Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 407

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Last weekend’s Crosby, Still, Nash & Young concert provided over 20 songs. The next concert (tentatively 27th July) will feature the same four – BUT only their solo careers. Tip – Keep the others off the stage!

Although I haven’t decided yet, readers may get two beach walks next week.

A professional baseball player dies away from home. The team honors him at the next home game. The players were his number with his name on the back of the jersey. His mother throws out the first pitch – a perfect strike. The team wins the fame – a shutout – a no-hitter. All the day before his 28th birthday. That’s a difficult script to write.

The news is covering the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Here are several articles of interest for those interested.

A forgotten fact about the first landing on the Moon. The year -1969 – right in the midst of a turbulent social period throughout the world. Yet, the world stopped for this event, therefore humanity was united as one – at least for a brief moment.

For those who like this sort of thing, here’s a site focusing on media bias, which I’ve also added to the Resources section on the sidebar.

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Many refer to President Trump with a variety of names and adjectives: Bloviator, Narcissist, Idiot, Jackass, Asshole, and many more. Instead of inflaming a supporter, I continue to simply say, “He’s a pathetic person, an even worse leader, and he brings the majority of problems on himself.” By the way – it works!

I’m not a fan of the Congressional group known as The Squad, but at least a few Republicans spoke up condemning President Trump’s language about the four female Democratic representatives. Meanwhile, most of the GOP caucus were silent, evasive, or issued shallow statements.

Given President Trump’s controversial tweets about The Squad, I like this headline at The Onion because it speaks volumes about this supporters – who will still be around after he leaves office: Trump supporters worried racist attacks against progressive Democrats just talk

To lead you into this week’s satirical headlines, The Onion gives us some thoughts about the future of farming.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Moon receives standing ovation at Apollo 11 anniversary event
Exhausted Amazon customer forced to piss in bottle while browsing Prime Day deals
Gaming addict attempting to slowly wean self off of real life
MIT scientists successful swap man’s brain with an almond
Mom saving baby pictures for child to use on rap album cover
Man taking unemployment as opportunity to think about how he really wants out of life
Family creeped out by Alexa playing back conversations they haven’t had yet

(My Combo) MIT scientists successfully wean creeped out Alexa off family

Interesting Reads

Plastics as a fuel source
Future work in America
New Coke: What happened?
Picasso’s muse
The race to rule streaming TV
(Photos) Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium (1970-2002)
(Photos) Pictures of Spain
(Graphic) What people stream
(Infographic) The tale of two economies: USA & China

To send you into the weekend from hot and muggy Cincinnati, here’s a song that I like by an artist that I don’t like – but hey – I like the song! Besides, it fits my heat theme. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

66 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 407

  1. Glad you explained your oft-used “He’s a pathetic person, an even worse leader, and he brings the majority of problems on himself.” I like it!

    The website visualcapitalist.com continues to be a treasure.

    I need to visit Spain, just not when it’s so hot. My favorite photo was the El Rocio, Andalusia Pilgrimage horseback riders.

    I plan to discuss the read “The Future Of Work In America” along with Beth Macy’s book “Factory Man” this weekend while cooped up inside with my relatives in DC escaping the predicted 100 degree heat.

    The Onion headline “Trump supporters worried racist attacks against progressive Democrats just talk” was a frightening and plastering splat. However, I remain optimistic that the country can deal with his supporters once he leaves office.

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    • Tim,

      Hope you are surviving the DC heat – oh that area is horrible in the summer! Glad to see that you want to visit Spain. A warning though – French is not the primary language. Good to know I selected a splat, but I don’t share your optimism about Trump supporters.


      • You’re not kidding about the DC heat! I had forgotten what 100 degree heat in this area does to the human body and yesterday I about did myself in playing golf in the morning and going out on a boat in the afternoon. As to Trump’s supporters, I really do believe the majority will quickly moderate their views once Trump is out of office and the GOP center regains control.

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        • I’ve been told that for foreign diplomats before AC, being assigned to DC for summers was a hardship post! Meanwhile, I’m correlating you choosing to play golf in that weather and you comment about Trump supporters … not good!


  2. Cincy,

    I just wrote on Skaggs and his Angels teammates as well. I agree with you, that is a difficult script to write. Unbelievable even.

    As for Trump. Ugh! It’s always something. Every week. His assault on these women is reprehensible, but entirely predictable. And the chants that his followers engaged in evokes memories of frightening times in history. Talking about a boiling point.

    Speaking of Angels, I turned on MLB At Bat the other night just to watch Shohei Ohtani hit. And what a treat it was. He went ahead in the count 2-0 and then flailed badly at two fastballs. Seemingly, the pitcher had the advantage now, but nope. He took a 2-2 breaking pitch the other way, as if he were painting it into being. What a hitter this kid is.

    Can’t go wrong with Kid Rock. 🙂

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  3. CSN&Y solo, eh? Okay, I’ll get on it. Loads of options there I suspect.

    ‘The Squad’ are not my jam but as a naturalized citizen the chant ‘send her back’ was particularly chilling. Unfortunately the media keeps providing oxygen for this dumpster fire. If they would only report it once instead of every 10 minutes all day long (sheesh, it continues to be a huge story nearly a week later), my sense is the lack of exposure would be the best deterrent from that less than presidential behavior. He seems completely addicted to inserting himself into every news story.

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  4. Always liked Kid Rock since Detroit (my birthplace and childhood home) and I am forever bonded. I have to say Trump gives Pelosi a reason to get up in the morning. Griping about him is much more fun than what is supposed to be her day job (leading). She is much better at it as well.

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  5. Love, love, love, this Kid Rock song. It just screams summer and joy, doesn’t it?
    That Skaggs story was amazing (as is Marc’s sharing of it this morn)
    It is scary what is going on with all this horrible chanting. I swear the man thrives on the chaos he creates.

    Ooohhh.. I shall have to ensure I stay up so’s I can supply my fave song 😉

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  6. A fine post. There’s a very good American Experience documentary about the space program with excellent archival footage and commentary that aired last week on pbs. Such a great story.

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  7. As an outsider, but one that lived in the US for two years and loved the time, I worry greatly about the direction that populism is taking your country. And we in the UK are about to have an unelected mini Trump become our leader. I despair.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Phillip,
      Many of us hear also worry about populism … but also at each end of the spectrum. The 2020 election has the potential to be polar opposites. Oh boy! … Good luck with Boris. We certainly live in odd times.


  8. Reality is stranger than fiction – the baseball story is quite stellar…hope when they do the movie, it’s done well and not a cheap quick get it out before someone else does.
    You’re right. Name calling used to only be heard on elementary school playgrounds…keep expecting to hear “Takes one to know one”, “What you say bounces oof of me and sticks to you”, ..hopefully someone will end it with “You’re it, I quit.” Geesch.

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