Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 398

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Greetings. Last week was one of those rare weeks without an OITS. I was behind on the writing and replying to comments on the previous post – so I decided to pass.

Hey hey hey – 2 to go to #400! Visit #400,000 may happen during the upcoming week – but maybe not.

FYI: I’m aiming for the next concert to be on Saturday, June 8th.

My Quickstep routine is in the books. Good news: We didn’t crash and burn. (FYI: Quickstep is not an easy dance.) We successful got through it and my partner was thrilled! For me, we did well – but I’m a tough critic on myself, so I only get a C. My partner and I have the same instructor, who choreographed a routine around this scene from An American in Paris – but we danced to this Bobby Darin version of I Got Rhythm that is definitely aerobic.

We recently wrapped up another season of handbells and ushering.

  • The last handbell piece was Shalom Chaverim. An interesting piece that you can watch a large choir in Japan play. Click here
  • The last play was Tiny House, a new play as a joint effort between the Cincinnati and Cleveland theaters. A fun play – and the building of the tiny house was interesting to witness. Thumbs up if it ever comes to your area. Here are two reviews (one from each city): Cincinnati and Cleveland
  • Of the personalities who died this week, I’m connected with two. Doris Day was born and raised in Cincinnati. Comedian Tim Conway and I graduated from the same university (Bowling Green).

If you like rich and creamy, Graeter’s (of Cincinnati) is a fabulous ice cream (past post). They recently introduced a new summer flavor – Malted Pretzel Ball – so, I’ll be trying very soon.

Some may recall that John Roebling built Cincinnati’s suspension bridge before the more famous Brooklyn Bridge. Click here for a short (less than 2 minute) video of the bridge done by a local TV station.

As a viewer of the CBS Evening News, I already miss anchor Jeff Glor – but look forward to Norah O’Donnell anchoring later this year.

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The Democratic field of presidential candidates continues to grow. Now at 24, let’s go for 30! On the other hand, I wonder about the end game of the majority of the field.

This week the Alabama state government passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the country. Although their intent is to challenge Roe v Wade in the Supreme Court, I simply say patriotism, morality, and civic duty cannot be legislated.

I have long been a critic of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Her recent comment about AG Barr lying made me wince. On the other hand, I acknowledge the difficult task she has with her current caucus, and she has been done well during this difficult time.

To describe the current situation in Washington, while some proclaim Constitutional crisis – but I prefer institutional crisis.

Here’s an example of the goofy far right of Republicans. My state senator wants to ban insurance coverage of abortions except for re-implanting an ectopic pregnancy into the uterus. Interestingly, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says the procedure doesn’t exist. The senator disagrees.

According to President Trump, Hungarian authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is doing “a tremendous job” and “respect all over Europe”. Sorry to say, that comment is not a surprise and follows praise of other authoritarian leaders from Russia, North Korea, and Turkey.

I grew up in the portion of Ohio that mined coal. Being along the Ohio River, multiple coal-burning power are still located nearby. Because we know President Trump vowed to revive the coal industry, here’s an interesting article about the source of energy for Ohioans.

To lead you into the weekly dose of satire, The Onion provides tips for going through a divorce.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Man starting to think only reason people hanging out with him because they are on same jury
Dress that would have forever altered course of woman’s life patted, placed back on rack
Dissatisfied Taco Bell customer goes rogue
Unsettling study finds two cousins technically fair game
Charity pairs naughty hags with children who taste good in stew
New blender changes guy’s life

Interesting Reads

How much of the Internet is fake
Ancient humans
Nazi looted painting
A camel festival in Mongolia
Enduring McCarthyism
(Graphic) Countries with the worst bad loan ratio
(Photos) Food photography
(Photos) Bikers in Hanoi

To send you into the weekend and as a tribute to Cincinnati treasure Doris Day, it’s time for a Sentimental Journey. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.(NOTE; The video will NOT play embedded here. After you click the video below, then click Watch this video on YouTube.)

35 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 398

    • Cindy,
      Occasionally a video owner blocks embedding, so to watch it requires two clicks. Click the video, then click Watch this video on YouTube.

      MANY thanks for letting me know. I added a note to the post.

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  1. Cincy,

    Doris Day was in so many of the movies I remember watching as a boy. And Tim Conway made me laugh like nobody’s business. His skits with Harvey Korman were priceless.

    That ice cream sounds out-rageous! Malt balls and pretzels and yes siree!

    I agree, Pelosi has had a ton on her plate and has navigated the waters admirably.

    We’ll get to see Tanaka pitch on Saturday, so I’m psyched about that.

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  2. I’m with Mar on the Doris Day and Tim Conway comments. Both were fabulous in their own rights.

    Not so sure about that ice cream flavour but shall reserve judgment till I try it 😉

    Not touching anything political because most of it makes me want to spit.

    Looking forward to the next concert. I shall be in my new home by then and hopefully will have internet.

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    • Dale,
      I almost closed with Que Sera Sera – but everyone heard that song enough this week. The local paper had a large pic of Day in her honor this week.

      I’ll reserve judgment on the ice cream too – but Graeter’s is so good, it will be good – but the question will be how good. For instance, the Fiona ice cream was good – but it didn’t bowl me over.

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  3. I wasn’t a big fan of her movies, but Doris Day had such a beautiful voice. Maybe I’ll have to re-watch “The Man Who Knew Too Much” soon.
    I’m very upset by all the challenges to Roe v. Wade–especially as I don’t see the legislators actually trying to help people in other ways. And yes, dt praising Orban is typical and disgusting.

    Congratulations on your dance and enjoy your ice cream. I’m not a fan of malted flavor, so it’s not one I’d order, but I believe you about their ice cream, in general. 🙂

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    • Merril,
      Everything isn’t for everybody, so ok to diss the ice cream and Doris Day. Also, being the Alabama law is so restrictive, maybe the Court will simply strike it down without limiting Roe – especially because the law is intentionally limited. Just a thought.


  4. I keep wishing the political stuff is all stories created by The Onion, but alas, they’re not.

    My fave this week from your list: “Dress that would have forever altered course of woman’s life patted, placed back on rack.” It’s like they’re watching me!!! 🙂

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  5. The political news is really depressing and distressing. 😳 We leave tomorrow for England and then on to South Africa, where the politics are equally so. Ice cream seems to be the answer, Frank. I’d like to try that new flavour. 👏🏻 Have a great weekend.

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  6. To lead you into the weekend:

    I have combined The Onion and Interesting Reads – A camel and bikers in Hanoi are on same jury.

    Congratulations on your dancing.

    Quoting Oscar Levant – “I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.”

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  7. You’re right, this week’s headlines are pretty off the chart cray, cray-wise. Not that I ever had any desire to visit the Cotton State (or Missouri for that matter as they too just passed a very restrictive abortion law today in the hopes of getting a challenge before a more sympathetic Supreme Court). Now I’d rather set my hair on fire than visit either of them. Colorado has instituted a trave boycott for officials which I wholeheartedly support. Apparently chipping away at Roe v. Wade wasn’t good enough now that Der Fuhrer’s party has stacked the courts with extremists. I still maintain if you’re opposed to an abortion don’t get one but don’t impose your Dark Ages belief system on everyone else, particularly on victims of rape or incest.

    It was a sad week to lose both Doris Day and Tim Conway, two of the most charming entertainers around.

    Congratulations on your stats and best wishes for continued success. Keep on dancing!

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  8. Doris Day and Conway – from times where people loved to laugh. Simple can be quite complex. We’ll miss them
    Love your term institutional crisis. Total zoo up there – so much like Jr.High lunch room.
    How much longer? (I keep wondering if this big candidate field is distracting dust with the final candidate is still off stage until all the noise, craziness, and testing of waters on this and that is over. We’ll see)
    One nice thing – one Right people have in this country that is rarely mentioned – is the right to move and travel freely so if you don’t like a place, don’t approve of what is going on there, you have options with other states . Could be a sensible response for some – might make a point. Find like minds, circle the wagons, and survive until the lunacy is over.
    Do you think at some point in the future, people will look back and compare all this chaos/multiple messes to the Salem witch hysteria? What ever happened “to live and let live” – “live your life and keep you nose out of other people’s business”? Sigh.
    Love the video!


  9. OMG, Doris Day & Tim Conway died this week! Sigh!
    I’m probably showing my age, but I liked the times when their brands of comedy were funny. I like that funny. Still, there are some great contemporary comics.

    I’m excited for the concerts to be returning!!
    The American politics are beyond me. So funny it hurts to laugh… and a funny bone whacked with a bat …. come to mind.

    Okay, off to YouTube!


  10. For me, I would add Peggy Lipton to the list of celebrity deaths. She didn’t rise to the professional stature of the others, but I was a “Mod Squad” young person and then a big fan of Twin Peaks, in which she had a large role. Tim Conway is a “big deal” in Los Angeles, as his son, Tim Conway, Jr. is a very popular radio host. He would have his dad on very frequently and the two would lovingly banter. It kept “Dad” very current in the minds of a generation that may’ve otherwise not known him! I’m looking forward to the next concert. I am finishing up my season at the Disney Concert Hall/Los Angeles Philharmonic and preparing for the Hollywood Bowl summer season. I’m immersing in music every chance I get. Keeps my blood pressure in check and away from the political circus. What a mess!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Debra,
      I originally had Peggy Lipton on the list, but other than her shows, I didn’t have a connection that I had with Day and Conway. I had no idea about Junior, so fab story – thanks for sharing. In terms of the Hollywood Bowl summer concerts, which one are you looking forward to the most?


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