained Glass

When travelling, we enjoy going into churches – especially in Europe! The history, the design, the grandness, the paintings, the organ, and yes – the stained glass. This collection is from various churches in Prague, Krakow, and Budapest.

My favorites? There are two, but which are your favorites?


Stained Glass of St. Vitas, Prague

God the Father, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Krakow

44 thoughts on “On Tidbits of Stained Glass

  1. Stained glass is amazing – love your pictures. I’ll do some googling of the ones you posted. I’m a big fan of Marc Chagall just because it’s so different and he uses big expanses of a single colour palette. I visited All Saints’ Church in Tudeley in England a year or so back, which despite being a tiny otherwise non-descript church, has all the windows done by Chagall.

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    • Charlie,
      Glad you like this collection. I know 4 & 6 are Alphons Mucha (St. Vitas, Prague) … I added a link below the images. May add others if I find them. Thanks for sharing your passion for stained glass.


  2. It’s really hard to choose Frank! I’m sure they look even better when you are standing in front of them and even then one might be preferred over another according to the light. They are all stunning examples of the art, but my eyes are drawn primarily to 4 and 6 – which is the same window and you have highlighted the part I liked best too. And I’m sure that is not just my colour preference speaking πŸ™‚

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  3. Stained 7 is amazing. Almost too much, if there could be such a thing, but I am really drawn to it. I think they are all quite beautiful. Each of these is a really beautiful work of art. If they are this beautiful in a photo, I am sure you were in awe!

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    • Jim,
      I remember that one was in Krakow … and remember the guide talking about the artist’s view of creation, which why it grabbed me. The title is God the Father – and I have a link below the pics to it.


  4. Number 7. The key for me is that the patterned window frames around the stained glass must be (or look like) the same material and color as the walls of the church.

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    • Tim,
      St. Vitas in Prague has a great collection of stained glass windows – including #7 … so I suggest you see the link below the gallery for additional information that I am confident you will enjoy.


      • As Dizzy Dean used to say to Pee Wee Reese: “Pardner, you just weren’t a-pumpin’ your gums” – when you said I would like the link to the St. Vitas Cathedral stained glass! When I finally make it to Prague I’ll need to set aside a half day to check out the incredible number of windows there. Off the subject, my favorite Pee Wee Reese quote is: “If I had my career to play over, one thing I’d do differently is swing more. Those 1,200 walks I got, nobody remembers them.”


  5. I adore stained glass windows. Since I went to catholic school my Sunday’s were spent admiring the art in each and every one of the stained glass windows. These are all spectacular. I can’t even imagine how something so beautiful can be created. Awesome you were able to see them in person.
    Isadora 😎

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  6. I love stained glass in churches and I love old churches in general. Like you, I will always stop in if I think one is interesting. Europe has some very unique and interesting churches.

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