On a Beach Walk: No. 43 (Frontier)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

I look at the water and see only water – yet only a small portion of a vast collection that makes our planet blue. In the distance is a line where the water meets the sky – the horizon – the place where the known meets the unknown – the horizon – the boundary separating dreams and reality.

At one time some stood on shores looking over the water and wondering what was beyond that line. Seeking beyond the horizon was the next frontier. In our own way, we still do that.

I look above at the clear blue sky and it is easy to think about what is beyond that blue window. Thinking about last night’s clear sky and plethora of lights causes anyone to think about the vast frontier we call space.

It is easy to imagine how some in humanity saw the stars as mere lights attached to a dome surrounding us.

The frontier of the open sea. The frontier of a new land. The frontier of the air. The frontier of the heavens above. The frontier of the water below the surface. The frontier of what we cannot see with the unaided eye. These were all regions of the unexplored – an uncharted territory – the unknown – a frontier.

The frontier – a line separating the explored and the unexplored. Frontier – a region leading to the next advancement in knowledge. Vaccines, medicines, electronics, robotics, microtechnologies, and so much more were part of a frontier at one time. Yet as knowledge increases, the frontier also expands like an infinite bloom.

Galileo changed accepted thinking of his day because he explored a frontier with the telescope. Today, the Hubble Telescope takes us far beyond what Galileo imagined. In that same time period microscopes started to take us into the world of the small. Now today, electron micrographs take us to the very small. Atomic force microscopes are capturing the view of atoms and molecules – all journeys into a distant frontier.

Those who explore frontiers are heroes. Some gain fame – others not. Think of the explorers who reached into the New World from the Old World. Think of wilderness explorers as Lewis and Clark going into the wilderness of the US western frontier. Think of astronauts going into the unknown of space. Think about all the scientists involved in the many increments leading to a new, important breakthrough to which only a few a credited. Think of all the people who stretch themselves beyond the boundaries into an unknown world.

Curiosity to explore in order to learn more in a new frontier is naturally human because we want to know more about ourselves and our place in the world. The urge to know is emotional because exploration is in our DNA. Yes – we want to know – and yes, personal growth is also a journey into a new personal frontier.

Frontier – that next advancement in knowledge comes from the abyss of uncharted territory. Frontier – that extreme limit of our understanding or achievement. Frontier – that region that is only marginally explored.

The many steps on this beach is my frontier because each day is different on this long stretch of sand. Each day is a different thought because the beach changes daily. Each day is a frontier for me because I like walking the beach for it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

53 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 43 (Frontier)

  1. Your post topic today has made me smile Frank, for today I went for a walk along the beach. It was a mild and quite balmy morning, we are having a very slow start to winter here – but the sky was grey and low and the horizon line was indistinguishable between grey sky and grey sea. I was musing on how my ‘further frontiers’ had disappeared. It is a different experience when I walk and feel myself drawn out over the ocean to the far horizon and this one, where I feel myself held close to the land by an unfriendly sea and the closed off heavens. No musings on exploration for me today, just watching the seagulls flying inland away from the bad weather out there on the horizon.

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  2. I too walked along the beach today Frank. There’s a heat wave here and being a holiday weekend as well it was packed plus the current was very strong so I didn’t stay long. I took some pics and a wound up with a photo bomber. It actually was very funny. Have a wonderful Memorial Day and thanks for the beautiful message today.

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    • Cindy,
      Three beach walkers in a row is getting out of hand. ;). Nonetheless, a serendipitous moment between this post and your vacation. Perfect. Thanks for sharing …. PS: Marc is the next comment, and he is inland. 😉


  3. Frank,

    I wonder if Galileo would have been nonplussed every bit as much by the so called experts of our day as he was by the scholars of his time? Because it seems our guys are equally adept at having their heads up their asses.

    Love your last paragraph about the infinite qualities of the beach. It’s so true. And it’s why your beach walks are so diverse.

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  4. As always your beach walking hits me… I didn’t walk today and yesterday and even last week too… I was busy in the home but you know I love walking at the beach… Thank you dear Frank, have a nice new week and Monday, Love, nia

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    • Nia,
      I know you enjoy walking the beach, so I’m happy knowing you appreciate these posts. Sorry to see that you didn’t walk the beach today, but maybe soon! 🙂 Enjoy today and the rest of the week.

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  5. Those explorers of the past were definitely the ones who started humanity on their way to making the world smaller. It must have taken a lot of courage to get onto a ship and sail to the end of the earth – especially as people believed that the earth was flat.

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  6. No recent visits to the beach, but I have seen people on the river beach recently.
    I liked this post a lot–maybe one of my favorites of your beach walks because it’s the kind of stuff I ponder. Of course, when you mention explorers, I also think of the brutality many of them inflicted or condoned as they visited “new worlds” that were already inhabited, and I would also include all the women who have pondered space and frontiers. . . 🙂

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  7. I didn’t walk a beach, but I walked a dog! Loved all your thoughts on exploring frontiers. Sometimes I think we take for granted the improvements in our standard of living over the past few centuries.

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  8. Sometimes I wonder what Galileo would think if he were alive today. He lost years of his life under house arrest becasue of his theories (mainly the Earth circling the sun). Hopefully, he would be excited by his theories being proven true.
    And he would probably be proud of the Hubble after having created the first crude telescope.

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    • Drew,
      In his time, Galileo went against accepted thought, and paved a price. On the other hand, I think today’s knowledge of space would fascinate him … but the anti-science people, not so much.

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  9. Following our curiosity leads to many adventures, and I like the concept of opening to new frontiers, Frank. Exploring the beach frontier is a very positive way to clear the mind of all unnecessary debris that can collect over time. Breathing in that sea air is a potent elixir! 🙂


  10. Debra,
    From the grand frontiers of humanity to simpler ones for individuals, you see the many aspects of my thoughts on frontiers. Cheers to our common thought …. and ahhhh to that elixir! 🙂


    • Rachel,
      Thank you. The challenging part of the walk is grabbing on to an idea and following it. Somethings the mind races from thought to thought – so much so I can’t keep a continuous thoughts. But once I grab onto a thought, pondering is a delightful journey. 🙂


  11. I’m thinking of going to the beach soon with my girlfriend. And if I do, will go in the evening when the sun is about to go down and I’ll be playing this song because reading your post on walking on the beach gives me this vibe.

    Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn (HQ Audio)

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  12. Beach walk #43 was nice and made me smile too – I am ready for summer beach time – soon to be here
    Good point you made about the many important breakthroughs “to
    which only a few a credited”

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