On the Answer

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Note: As another feeble attempt into the world of fiction, I didn’t establish a word limit on myself this time. Because I embedded music into the story, listening to at least part of the song (30 seconds) helps set the tone. I will appreciate your comments about the story.

On the Answer


The large wooden floor and good music makes it a popular place for ballroom dancers. He and she are relatively newcomers to this venue – but this is their first special-event night – a charity ball. Each are acquainted with a few other people from previous visits, but not with each other. This night is their first sighting.

He finds her alluring – but their eyes never meet. He is a bit intimidated by her dancing ability. She watches him thinking he’s handsome and can dance – yet their eyes never connect.

He wants to ask her, but is hesitant. She waits – yet is anxious..

They sit on opposite sides of the hall – but never know the other’s interest. Their dance partners are from what seems to be a partitioned sector.

A waltz ends – they are unknowing close enough to bump into each other as they start to leave the floor causing their eyes to connect for the first time. Neither knows the other’s thoughts.

A Cha-Cha begins. Their previous partners know one another and pair to dance. He and she are left looking at each other. He asks. She smiles and accepts.


Cha Cha music is upbeat and rhythmic. The dance is fun, spirited, and playful – some say flirtatious.

He cautiously engages her. He starts with basic steps so they get comfortable with each other. She compliments his leads. He accepts through a smile and returns kind words; although her ability and confidence are obvious.

The music continues and the steps greatly vary as they both smile and occasionally talk while having a good time – actually a great first dance. The song ends. Smiles of approval and appreciation evident. The next song quickly begins.


He extends his hand to say, “Rumba?” She again accepts with a smile and without saying a word. Rumba – its slow, steady Latin beat that some say is the dance of love. To others, it’s the dance of foreplay.

Whatever he leads – she follows without hesitation. Again she compliments him. He smiles and tells her that she makes dancing easy to lead – but he is taken by her white dress that displays her form, her beauty, and her motions.

The song ends. He mentions they are two strangers dancing as one. She philosophically responds, “That’s a power of dance.” – then a different song starts.


A Bolero – the dance of love – a dance that they each adore – something the other doesn’t know. The music acts like a strong magnetic bringing their brown and blue eyes together. Without words, they stay on the floor.

Bolero music is slightly slower than Rumba. They are close – thighs touch – frames engage. Bolero is slinky – together, apart, back together – low then high, back to low. He offers a steadiness that she appreciates. She acts as his dance muse as he leads steps he’s never done before – yet she follows with elegance. Still no words – just dance.

She speaks to him with alluring eyes, flowing arms, and a curvaceous figure. He remains outwardly calm. Inwardly he concentrates on the dance because he doesn’t want to make a mistake – but she also has his attention. She is taken by his confidence and continues to silently speak. Once again, they dance as they were one.

The music ends. They stare, smile, and say thank you. He walks her back to her table where she invites him to sit. They continue to connect through conversation and more dances.

When they recount that night, common elements exist in their versions – yet each has their own perspective. She still boasts about his leads and handsomeness; he still finds that difficult to accept because of his ordinariness.

He still talks about the beauty behind her captivating ways; she graciously turns the compliments toward him. He recalls the white dress; she jokes about him remembering the dress while knowing it is safely stored as a keepsake. Yet, this story still remains the answer to the question that friends ask, “How did the two of you meet?”

50 thoughts on “On the Answer

  1. Dear International Man of Romance,

    I need a smoke after reading the flow and rhythm of this post.

    Anticipation to discovery to tiptoeing steps into something else entirely, and then to the love they saw in each other’s eyes from the get. Yeah, I would say you built this up in a most quixotic manner, leaving us feeling dizzy and wired.

    And the songs . . . perfect.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Marc,
      Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed this. As you know, my style is simple, but as fiction, a bit undefined since I have written so little. Besides, there’s is not way I could have even come close to anything in your style that leaves the feeling of dizzy and wired. SO … I have an idea … sort of a challenge – but one that doesn’t have to be accepted. You have my permission to take the story, then rewrite it in your style. Actually, I would look forward to that IF you want to. Something to think about.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Frank,

    You need to stop fretting and using such words as “feeble”. Own this.
    It was beautiful, sensuous, the music and words went together wonderfully.
    I love how both had their own thoughts and neither dared utter them with words. They let the dancing take over to express their emotions and attraction.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Because you understand how dance embodies the different aspects of attraction and love your story flows seamlessly onwards, each dance taking it a little further. The conclusion is so romantic – and we all need some romance in our lives. I wondered if it was your own personal first meeting with the Right Angle.


    • Pauline,
      Dance is a complex world. As two people dance, what goes on in each mind is not only individualistic, but also may or may not link. So in this story, I decided to link them. About the ending, that part was the hardest to write because I just didn’t know what to do. Once I got this idea, the title quickly came to me – then I knew I had something. Regarding my wife, we started ballroom after being married about 30 years. Glad you enjoyed this story!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Frank! This is outstanding, I love the way you have described each character and how they were enamoured with each other before their eyes even met. And then the dance that became the story….. a beautiful, romantic and sensual beginning they savoured forever. There is magic in how you describe that dance.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You captured the tension between two people meeting and the first sparks of curiosity and wonder with a beautiful story, Frank. The music makes a perfect backdrop.I could see them in my imagination; your characterization and setting descriptions made this a very visual, and sensual read! I was delighted to come to the end and to see how the story was only the beginning! Nicely done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Debra,
      Thank you so much and glad you enjoyed this. The music was an important part of the story because it is part of the setting. For me, the music helps set-up the scene and the words. I like your description of the end being the beginning.


  6. First off, you aced it with your ending! I’m glad that I watched all the videos and read all the comments before reading the story. Those were key for setting up the great effect I had of being both IN the ballroom and IN each character’s head. Two enthusiastic Thumbs Up! And by the way, CAN the Feeble Attempt stuff. In my humble opinion, you’re way, way past the ‘Creative Writing 101’ stage with this story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tim,
      Thanks for the support and kind words. Fiction isn’t easy for me, but I don’t rush myself either. Setting this up was easy – but finding an ending was the key – and that took a while! For me, the music was an important part of the story because the music influences so much of dance.


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