Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 404

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With a national holiday on the near horizon in the US, the Weekend Concert Series resumes this Saturday with Billy Joel. Stage time is Saturday, 1 AM (Eastern US).

I’m looking forward to Yesterday – the movie about the Beatles music.

Do you have or know someone who has old eyeglasses sitting around? OneSight is a nonprofit organization bringing vision care to the needy throughout the world. You can help by donating old glasses at LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, or Sears Optical retail center nearest you.

My cell phone is an Android. The app I use to block unwanted callers is no longer free. Any recommendations for a replacement?

Earlier this week I actually started thinking about how I would end this blog. No – that’s not imminent, but the thought is on my mind. I will make it to my 11th anniversary of my little corner of the world. Plus, I just won’t walk away. Instead of new stuff, maybe I should finish at least some of my drafts. 😉

I submitted a request to change my jury duty dates, and it was accepted. Just another example of honest, timely communication yielding a good result.

Following Malted Pretzel Ball (OK) and Amaretto Crunch (Good), Graeter’s (Cincinnati’s ice cream treasure) just released another seasonal flavor – Molasses Honeycomb Candy, which I have not yet tried.

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Just saw the headlines that the US Supreme Court ruling that Federal Courts cannot block gerrymandering is another example of the checks-and-balances system going astray. The ruling is a win for the parties and a strike against the people.

I intentionally didn’t watch either of the Democratic debates because I will not be voting in Ohio’s Democratic Primary. From the clips I saw Thursday morning about the Wednesday group, I hate when multiple people are talking at the same time.

Fact-checking reports about the first group gathering: PolitiFact, FactCheck, PBS, CBS, and NBC.

Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats continuing to sidestep healthcare will work against them.

Somehow (and it wasn’t easy), I watched Chuck Dodd interviewing President Trump on Meet The Press. He frequently used his common foils: Obama, Democrats, and Jeff Sessions.

It’s the end of the quarter, so time for my 2020 election thoughts.

  • 99% chance of President Trump being nominated
  • 0% chance of me voting for President Trump
  • 15% chance of me voting for the Democratic candidate
  • 60% chance of President Trump being re-elected

To lead you into this week’s satirical headlines, The Onion provides a timeline about how American diets have changed over time.

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Maybe the Best Single Headline Ever by The Onion

Hot Wheels Ranked Number One Toy For Rolling Down Ramp, Knocking Over Dominoes That Send Marble Down A Funnel, Dropping Onto Teeter-Totter That Yanks On String, Causing Pulley System To Raise Wooden Block, Propelling Series Of Twine Rollers That Unwind Spring, Launching Tennis Ball Across Room, Inching Tire Down Slope Until It Hits Power Switch, Activating Table Fan That Blows Toy Ship With Nail Attached To It Across Kiddie Pool, Popping Water Balloon That Fills Cup, Weighing Down Lever That Forces Basketball Down Track, Nudging Broomstick On Axis To Rotate, Allowing Golf Ball To Roll Into Sideways Coffee Mug, Which Tumbles Down Row Of Hardcover Books Until Handle Catches Hook Attached To Lever That Causes Wooden Mallet To Slam Down On Serving Spoon, Catapulting Small Ball Into Cup Attached By Ribbon To Lazy Susan, Which Spins Until It Pushes D Battery Down Incline Plane, Tipping Over Salt Shaker To Season Omelet

Interesting Reads

Fascination with Leonardo da Vinci
How dogs evolved
Ohio’s corn is in trouble and that matters
Patents and Toy Story characters
Mobile devices: a fact sheet
(Graphic) World’s most valuable brands
(Photos) World’s Ugliest Dog Competition

To send you into the weekend, here’s a song not submitted at last weekend’s concert (as well as a throwback to the disco era). In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

36 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 404

  1. Our national holiday is also ’round the corner, three days before yours. Can’t wait for tomorrow night! Yeah, yeah, I know, officially Saturday morning… As I work Saturday morning at 11, I shall do my best to stay up for my submission (so’s I can have my choice 😉 )

    I use Mr. Number for my android..

    That is an insane title!

    And great choice for music this week… funny it didn’t get chosen.

    Have a lovely Friday, Frank!

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  2. As far as blocking calls try “HIYA”. If you are have AT&T “Call Protect” is available for free. I use both and my junk calls have been reduced significantly.

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  3. Of Course the ‘Single Best Headline Ever’ was a splat!

    Thanks for the One Sight heads up. My wife and I plan to take in our old eyeglasses today.

    I share your concern over the US Supreme Court ruling that Federal Courts cannot block gerrymandering. I look forward to studying the details of the ruling along with the reasons the justices gave for their votes.

    I was most surprised by Corona beer on the World’s Most Valuable Brands graphic.

    Looking forward to you filling me in on “Congressional Democrats continuing to sidestep healthcare will work against them.”? Definitely in agreement as stated.

    En terminant, félicitations à Dale pour la fête du Canada!


    • Tim,
      The rational on the recent SCOTUS ruling still baffles me. State court would not be an avenue being re-districting is a federal statute. We’re screwed.

      Glad to help you out with the glasses. There is a LensCrafters on Fields-Ertel (on the right after turning onto the road going to the Auto Mall.


  4. Cincy,

    I don’t block unwanted callers, seeing as how I might get a post out of the exchange 😉

    The courts have failed the people, government by and large fails the people. So many hot button issues from back in the day have been trampled over in time since. I’ll take one, for example. Ma Bell being a monopoly. Remember when THAT was a big deal? Not we have tons of monopolies that play CYA with the rules and get away with it.

    Those ice cream flavors sound amazing.

    I don’t feel like watching any debates or interviews at this point. I’m so unplugged, sadly.

    So . . . a sixty percent chance of more rain. Ugh.

    And I forgot ALL about that Elton classic! It’s one of my favorites.

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  5. I agree with you about the debates. I hate to see grown people behave as if they are grade school debaters. Loved that Onion headline too, Frank. I wish the opinions of the Supreme Court would quit looking like, “We just didn’t want to get into it right now.” It is getting tiresome.
    Looking forward to the concert.

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  6. Of course your reads were excellent, daVince…always a fascination. The Onion, how to resist?

    I think you should not consider ending, just do as I do, take breaks. Sometimes it is helpful to step away. Sometimes breathing.

    I got through most of both days of debates. I am stunned and saddened. I will write, not today but I will write. I don’t vote in the primaries in Texas anymore. I use to be able to vote in both but they changed the rules.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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    • Val,
      Glad you found some enjoyment in the Reads. Cheers to your stamina for making it through both debate nights. Interesting how each state is different when it comes to primaries.

      Thanks for the encouragement for sticking around. I’m a long-time advocate and user of blog breaks, so I know them well. Actually one is not far around the corner. I’ve been going strong for almost 11 years, but time will tell. This is the first time I’ve mentioned it, but if so – I don’t see it happening until late 2019 at the earliest. First quarter 2020 more likely at this point – then again – time will tell. Thanks for the encouragement.


  7. I did watch the debates and came away with a deduction that like the prez, all candidates from NY are blowhards. WTH?! If there ever was a time when ANYONE but T, now is that time. He continues to create chaos, then backtrack and announce how he solved the problem. The tweet inviting NK’s Kim while at the G-20 for a photo op is the latest example of the incomprehensible. How’d we get so lucky to have this clown represent the US? 🤮


  8. Another great read and take here.
    I block spam callers on my phone all the time. It’s especially annoying when I’m working and get them.
    You definitely shouldn’t end blogging. I know I’ve changed sites before, but just have taken long breaks before due to work and increased writing gigs I’ve gotten over the years.
    I’m glad to hear about the change in jury dates. I’ve been called on three times, but never have served. One time was just a week before relocating to another state. The other two were just long, drawn out days waiting to leave. It’s as boring as it gets when you’re not called. LOL.

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    • David,
      Thanks for the encouragement. You know I’ve been doing this a long time … 11 year anniversary is in late August … and as a whole, I’ve been fairly consistent. Writing and maintaining this place isn’t my issue. Reciprocating has always been important to me – and it’s been slipping for some time. Plus with so many of my past visitors no longer blogging, I’m not interested in going into growth/promoting mode. Nonetheless, I’m glad you chimed in. My decision is far from final – so thanks for your input.

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      • You have been fairly consistent. Nearly 11 years of blogging and going on is not an easy accomplishment. A lot has changed in that time with the internet. For me personally, I’ve taken on a lot more than when I started. However, it’s also blogging that made me new friends as well as helped to launch my freelance writing I do now. I knew when I started my new site that I wouldn’t be as active as I once was.

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        • Same here. I still hear from a couple of them on social media or texting/WhatsApp. They’re a lot like us in that they’ve backed off blogging or taking a break from it. I sometimes ask them for advice about places outside our country I’ve yet to see that they have. The great thing about blogging and even better knowing some abroad. 🙂


  9. I was just talking about how many old eyeglasses I have. Thanks for the names of where to drop them off. I can’t help with your phone issue. I have everything APPLE. They’re all synced which makes media easier for me. BUT … old phones can be dropped off at any veterans place. They refurbish them for the soldiers. You might want to do that if you get a new phone. I did recently. It felt great to know that my phone was going to a soldier with minutes on it so he could communicate with his family.
    NO …. keep your blog going. I have struggled with shutting mine down then after I’m off of for awhile it I begin to miss my blog friends. Wish I could blog more often but there are so many things I love to do.

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    • Isadora,
      Glad to help on the old glasses. Hope you have some of those stores in your area. The one here gladly takes them.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I find myself getting out to other blogs less and less – and in my personal belief system, that’s not a good thing. Actually my plan was to stop blogging in order to focus on visiting.

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      • Yes, all of the stores you’ve listed are close by. Thanks again 👍
        I’ve thought of just visiting blogs and writing less, too. Photography seems to be a lot more fun lately than writing. Observing life through a camera lens is insightful. Good Luck with your decisions.
        Happy 4th of July ☺


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