On Returning from Blog Break Summer 2019


Greetings! For whatever reason, this song popped into my mind while preparing this post – so hey – why not use it!

Image from 123vectors.com

Hoping everyone is in good health and spirits as we continue on the trek toward fall. Then again, those in the southern hemisphere are moving toward spring! I missed everyone – then again, I continue to embrace Blog breaks are good as an important mantra. Time to hit the Play button.

I’ll be back in the blog saddle for about 5 weeks because something expected popped into my life that requires a 2-3 week hiatus. Thankfully, not a serious concern.

To celebrate a return, let’s jump into a Weekend Concert featuring songs by the King of Pop. Michael Jackson takes the stage this Saturday (7 September) at 1:00 AM (Eastern US). We’ll go back-to-back weekends with a 14 September concert. (Act TBA).

Contrary to Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, something has been on my mind for most of 2019. As I mentioned several months ago, I’ve been contemplating stepping away from my little corner of the world. Without any fanfare, 28 August marked my 11th anniversary, so I’ve been blogging for some time. Although I still have the energy to host and post, my interest in rebuilding readership and reciprocating is waning – and the latter is very important to me.

During the recent blog break, I drafted my closing “retrospect” series. Because writing the closing felt right, the time may be right – but not right now! I foresee early 2020, but time will tell. Meanwhile, I will carry on by cleaning out the closet by finishing posts that I never finished.

We planned the recent break more than a year ago. Last year we took a fabulous Rick Steves tour to Central Europe that included Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia. So a perfect sequel would be our first-ever river cruise on the Danube that included Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. A great trip into the part of Europe visit the least – and only Prague and Budapest were duplicates from last year.


Travel posts as I’ve done in the past will not happen. Remember – I’m phasing out! Besides, I posted very little about our spring cruise from San Diego to Miami through the Panama Canal. However, I may do a summary post or something about river cruising – but no promises. However, feel free to ask questions.

Meanwhile, back to my regular routine. Golf league will continue well into September. I’m already back to working at the course. Ballroom dance continues. September means be beginning of handbell choir and ushering the new season of plays. Fall means football season, something I enjoy watching, but it doesn’t consume me. I’ve returned to a casual fantasy football league, which should be fun. There’s plenty to keep me busy!

I’ve used this song on multiple occasions after returning from a blog break. For me, it still fits. Have a good week!

89 thoughts on “On Returning from Blog Break Summer 2019

  1. Welcome back, but I get a lot of what you’re saying here about how long it might last.

    But Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Karnevil 9 … such a great, classic, incredible piece of music. I now know what I’ll be listening to in the car on my way to work tomorrow.

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    • Mark,
      Glad that ELP touched a bit of your musical soul. They occasionally pop inside my head, but I seldom act on it. Shame on me! … well, except this time.

      I’ve taken pride in my little corner of the world, as well as respect my readers. Walking away isn’t my style. I’m also happy to know that there was some personal meaning for you as well. Thanks for letting me know!

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  2. Great musical choices for your return, Frank! And with Michael Jackson we ought to have plenty to choose from!

    I don’t have an actual plan to phase out my blog, but I completely understand what you’re saying about not feeling the impetus to keep up with reciprocal responses and building your blog roll. I’ve wondered how and when I will “close shop,” but if my favorite bloggers stop blogging the end will come without me making a plan. 🙂 Good to know your thoughts, and glad you’re back…for now.

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    • Debra,
      Now why am I not surprised you enjoyed the music in this post! 😉

      We’ve both seen our share of people just walk away. I’ve always wondered what happened to them, therefore it’s important to me to not do that here. But I also know everyone is different. It’s been on my mind of a while, so I know the time is right. Now it’s just a matter of when. Meanwhile, it’s back to moving forward with more posts.

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  3. That’s a great ELP song to announce your brief return.
    A weekend concert with the King of Pop is a great way to open with a bang, that is for shizzle.
    As for your blog and what you want to do with it… You have to enjoy it and want to do it for it to be worth it.
    I guess when one writes a blog, the goal is to build a readership but honestly, I just enjoy the writing and the exchanges with those who want to. If it becomes a “job” then hell, life is too short to waste time on it.
    I’m sure you will make the choice that works for you. When you decide to leave, you will be missed but know that those of us who care, want you to be happy.

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    • Dale,
      I thought you would appreciate the King of Pop’s appearance. 🙂

      Oddly enough, I still enjoy the writing and the research. I also enjoy the posting and the interactions here … so no hell is involved here. Then again, I’m not sure if I can totally step away cold turkey – therefore my crystal ball shows me visiting and commenting. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback and support!!!!

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      • Sure thing.

        Well, the way I see it, I’d you enjoy it, you do it. You don’t have to do it regularly, only when the inspiration hits. You went from daily to 3-4 times per week. You don’t even have to do it once a week. Especially if you’re not stressing about numbers and viewership. My humble opinion, of course.

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        • Ah well sure, I guess. Though you are under no obligation to keep up with others. The way I see it, the only “obligation” is to respond to any comments made on your posts. I don’t visit everyone who visits me – it would become a full-time job. I follow those I enjoy and sometimes fall behind on those (as you know.) I have learned to not feel bad if I can’t read every single post.
          You will find a rhythm that works for you… or you will decide that you want to spend your time otherwise. Either/or it is your choice We, of course, would miss you but then we can email to get news 😉


  4. Your trip sounds incredible, I think going to some of those least visited places often makes for the most interesting travel.

    I like it that you value your blog and your readers enough to bring proper thought and closure to the finishing up of your blog. Many people just disappear, and I think it says a lot about you and your integrity that you consider it carefully, and give us all time to get used to the idea. I agree with Dale above, blogging should never feel a chore, and if it does, it’s not worth it – no matter how much your readers love reading your words and listening to your music.

    Nice to see you back Frank, I’ll keep reading for as long as you’re posting, but also completely understand when you’re done and also if you don’t feel like reciprocating.


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    • Rachel,
      Interestingly, you are the first person who has commented on the trip! It was very interesting and a lot of fun. Large cities, small cities, big towns, small towns, and villages were all part of the journey.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about my future here. You have perfectly summed up my thoughts. Interestingly, writing, posting, and replying to comments isn’t a chore – I love it! … but I the reciprocating has always been important to me. I’ve always embraced a philosophy of US instead of ME. Thanks for your support and sharing your thoughts.

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  5. Hi Frank! It’s lovely to see you again. 😉 Even if it is temporary–or not. Your trip sounds wonderful, and as you said, a great sequel. If writing a blog becomes a chore, then there is no reason to keep it up. I know sometimes it’s hard to keep up the visiting and reciprocating (at least for me).

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  6. Frank,

    Welcome back good sir.

    I gots to know. What exactly IS a casual football fantasy league? You get together once a month? Do you pick only Dolphins and Cardinals players?

    When you started talking about how long you’ve been blogging, it made me think about how long I’ve been blogging. Longer than eleven years! But if you’re stepping away from it next year, I’ll wait till ’21. 😉

    Had to share this dream I had the other night. Andrew Luck announces he is coming back next year. With the Dolphins. He says he always wanted to end up in Miami and was sorry when they lost the “Suck for Luck” derby to the Colts. And then . . . I wake up.


    • Marc,
      Thank you kind sir for the welcome back.

      To me, a casual fantasy football league has the following characteristics: no money involved & no trades between owners. It’s all about fun and bragging rights. In my case, I only know one guy – plus indirectly his two sons – the other six are friends of the sons. They are in Michigan, so I’ll probably enjoy it as an outlier.

      I had a tech issue during the draft, received an auto-selection in round 2 – a WR – but a WR has my first pick – so I didn’t get an RB until round 3. Bummer.

      My final pick was a Dolphin RB – Kallen Ballage – Hoping to strike lightning in a bottle – but he’s #5 on my RB depth chart.

      I know you were out there in the wild west days of blogging. Hats off to you for blazing the trail. My 11 has been fairly steady – pedal to the metal much of the time. Actually, my current thought is stepping away from posting, but not reading and commenting. Time will tell.

      Good luck on that Luck dream turning into reality. But hey – strangers things have happened. I think Fins-Bengals have another game this year. Could be battle for #1 pick. … BTW – I drafted Seattle defense because they open (at home) against Bengals.

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      • That’s the way to play fantasy league, I dig it very much.

        It’s funny how RB’s are prized possessions in Fantasy League, and yet for the most part they are given short shrift-except for the biggest names- in the NFL.

        I’ve contemplated many different ideas. I just don’t see myself stepping away completely. Maybe stepping back. I really thought next year could be it, but it didn’t make sense because I enjoy it, certain aspects, very much. No need to give it up entirely.

        I’m happy for Luck. A friend of mine was like “Why did he retire? He’s still young!” to which I replied “Exactly!”.

        Seattle with Clowney, will be tough. As for the Cincy/Miami tilt, Imma make nachos and root for my Dolphins. To lose, of course. 😉

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  7. So post once a month!
    That is a selfish comment, as you will be missed. I’m like Dale… only when I feel like it.
    Michael Jackson is a great choice. So many songs. I’m thinking it will include his work with The Jackson 5, as well as his solo career?

    I’m cleaning out my closets, as well. I’m attempting (although slow going) to consolidate GLAM & Qe.
    Then, I am literally cleaning out my closets. From designing costumes for a career, I have a truckload of clothes, supplies, research books, tapes, videos, it’s endless. We talk about selling and downsizing sometimes, so I am starting now. It took 20 years to pack in all in here. It could take 2 years to clear it all out.
    The crazy thing is that even as I get rid of the old stuff, new stuff is rolling in.

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    • Resa,

      I can’t imagine how much stuff a designer would have accumulated over time. Overwhelming to think about, let alone see it and act on it. Good luck!

      I thought about posting less, but it still comes down to me getting out and around. For me, as long as I’m posting, I have a self-imposed obligation to visit and comment …. but without posting, I can visit and comment as I wish. Just the way I’m wired. Thanks for your thoughts and support.

      Meanwhile, see you at the concert.

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  8. Frank, first Welcome back..
    And reading your post its a wonder at all you find time for blogging as you do my friend.. I totally understand that feeling of wanting to step back, slow down from the blogging world.. 11 yrs is a long time.. I too have been blogging since 2007 and it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to keep abreast of your blogging community and posts.. Something I fail at more and more, as I step away from my own computer more and more to be engaged in the outdoor world of nature..

    I am sure when that time ‘Feel’s right you will do what you feel is right.. I Toyed with the idea of closing my own blog down a few months ago.. Then out of the blue around three people said how much my blog had helped them, so I took that as a sign to carry on.. But I no longer rush, stay on line for long periods or feel guilty if I miss posts ..

    I arrive when I arrive so long as I try to moderate my comments, reply, and repay the compliments to their blog posts.. Like you I have a certain amount of loyal followers whom I try to keep in regular contact with..
    After all Frank.. We are only Human..

    I am happy you enjoyed your holiday Frank.. and keep enjoying your golf, ballroom etc.. Oh by the way, our granddaughter got her third gold bars in Latin and Ballroom, with honours.. we were very proud of her.. at eight she has done brilliantly..

    Much love my friend.. take care of yourself over those extra weeks away..
    Sue 🙂 ❤

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  9. Sad tidings, Frank. I am glad you are back from your blog break. Although I do not read and comment as often as I would like to (early motherhood is a time snatcher) you will be sorely missed if you do phase out. You obviously put a great amount of effort into your posts, but I suppose you ought to do what makes you happy and content. And if you no longer enjoy it as much as you did, then why make it a chore 🙂 Take care!

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  10. And welcome back to you my friend! Great comments from your readers about how much your blog will/would be missed. Keep in mind that your authentic voice will be needed as the political shows in 2020 (here and across the pond) unfold.

    After several pop music knowledge washouts in the concerts before your pause, thanks for the heads-up on Michael Jackson, who happens to be in my wheelhouse.

    One tends to travel to where one’s friends travel and to where one’s relatives live. Sure glad to be able to tap into your knowledge of Central Europe as my wife and I make our plans. And Yes, we’re aware that they don’t speak French there!

    Anxious to hear about how things went last week in your golf league (did the warm-up help?). Also want to make sure to hear your handbell choir this year.

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    • Tim,
      As for the golf, 3 weeks away from the golf is too long – so (as I expected), the lack of consistent rhythm and execution was evident. Overall mediocrity with occasional flashes of brilliance were the rules of the day.

      Thanks for your support in my little corner of the world. But I will have to disagree with your statement about my authentic voice in politics because the partisans in either party have no interest in my thoughts and concerns. They only want my money and vote. Therefore, I fret about 2020.


      • On your point #1, I say Forget consistent rhythm and execution. See the ball, hit the ball!

        On your point #2, I say Wrong. I view myself as a partisan with great interest in your thoughts and concerns, both of which significantly influence my political discussions with liked-minded and non liked-minded friends, relatives, and strangers.

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        • I still relax and use a simplified approach. Meanwhile, the political parties (as a whole) are using the all-or-nothing approach – which means I’m out on both sides ,… and given the way they are going, I’m happy with that. But as you’ve said before, I’m the only moderate independent in your crowd … so thanks for listening.


  11. Oh my o my…… I didn’t see that coming! You know, through the years you get to set your …invariants, as such, my friend, I was a bit shocked at the perspective of a blogging home without this invariant: you! I suppose, we’ll all follow that path sooner or later and being true to oneself means following the path of the heart, so, albeit bitter, I’m happy you do just that.
    Sounds like it’s going to be a busy September and I hope to hear some handbells…
    The trip sounds great too! [hope to hear/see more about it!]
    On MJ musical, I’ll be ready! 😉
    Welcome back, my friend and Yamas to whatever you do [as long as it brings joy!] 😉

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    • Marina,
      Given the closeness and respect we’ve come to give each other, I’m touched. When I gave the hint earlier in the year of the possibility, you may have been on your hiatus. It’s been on my mind for some time. I knew an important test would be in drafting the closing series. I did it during my trip and it felt right. Well, at least at this point in time. However, I can say that my current plan is to continue visiting and commenting. 🙂

      September has seems to be a busy month for me … probably because it’s a month when things start up again. First handbell practice is approaching!

      Meanwhile, my departure is still months away, so I plan on enjoying the run! Yamas to a special lady!


  12. Welcome back, Frank. I’m sorry I’m so late to this post. I understand about wanting to phase out of blogging. That might be what I’ve been doing, but it remains to be seen since I’ve not made any final decisions just yet because I can see so much value in blogging over the shorter forms of social media. At any rate, I will hate to see you go. And please add Walktober to your list of fall things. If you’re going to phase out, at least do one more Walktober with us. It might be my last, too, at least as far as hosting is concerned. Perhaps someone else will want to take over next year (or I’ll change my mind… who knows?).

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    • Robin,
      Ahhh … you’re not late. 🙂 … after all, I appreciate that you stopped by!

      Isn’t interesting how bloggers are so different! Random posters vs. those with a regular/scheduled routine …. some who walk away vs others who announce … and there are more. Nonetheless, we’ve been together a long time, so I value your feedback. Thanks you!

      Thanks for the Walktober invite. Believe it or not, it has been on my radar, so I hope to participate. 🙂


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