Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 408

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This weekend’s concert features the solo careers of David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young. Tip: Especially for those using live recordings, keep the others off the stage! Concert time is Saturday at 1:00 AM (Eastern US).

Stage crew has a fast turnaround because another concert is next weekend (3rd Aug) featuring the Doobie Brothers.

Cincinnati actually had about a string of days of pleasant weather!

I greatly enjoyed last weekend’s golf tournament The Open (aka British Open). The subplot of Northern Ireland hosting, an Irishman winning, and the crowds appreciating the event heightened my interest. It was only the second time the event was held outside of England and Scotland.

I had a good surge in my golf league’s second session – but, I fell short.

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Despite Robert Mueller’s prior statement that he would stay within the scope of the written report, House Democrats decided to go down the path that would ultimately (in my view) cost them votes. House Democrats continue to lead the way for re-electing an incumbent from the other party.

The Mueller testimony to House committees demonstrated the following:

  • Elected representatives have a greater interest in representing their party’s needs over what citizens need to know
  • The art of grandstanding
  • No interest in fact finding

To lead you into this week’s satirical headlines, The Onion provides a pros and cons list of meal kit delivery services.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Pizza crust saved to make pizza broth
Foreign candy has unrecognizable fruit on label
Nemesis has Wikipedia page
Real estate agents trying to gentrify run-down Earth by renaming it West Saturn
Nation’s men holding acoustic guitars announce plan to idly strum while you try to talk to them
Science class learning about harmful effects of sugary sodas by submerging classmate in Coca-Cola for a week

Interesting Reads

Paradigm shifts
Future of work in America
Is college too easy?
Asimov and creativity
Did Neanderthals speak?
Ranking villains of Bond – James Bond
(Graphic) Countries owning the US debt
(Graphic) Bullshit rankings by country and demographics
(Pictures) Led Zeppelin’s first concert

To send you into the weekend, here’s a throwback to 1982. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

9 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 408

  1. You are correct on yur thoughts sbout the Mueller. Democrats just need to let it go. They need to learn from the Republicans mistake in the 90s, where they barked impeachment before the relection, and Clinton won anyway.

    Pizza broth??? I’ll pass.


  2. We must be getting your weather. After that heat wave and then a storm that knocked out our power, we’re having a string of nice days, too. We turned off the a/c, though I think it will be back on today. Next week we’re back to chance of thunderstorms every day.
    It disgusts me that the GOP is still defending that awful creature in the White House, and I won’t get started on McConnell. 🙂
    I laughed at the pizza crust broth, too.


  3. The problem with over saturating the news cycle with impeachment talk and daily news briefings on collusion is that people have tuned it out. So when salient information is divulged, such as how all fifty states were compromised in the elections, nobody is listening.

    I’m miffed and a little bit angry, because there exists a great opportunity to defeat Trump. But for the self involved agenda that benefits the few rather than the most. Ugh!


  4. Woot! Will be ready tonight! Well, I’ll try, anyway…

    We’ve had such crazy weather, my co-workers and I pray for rain to get cut from work! It’s been crazy. I did three doubles this week and am bone-tired. Never thought I would use such a term for myself…


  5. Ready for this week’s concert and looking forward to some Doobies! And can I just say the Asia tune is a nice way to bring on the weekend.
    P.S. As an unapologetic liberal lending moderate (who is NOT a member of the equivalent (Tea Party Left), I wish Dems would STOP with the talk of impeachment. It’ll never fly in the Senate with Mitch McConnell and just pisses off the rest of the electorate. While I would have loved for a more full-throated Special Counsel’s report to have been issued, the limits of his purview prevented that. The only way to be rid of the presidential abomination known as Trump is to vote against him in 2020. And by a landslide, so we never have to hear from that disgusting excuse for a president. Alas, I fear a second term by the mango hued Trump and even just typing that gives me enormous digestive distress. Dems have no one to blame but themselves-they should have bothered to vote against him in 2016 (despite the fact that their candidate was an equally dismal choice though one not nearly as objectionable as him). I think our world standing and the environment (just to name two issues) would not be in the tatters it finds itself today. *sigh* I see no blunting of this colossal miscalculation on the electorate’s dim view of their candidate.


  6. Canada is watching and waiting. Many want a Dem to be elected, but think trump could win, again.
    Ah, Doobie Brothers next weekend!
    See you at the concert on Saturday.


  7. I too enjoyed the British Open along with the storybook tale it told.

    All I can say about you falling short in your golf league is that your opponent must have be pretty darn good.

    I listened to Robert Mueller’s testimony on Sirius XM driving home from DC. I understand your three points, but after reading Madeleine Albright’s books I celebrate that I live in a country where Mueller was even allowed to testify on live TV.

    All the reads were interesting, including the photos of Led Zeppelin’s first concert. My favorite was the ‘Asimov and creativity’ with “It seems to me then that the purpose of cerebration sessions is not to think up new ideas but to educate the participants in facts and fact-combinations, in theories and vagrant thoughts.”

    “Pizza crust saved to make pizza broth” was a splat and spoke to our times.


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