On a Beach Walk: No. 40 (A Return)

foot stepson grey sands with waters nearing it

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

After arriving, unpacking, grocery shopping, and a supply trek to Costco, today is my first full day of our respite as snowbirds.

It’s good to return to life as my alter ego – the time without appointments – a time of minimal commitments – a time without the feeling that I have to do something – a time when I try to leave my daily burdens behind. I’ve carried some of life’s baggage with me to this place – that’s what life does – but it’s different than a year ago.

It’s good to see the fine, off-white sand from the balcony for the first time since a year ago.

It’s good to see a seemingly endless vast view of water that will help me discover metaphors for future walks.

It’s good to have the first struggle with the fine, soft sand on my way to the water’s edge.

It’s good to feel the packed sand at the water’s edge that will serve as my pavement for the weeks to come.

It’s good to begin my daily walking routine as I move eastward for the first walk. On most days I will get over 10,000 steps before noon. I hope for a day-long trek before leaving.

It’s good to see the string of shells marking high tide. Each year we’ve focused on different shells, but because we have enough, we will give preference only to the unique shells we encounter.

It’s good to feel the water moving across my feet. It’s a bit brisk at the moment, but I’m confident a truly refreshing temperature is approaching.

It’s good to see my first group of sanderlings – the small birds with the fast-moving legs in their ongoing hunt for food at the water’s edge. Their presence always makes me smile.

It’s good to hear the sounds of the beach – the water coming ashore – the whistling of the steady breeze – the squawking seagulls – and even the air traffic from the nearby naval air station.

It’s good to smell the freshness of the sea air – that hint of salt with a skosh of marine life – a different scent than the air of my inland home.

It’s good to see the pelicans effortlessly gliding just about the water’s surface, then redirect upward only to turn around to dive after unwilling prey below the surface.

It’s good to know that some days I will see a group of dolphins passing by on their hunt for food.

It’s good to know that the sea will probably show me many emotions on its face – those emotions varying from placid calm to raging anger.

It’s good to start the process of letting the sand jettison the old skin from the bottom of my feet. If the past is an indicator, by the end of the stay my feet will have a warm glow.

Let the exfoliating begin because I like walking the beach for it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

58 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 40 (A Return)

    • Pauline,
      You are one lucky lady to have a beach so close. You’ve confirmed that beaches around the world have much in common. The air traffic isn’t bad – but it is definitely present! More walks are on the way!

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  1. Sounds really wonderful, Frank. I love your description of the feel of the sand on your feet. I’m looking forward to that feeling very soon. Enjoy your 10 000+ steps per day. You should be really healthy and fit after all the sea air and exercise. 👏🏻

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  2. I am so glad you’ve had more beach time this year, Frank. I look forward to more tranquil posts that cover your experience. I really think walking at the beach is the most therapeutic exercise I can even imagine. We are going to the beach this coming weekend and we have already been planning our walks! The exfoliating is an added bonus. 🙂

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    • Debra,
      “Tranquil” … and excellent word for what I try to do in this series. Simply extra importance with so much noise we encounter 24/7. Enjoy this upcoming visit to the beach!


  3. I had a happy time this morning with your “It’s goods” and my “I knows.” Sure glad I experienced the place you’re talking about! I loved the poetic line “It’s good to feel the packed sand at the water’s edge that will serve as my pavement for the weeks to come.” It also caught my attention in anticipation of the upcoming battle my feet will have with the European cobblestones.

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  4. It’s one of my favorite things in all the world. Glad we have that in common. I saw dolphins on my last trip to my favorite beach. They’re regulars there. 🙂

    Going back soon. I hear the sea calling…..

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    • Tara.
      Cheers to our joint love for walking the beach. Looking back at this time period, dolphins were not as present as with past visits. I believe this was due to a nearby dredging project whose cloudy water pushed fish away from the shore. On the other hand, the number of dolphins we saw on a recent cruise was amazing!

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  5. Oh, I love your dreamy descriptions of seashore. Favorite line: “It’s good to smell the freshness of the sea air – that hint of salt with a skosh of marine life.” Last line, too. Perfection.

    I’d love to see photographs of your shell collection. Enjoy the strolls. Good vibes, indeed!

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    • Theadora,
      Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your favorite line … and that’s one I recall writing. The shells we have at home are not actually a collection, but simply a gathering of shells in a vase Nothing rare, just a variety.


  6. It’s good to read about your walk! I can’t WAIT to sink my toes in the sand, but I’m afraid that may not happen until later in the summer. I’ll enjoy it vicariously through you. I like the idea of “exfoliating” our thoughts and worries while beach-walking.

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  7. lolexfololiation!
    Just kidding! It’s a wonderful time and happening for you, Frank.
    Keep on walking and keep on exfoliating.
    I have envies, but now is not the time for my divulgence. Luv your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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