On a Beach Walk: No. 42 (After the Storm)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

The past few days have been warm, but the strong winds and threat of rain kept my feet off the sand, therefore moving my walks to the treadmill, the city trails, or even the back of the building.

The storm front passed bringing a cold morning with gloomy skies. By noon, the sun accompanied a blue sky and a normal breeze – so the sands called me to walk.

Ahhhh … I missed my feet being here.

I go to the west without knowing my final destination – but it is into the wind. The air is still brisk, so I’m dressed accordingly. I laugh when a gentleman passes by because we are both in shorts – but he is shirtless while I feel comfortable with three layers and a hat.

More debris is present on the beach today. Not only brought ashore by the turbulent water, but the dredging project at the nearby channel exacerbates the litter. I watch for shiny metallic bits to avoid.

The sand is extra smooth from the winds and the roaring waves of recent days. The sand at the waterline is how I like it – firm and with minimal slope.

The firmness makes walking easier as more energy transforms into forward motion. There’s no forced lifting from sinking into the muck.

The relative flatness allows the water to glide ashore, then gently wash over my feet, then back to the sea. The slow retreat allows time for the sandpipers and sanderlings to forage for food in the freshly washed sand.

The sea foam slowly returns to the water as it adheres to the shore as legs of a full-bodied wine clinging to the inner sides of an oenophile’s glass.

Human presence on the beach today is sparse. Besides shirtless guy, I see only four fishermen on my trek and a handful of others. Turns out this is my first walk of the year to the point with the and the channel – about 2 miles (3.2 km) before turning for the return trip.

Although the morning conditions limited me to the fitness room, I still smile. My hands are cool – but not cold. I clothed with the shorts, three layers and a hat. What a beautiful day to return to the beach and my walking routine.

After all, I like walking the beach because it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.


56 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 42 (After the Storm)

  1. Glad to read your post storm walk Frank. Very often after a storm here there is all kinds of interesting debris washed ashore and the seabirds have a great time scavenging among it all. I think some humans do too. Sometimes large and tortured looking tree roots are washed to the top of the beach in the huge surges. As there is nothing between us and Chile I do wonder where they come from.

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    • Pauline,
      Oh yes – feast day for the birds. Even with the extra debris, interesting how that clears. … and wow – I hadn’t that about the debris from Chile collecting on your shores. This reminded me of when the debris from that Indonesia airline crash washing ashore in the Maldives Islands MANY miles away. Thanks for walking along.

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  2. Isn’t that the best feeling? Having the beach (nearly) all to yourself. I love mornings like that. I often only see an older gentleman picking up trash and I make a point of always telling him thanks for doing that… and he responds, every time, with a grumpy grunt. Love it 😂

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  3. “The sea foam slowly returns to the water as it adheres to the shore as legs of a full-bodied wine clinging to the inner sides of an oenophile’s glass.” Now that’s a great description, Frank! 🙂 I smile the entire time I read about your beach experiences!

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  4. I enjoyed this very much. Your beach walks always transport me to a place I want to be – the edge of the world, where the air is fresher and the cobwebs of the mind get blown away. My favourite sentence from this post: ‘The sea foam slowly returns to the water as it adheres to the shore as legs of a full-bodied wine clinging to the inner sides of an oenophile’s glass.’ I laughed at the description of you wearing three layers with shorts! But I guess you can’t wear anything longer than shorts if you’re walking barefoot on the beach 🙂 Now I would like to go to the beach!

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    • Lenora,
      Glad that this walk (and others) take you to your edge of the world. Thank you for the kind words. For the record, there are days when I walk on the beach with long pants and being barefoot. However, on those days I’m either very careful or roll up the pants a bit.

      In terms of the wine and foam sentence, I like that one too – and remember thinking it then writing it!

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  5. I enjoyed your description of walking on a windy beach. Great detail (and I always wonder about people who are underdressed on cool days, and overdressed on warm ones). Last August when I was at the “seashore” with my family in NJ, we had glorious warm (hot) sunny days except one. I walked on the good days, and also on the one bad rainy cool windy day. A total different walking experience, yet still meditative and good for the soul/soles.

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