On a Dimension of Time

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A Dimension of Time

The time has come

His hand caresses her check
She squeezes his other hand

Time is slowing

The heads getting closer
Eyes close

Time is about to stand still

They soon will touch
One thinks, “Finally”

The time is now

Their lips lightly touch
The clock freezes with lips in place

Time is this moment

The lips stay together

Time is an instance

He releases to lightly return
She smiles in her heart

Time is steady

He is her sanctuary
She is his muse

Time ticks

He kisses her upper lip
She – his lower

Time is a tempo

He is slow
She is lost

Time beats

Lips nibble
They immerse

Time is an interval

His tongue engages lightly
She sighs

Time is a continuum

He is delicate
She is his delicacy

Time is a spell

Time is a span

His pace is steady
She hastens

Time is a point on a span

He succumbs
She leads

Time is theirs

Time becomes the past

Their time returns

NOTE: Although some of described certain past posts as poetic, I’ve never posted a poem – so this is the first! Then again, it may not even be a poem – and if it is, I have no clue about its type or style. Nonetheless, thank you Fiery @ Silently Smouldering Words for writing a poem with a line that inspired me to write this.

68 thoughts on “On a Dimension of Time

  1. If that’s your first poem, holy crap, I can’t imagine your future ones! You knocked that one out of the park! I love poetry & you definitely put a delightful, delicious yet fragile and tender theme to it. Great job!!!!

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  2. Well, Frank, you have completely surprised me! I am so impressed with your skill in composition, and really so impressed with the beauty and sensitivity. Well done! I think poetry is more your thing than perhaps you knew. 🙂 Or maybe I just need to say more than WE knew!

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    • Debra,
      You’ve been here a long time, so you know this is outside-the-box for me, so I greatly appreciate your kind words. I focused on a pace with time as a concept woven throughout – plus, I stayed away from rhyming!


    • Patti,
      Thank you. So interesting that you mention the dance thread. I had to laugh because not only are you the second person to mention it here, my brain went to a limited view of dance – but hey – I now see what you mean!


  3. Well… what to say???
    Before I gush a lot of thanks at you I’ll say a few things, so settle in!
    This IS a poem. Of course it is. I am not one to ‘name’ types of poetry as I find it unnecessary but if anything this is free verse. You did it wonderfully. No one would know that this is your first venture into poetry. It reads like you’ve been doing this for a while.
    And it is so soft and sensual…very engaging; my eyes were racing to the next line and the next…
    The concept of time throughout and the pacing were perfect with your subject of a tender kiss between two, I would call them soulmates.
    Two parts stood out for me:

    “He is her sanctuary
    She is his Muse.”

    I loved that part.

    And then this:

    “He is delicate
    She is his delicacy.”

    Amazing. Such inspired lines, Frank. Honestly.

    I am very impressed and needless to say you must write more.

    Thank you so so much for your mention of me and I am over the moon that you say a little line of mine inspired this. Very humbling and makes me smile. As you can see from comments above me, your readers are thrilled and so they should be.
    This was a pleasure to read.
    I agree…felt like a sensual dance.
    Many hugs

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  4. Frank–you know that I love things time-related. I like how you write something about time–then what happens with the couple, as time seems to slow and start. And time does seem to do that in those moments.
    Of course, this is a poem! And a dance. 🙂

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    • Merril,
      Thank you – and knowing how much you write poetry – your extra special to me. Even though one can easily focus on the couple, the time concept was so important to me during the writing because of exactly what you said. I probably worked on the time lines more than the encounter. The more I think about it, I like the thought that this is both a poem and a dance. 🙂

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  5. AAA to you aFrank. I thought this was such a lyrical poem. And, it’s a poem. What is a poem anyway? To me it’s an expression of what is in our heart and mind. Your words express a longing for the two people to savor the moment their totally present in with each other. Bravo 👏 thanks for sending me back to read this very well written poem.
    Isadora 😎

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  6. Dearest Frank,

    My most humble apologies on arriving so late to this beautiful poetic post. All that teasing I did with you and then I didn’t come back to it! D’oh!
    So, that said, this was beautifully sensual and your concept of time wove its way throughout giving it a most sensual rhythmic movement to is. As a few have said, it was definitely a dance.

    Lookit you. First you try to tell us you don’t do fiction, then you say you don’t do poetry.

    You lie.

    Lotsa belated love,

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