On Reminiscing

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Sometime during the first half of my teaching career, I recall a conversation at the lunch table when another teacher asked about the best years of life. Some answered about having young children. I noticed a puzzled look of one lady (with 2 boys) who said, “You are crazy. The best years were in college.!” Then I (with no kids) turned for a high-five. Her answer didn’t surprise me because she was a huge college sports fan – a loyal follower of her Purdue Boilermakers.

My time at Bowling Green State University on the flatlands of northwest Ohio forged many of my best friendships. Those days began in September 1971, and I know if I need them today, my fellow Falcon friends would be there for me.

My first college roommate (Steve) and I now live 850 miles (1368 km) apart. We were friends throughout our college days, best man at the other’s wedding, and even collaborate on this blog (using his photos).

One day this past December, Steve sent me several texts with images. He said he was going through his files (deleting and filing) and wondered if I wanted them. It stirred memories that made me smile, which established the reason for a blog post.


First all, look at that hair!

This had to be fall of our sophomore year (1972, 19 years old). Steve was either still a journalism major at the time or was taking a photography class (an important hobby to him then and now). He asked me if I could be the subject of a collage he had to do for a class, so sure – that’s what friends are for – and the image above was the final product.

Bill, another friend throughout college, is my chess opponent. After graduation, he returned to his hometown near Buffalo, New York. We stayed in touch, then I discovered that he died in a car accident. He was very active and respected in his community – such a deep lose for them. Bill was also one heck of an athlete!

Yes, I was a member of the Falcon Marching Band for 5 years. (The sun always shines on the Falcon Marching Band.) I served as a squad leader for 2 years, plus I ended up meeting my future wife through band.

Two years before she came along, I had a crush on Diane – (who I think is) the curly haired lady, who was a twirler in band. We never dated, and her time at BG was very short – and I don’t think I ever saw her again. I loved my time in marching band, and wrote about one of my unexpected band moments on this past post (2011).


Sandy is another long-time friend and one of the best I’ve ever known. We met through Dwain, (her cousin) a fellow band member who happened to live beside Steve and I our first year. Sandy and I are sitting in a basement food area in my quad. She was in the group of us who hung around together all the time in college, and have stayed in touch ever since. Steve actually married a friend of hers who is from the same hometown. Sandy lives about an hour from me, while Dwain and I are about 300 miles (483 km) apart.

This post was about reminiscing back to a wonderful time – all stimulated from a collection of photographs from the distant past. For me, college was about being away from home with a degree of independence – life on my own while still having a home for the holidays, breaks, and the summer. Yes, a good transition toward the next step in life. Cheers to long-term friendships.

Special thanks to Steve for initiating this post by simply sending me the image. Now it’s time to enjoy a fitting song by Queen.

57 thoughts on “On Reminiscing

  1. This is a lovely glimpse into your life so long ago – life long friends, growing interests, an old crush and a future wife – all from a few well chosen photos. That was a thoughtful offer from your friend who clearly realised the many memories that would arise from them. I’m glad you decided to share your memories with us 🙂

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  2. This is great, Frank. I have friends from high school that I get together with quite often. Going away to college is not such a big thing in Canada as it is for you guys. I imagine my life would have gone in a totally different direction had I gone away for a few years.

    Thanks for reminiscing and sharing with us!

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  3. Ah… wonderful wonderful post Frank. I just love a bit of nostalgic reminiscing. These images are so so cool and vintage and compliment your thoughts and memories so well.
    What did you used to teach? I was a teacher for 10 years or so.

    And that queen song really moves me.

    Super morning read all round.
    Many hugs xxxxx

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  4. Thanks for sharing your memories and photos, Frank. It’s wonderful to have those long-term friends. My husband and I have dear friends from that time, and also from his first teaching year, which was in a new school, so everyone there was new.

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  5. My best years were at university. It was a time of independence without responsibility. It was a time when we could sit on the lawn and speak about the world and the theories we were learning about. It was a time filled with new thoughts and ideas. It is definitely a time filled with many good memories.

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    • Colline,
      Great description about the university days. There is a certain independence that goes with those times that leads to a time of personal growth. Cheers to those of us who relish those days!


    • Mouse,
      Oh yes – going away to school is a great opportunity for discovering self. I imagine those who go into the military also have accelerated growth … and probably even faster! One thing for sure, I had great friends in those days.

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  6. Thanks for sharing your reminiscing of days gone past. Naturally I gravitated to the 2011 post of your days in the Bowling Green State U. Marching Band during which time you were featured on the band’s record cover as the face of victory over BGSU’s gridiron rivals. Unfortunately the band’s recording of “Glory of the Gridiron” by Harry L. Alford had long since become inoperative online, but following is a worthy substitute provided by The United States Air Force Band of the Golden Gate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t64kStESoT0

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    • Tim,
      I figured you would follow the band trail. Glory of the Gridiron is a fabulous march, so thanks for tracking it down! … and if I looked around, I may have the recording on vinyl.


  7. I think it’s fun to take nostalgic journeys to the past. That’s so great that you found so many life-long friends in your college days. I’d be hard-pressed to answer the question about best time of life. Being a teen in Guatemala in the 70s was awesome, going back to college in my 40s was pretty cool. But right now seems the best of all.

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  8. Well, I’m biased since I teach at a university, but I agree with you, Frank! I often think that memories are so strong from that time since it is when people grow and change and find themselves and friendships are based on a new sense of one’s true self and the camaraderie of the shared journey. I see this happen with my students too. Thanks for the Little River Band selection – I forgot how great this song is, beautifully shaped from jazz chord progressions and yet so easy to listen to – the perfect backdrop for this post 🙂

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    • Lynn,
      Oh yes – I’m sure you see a great amount of growth in the college student in the time you have them. I saw it in many, but during the 4 years of high school – and I imagine what you see is even greater. Thanks for using the background music.

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  9. Such wonderful memories are recalled when looking at old photographs. You have some very special ones. To be able to still see school pals after so many years is a blessing. You a very fortunate fella. Your photo collage is a perfect example of the sign of the times as far as hair is concerned. : )
    My hubby and I met in band in high school. Today, it’s a fond memory. People met in person years ago …. Imagine that??? : )
    Happy Hump Day !!!
    Isadora 😎

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  10. Nice memories. Unlike you, all my school chums moved to the far corners. We got together on our 25th but that was it. There wasn’t a 50th. Have not communicated with any in years. It is amazing since we were so close in college.

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  11. So glad I kept that collage! Yes, that was done for a photojournalism class that I was taking at that time. I later changed from journalism to geology for my major, but never put down the camera. And yeah, look at that hair!!!

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    • Steve,
      I still remember you asking, “Can I follow you around with a camera for a class?” Hey – and your hair wasn’t what it is today! Thanks again for sparking the idea for this post.


  12. What fun to see the photos, Frank. I love to think back to those years, but I don’t think I have that many photos in my possession. It’s nice you have these now in your possession. A few years ago I posted my college photo from LIFE magazine when Jane Fonda visited my college, 1971. You had the hair…I had the mini-skirt. That was a long time ago and just yesterday–both. I still have two very good friends I have known since 1st grade. They’re a treasure.


    • Debra,
      This was a fun post to relive. Steve (the photographer) has seen it and commented, but I haven’t heard back from a friend who is in the picture. Cheers to another thing we have in common! 🙂

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    • Resa,
      A bit late to respond, but glad you enjoyed this post … and hopefully you don’t get any fashion ideas from these images. Glad you enjoyed the pics and the Queen song. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was for this post.

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  13. Ah, sweet memories. And the friendships that go with them. Not much is better than this. Add some good music and I am very content. Thanks for sharing and sparking my own memories. I have been off social media a month or so now and am just starting to get back to saved email blog notices–I will get to lots of your posts that I saved soon.

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