On Springtime Blooms Return

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For we in the northern hemisphere, spring is the air – so flowers are plants are showing signs of life and flowers have burst forth for the underground bulb from it’s winter sleep. Although I didn’t sleep in the winter, I have been on blog break since late March – so hey – this post has nothing to do with flowers – but just an analogy marking my return to posting.

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Because I had a Pause Button, it’s time to restart. I usually use this after a break, but I couldn’t resist the opening bloom analogy.

I did take some time during break to continuing editing the future beach walks that is, the ones I wrote this past winter. They are far enough along to restart the series soon.

Spring also means the time to ramp up golf season. I’m behind on my pre-season routine, but that’s OK because I’m not a fanatic. I simple enjoy playing the game.

News from the Mueller Report came forth shortly after starting the blog break. I considered having a special post, but decided it was not worth my time and effort. After all, it seems the report has gone like I anticipated – and the party faithful on both sides of the aisle are demonstrating predictable behavior that favors a party-first mantra over what is best for the country. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani continues to demonstrate that Disney would never hire him because he beyond goofy.

Washington is so messed up, I’m not convinced the Founding Fathers could help. Then again, that would be interesting to hear their take.

Sometimes I take blog breaks because of travel plans – but not always. After all, a blog break within one’s normal routine is also important. Then again, I’ve been gone long enough that both are possible. OK – I’ll spill the beans. We cruised from San Diego to Miami on Oceania Cruise Line’s Regatta.


Here are a few thoughts about the ports

  • San Diego – A beautiful city
  • Mexico (Cabo San Lucas & Acapulco) – Overrated
  • Guatemala (Puerto Quetzal) – Antigua is a special place
  • Nicaragua (Corinto) – Second poorest country in the America’s (behind Haiti)
  • Costa Rica (Puntarenas) – Pick you eco-tour
  • Panama Canal (cruising) – An engineering marvel
  • Cartagena (Columbia) – Beautiful Old City, vendors abundant and bothersome
  • Havana (Cuba) – Unquestionably my favorite stop

To help reset the Start button, here’s a song that we heard a lot on the cruise.

55 thoughts on “On Springtime Blooms Return

  1. Cincy,

    Last things first. I remember this song hitting up the walls of a corner restaurant my parents took us to as kids, in Corona Queens. Every time I hear it, I think of dinner in that place.

    As for Rudy, it’s sad how time has transformed him from America’s Mayor to Bozo the Clown. I guess it’s true what they say. Sometimes you CAN outlast your welcome.

    The Mueller Report will end up being a loss leader for Trump in the run up to 2020. It will simply galvanize the red hats. This crap is maddening.

    I would love to just hang out with the Founding Fathers. They loved their beer.

    As for the Dolphins . . I am really loving Grier. Dude is the Anti- Jeff Ireland.

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  2. Frank! Nice to have you back. I am so glad you take the time for you and your sweetheart without the pull of the Internets. And what a lovely cruise. I adore this song. And, though I had avoided Cuba like the plague – for many reasons – when my boys and I went to Playa Pesquero, I kinda regretted being so far from Havana so it would seem a future trip shall have to be planned.
    Costa Rica was a trip I loved and I would definitely return to visit…

    Sitting down with the founding fathers would be so cool (I read The Legacy by Michener).

    Giuliani. Never thought someone could disappoint me so bad.

    Welcome back, Signore.

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    • Pauline,
      Greetings. Intriguing is a good word for this trip – especially because I hadn’t been to this part of the world. Meanwhile, I haven’t started organizing pictures, let alone start writing. Guess I better start with the pictures soon.

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  3. I wondered if you were on trip. It looks like a wonderful cruise.
    Giuliani is a joke–but dt is a nightmare. I hope the country wakes up soon. What scares me is that dt can literally say anything–and does–and the trumpettes just cheer.

    I’d love to sit down with the “Founding Fathers,” to get their take–especially about balance of power and restraining the power of the president. But, as far as conversing with people from that time, I’d really like to “remember the ladies” and talk to Abigail Adams, Mercy Otis Warren, and Sally Hemings. . .

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  4. Welcome back, Frank. Your cruise looks like it would be relaxing and fun. I enjoyed your line “and the party faithful on both sides of the aisle are demonstrating predictable behavior that favors a party-first mantra over what is best for the country.” This is the real source of dysfunction. Our clown in chief is a distraction for sure. The whole place reminds me of walking into an old two-reel Hollywood barfight. You just wonder when the balsa chair is going to be replaced with a real one. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Is it a matter that you are becoming senile? If so get off the stage. You are muffing your lines. Good post, Frank.

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  5. Great to have you back. Can’t wait to see your photos. You’ve got me thinking which Founding Father would I most like to take to dinner and get their opinion on the situation in the country today. Hit it long and straight!

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    • Tim,
      Thanks for the warm reception. I don’t know what the future holds in terms of posting pics, but time will tell. For the record, I would have dinner with Jefferson (for his vision) and Washington (for his pragmatism). In terms of golf, long and straight are not the norm at the moment.


      • Great call! Fascinating to imagine being with Tom and George (for exactly the reasons you mentioned) at George’s place (my favorite colonial mansion) for dinner followed by a couple of brandies out on the front porch (my favorite view in the U.S.) to continue their dinner discussion on what is happening to America in 2019 compared to the Philadelphia society lady asking Benjamin Franklin: “Well Doctor Franklin, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy? A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.”

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    • Jo,
      Thank you for the welcome. “Different” is a good descriptor for the trip’s itinerary – plus I have never visited any of the non-US places. So – I imagine travel posts will happen sometime in the future.


  6. What a wonderful cruise, Frank! This is definitely an itinerary that would please me! I will enjoy hearing more about the different ports and how you utilized your “on shore” visits. It’s also very nice to see that you’re back blogging again. You were missed!

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    • Jim,
      Thanks for the welcome back. My wife read the book and loved it! I got the short version from her. I don’t speak Spanish – after all, it would get in the way of my Italian.


  7. Welcome back with another outstanding post. Looking forward to hearing more travel details, especially about Cuba. The others I’m interested in but Cuba definitely has the whole serious intrigue thing going for it. I mean, who couldn’t love it just for all those vintage autos, right? 😊

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  8. Welcome back. Sounds like your blogging break was a cruise (haha, couldn’t help myself). You visited some outstanding places. Several friends of mine returned a month ago from a cruise to Cuba and felt like you did, although they were surprised by how poor everyone was. My nephew went 2 weeks ago and loved the beaches and the music scene.
    Me? Oh, I’m suffering from spring allergies – first time in my life! SOMETHING is blooming up a storm, for sure…

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    • Pam,
      Thank you. No matter if travel or at home – blog breaks are good. I’ll report on Cuba later. Good luck with those allergies. YUK! … and to think this is your first bout with them. Double Yuk!!!

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        • In terms of visiting, we needed a visa – through cruise line assisted. In terms of changing the rules, the Cubans have rules for visiting – so does our government for US citizens – so one has to be aware of both sets of requirements.

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