On a Beach Walk: No. 41 (Storms)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

In advance of a storm front due to pass in mid-afternoon, many clouds dominate the sky. They are not a solid mass, but an irregular one showing a seemingly unlimited spectrum of gray. The clouds nearly saturate the sky as ritual smoke as they move to their own cosmic dance.

Scant patches of blue periodically appear as holes leading to a greater beyond. Sometimes, an opening aligns with the sun to shine light on me. Other times the sun transforms a puffy cloud into a brilliant white aerial statue.

The wind is a little stronger today at it assists me in my eastward walk – but I know it will provide resistance on my return trip.

The winds travel across the water’s surface creating ripples for as far as I can see. I look at the thick clouds above whose lower surfaces appear as ripples caused by the same wind. There must be a connection.

The sea is more agitated than normal – unlike their more placid nature of yesterday. The red flag warms visitors of riptide currents, yet the sea is far from the fury whose tempest took ships to their unexpected but permanent mooring on the ocean floor.

The storm is not yet here – and may or may not live up to forecasted expectations. The clouds serve as a blanket of anticipation – but not a positive one because they display a haunting gloom of the approaching afternoon worry.

Storms make people anxious – just as the difficulties, trials, and tribulations do in life. Personal storms tend to weaken fragile foundations, but those with a strong cornerstone survive and come forth with strength and wisdom.

I think of storms as metaphors because storms are like problems, scrutiny, anger, life changing events, trials, and tribulations. We are aware of the political storms of controversy and ideological differences, but brainstorming seldom solves these problems.

Fortunately, information does not imply that the current and approaching weather conditions are aligning to be the perfect storm – but I wonder about not only its turmoil, but the calm on the other side – even the possibility of a rainbow, then the sunshine to follow.

For now, I don’t worry. I enjoy this time because walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

82 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 41 (Storms)

  1. Aha Frank! The day you walked the beach in this way is being reflected here today – only I’m not heading off to the sea as I know it is going to be very cold and windy there. Winter has arrived here abruptly, ending a prolonged and indulgent autumn. Very fitting thoughts on the topic of approaching storms – here’s to always riding them out and seeing the rainbows and sunshine on the other side! (Haven’t listened to that song in many years – still a great one!)

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      • It’s very traumatic Frank. After Andrew blew through there were no landmarks left, one could not recognize their own neighbor hood or find their way around the most familiar areas. A totally different and devastated landscape. One can only hope that nature will spare them these disasters. On a less ominous note, I hope your day is going great. 🌷

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  2. Frank, you are a very terrific writer. You say what you think, and what you mean you articulate, wonderfully.
    Boy you gotta love your woman!
    She’s a storm, and you are riding.

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  3. This is one of those things I want to figure out. Why is the ocean, or virtually any substantial body of water whether a lake, river, or the ocean, so rejuvenating. Give me an afternoon on a beach with the ocean before me, and I’ll feel better. Guaranteed.

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    • Mark,
      Good question about the beach and water. 1) For me, the beach is far away – so when I go it’s a renewed novelty from the norm. 2) A beach with surf also has a rhythm, which calms a person. 3) I grew up in a town on the Ohio River – and the presence of water is a calming influence. Even though I saw it every day, there is something soothing about it. Maybe because it’s a barrier – or a place we don’t live. I get the same feeling when I see the river in downtown Cincinnati.

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  4. Beautiful, Frank. The metaphors you connected are very meaningful and I think time at the ocean’s edge is contemplative time like no other. I’m always glad to hear of your experiences and I particularly enjoy your beach walks! And “Riders on the Storm” is one of my all time favorites.

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    • Debra,
      Thank you for the kind words. Metaphors are interesting – and I’m trying to connect with them more. … and I couldn’t resist using Riders on the Storm. I recall think about it when I was walking on the day I wrote this.

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      • I’m finding myself also drawn more and more to metaphors, Frank. Interesting, isn’t it. They often fill in gaps of meaning so much better than explicit description. Your beach walks are glorious. 🙂


  5. Frank, so wistful and pensive. Really enjoyed it. Carried me away (also just a call back to a comment of yours I forgot to reply to – the beach I’d like to walk on is veeeeeeeeeeery far away from me!)

    Also, Jim Morrison..what a sexy, timeless poet. LOVE The Doors.



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  6. I imagined myself walking on the beach with you as I was reading your writing Frank. Loved your post today.
    And that song. Reminded me of my sister who never stopped playing that song while we were growing up!

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  7. Some people are very sensitive to wind sounds – it bothers them and makes them uneasy. My mom was like this and she often said she could never live by the sea because of that endless wind…probably the same on the high plains – good she wasn’t born in pioneer days.
    I’ve heard it said that only adults/mature brains/the sophisticated notice the various shade and slight differences in colors – like in clouds. You must be one of the stars with that.
    Nicely done

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    • Mouse,
      I can see how some people are sensitive to wind … especially the constant wind by the sea and other places. Hooray – cheers to me for noticing what others can’t. (New to me) … I avoided using a reference to 50 Shades of Gray.

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  8. What is the closest thing to going on a beach walk yourself? Reading these descriptions of your beach walks. Your descriptions of the clouds and sky are… breathtaking, the metaphor of a storm applied to our emotions, just perfect.

    Love this, and love the song too. A friend suggested a song to me recently (you know who you are if you read this), which (amongst many other beautiful lines) had the lyric “I feel like driving in a storm”… A simple lyric but one that seemed much deeper to me. In case you are interested, this is the song. I have listened to it on repeat for about a week now.

    From aFA: If the above link didn’t work, try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC1YYi1fhGM OR listen here on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/all-ears-meet-muzik/clint-mansell-ft-not-at-home

    Look forward to more beach walks.

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    • Patti,
      Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad you walked along. Because of being able to see so far across the water, watching storms approach is interesting. I recall several years ago when we watched the light show of an off-shore storm. Spectacular!


    • Andrea,
      I started using the same first & last lines one the first beach walk – and it seems to work. I think of them as the bookends with the topic being the books. Yes – storms can be exciting – well, as long as they aren’t part of a disaster.

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  9. Your feet must feel fab! Mine sure do after reading this.
    I know storms can wreak hazard, but as a kid in the prairies I saw some doozies come in. You know the black cloud on the horizon, the suddenly black, thunder, lightening and hard rain.
    20 minutes later: felled trees, big puddles, a quiet calm and the rainbow you speak of.
    Your song choice is PERFECT for this post!

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