On a Beach Walk: No. 46 (Heart)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Today I think about the heart, that 11 ounce (310 g) fist-sized hollow muscular organ whose sounds we associate with life. The heart whose sounds debatably marks the beginning of life, yet unquestionably noting the end.

The heart whose steady sounds are as regular as the rhythm of the waves that come ashore. The heart whose EKG charts of peaks and valleys I see in the waterline formed ahead of me on the beach as I walk.

The steady sounds of my feet striking the sand with each stride creates a steady bass drum beat that resembles my heart steadily pumping waves of blood – but I think the sea must have its own heart pumping a steady rhythm of waves coming ashore.

The heart – that symbol for behavioral standards as empathy, appreciation, enthusiasm, and love.

The heart – whose action descriptors include aches, breaks, explodes, touches, and hardens.

The heart – that symbol showing its power in numerous idioms as have a heart, pour out your heart, heart of a lion, heart-to-heart talks, a heart of gold, wearing their heart on their sleeve, a warrior’s heart, and a heart of stone – a hardened heart.

The heart can be young, untamed, lonely, broken, hungry, crossed, and mended – yet have a mind of its own.

Thoughts of heart-and-soul touches us deep within – but its Cupid who delivers the greatest heart of them all – love -love with the heart being the psychological center of a relationship. Yes, the heart – that source of tears of joy – tears of hurt – tears of pride – tears of endearment – tears of certain moments of beauty and sentimentality.

While the heart also delivers passions, blessings, prayers, hope, and forgiveness; the heart is about grace and peace of mind.

The heart shares, listens, consoles, and gives genuine kindness. The heart promises and trusts while also having a sense of justice.

Now I wonder – Is there a more powerful symbol than the heart? Is the heart our soul? Something to think about – but perhaps on another day. Thinking about the heart today delivers a smile because walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

41 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 46 (Heart)

  1. I felt this with the fundamentals of my heart, the significance of it, the necessity of it, the longing and the love you so beautifully describe it creates. I will also ponder this idea of whether the heart may be the single most significant image of all time.

    You captured my heart here Frank.

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  2. Your questions “Is there a more powerful symbol than the heart? Is the heart our soul? – sent me to Wiki where I found that the ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that was most commonly used in writing and in art to represent the word for “life” and, by extension, as a symbol of life itself. Its use continued through the Coptic Egyptians who adapted it as the crux ansata, the christian cross is a variant of the ankh. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ankh

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  3. I have always thought it interesting that in grief it really does feel like your heart aches. It’s a tangible feeling in the middle of your being. I am thankful for a healthy heart. I have many friends my age (or younger) who are not as fortunate. To take a beach walk and not be winded, is a gift. This was a very lovely post, Frank. I love your observations.

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  4. Beautiful post, Frank. The heart does indeed have a mind of its own. Scientists are now pondering the idea that we have three brains, so to speak. The one in our head, one in the gut, and one in the heart. One of the interesting facets is how the brain listens to and reacts to the heart but the heart doesn’t always listen to or react to the brain. The heart has neural circuitry similar to that of the brain (ganglia, neurotransmitters, etc.). Fascinating stuff.

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  5. Robin,
    I like the three brain thought. Interesting when thinking about various feelings. Although there is no physical soul, maybe it’s this trilogy that makes it up. Thanks for walking along and sharing a wonderful idea.

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