Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 410

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It’s time for the King of Pop – Michael Jackson takes the Weekend Concert Series stage. Concert time is this Saturday, 1:00 AM (Eastern US). Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer to many Americans. Oddly, Cincinnati celebrates with a gigantic fireworks display on the river. What started as a 10th birthday celebration of a radio station in 1977, the event continues today. The synchronization to music was the best ever! If you have 25-30 minutes, watch it here. (Save yourself time by starting at 5:45)

We met many interesting and nice people on the recent river cruise. One Australian couple are prolific travellers, so I asked them something to is important to me. “I believe the majority of people in the world are good. Do your experiences support that?” …. Without hesitation, they unquestionably agreed.

As baseball season winds down and my Reds fade into the setting sun, cheers to the arrival of college football.

Readers may recall my love for the Flora-Bama, a legendary bar and musical venue on the Florida side of the Florida-Alabama border. (past post) During our recent travels, this article appeared in many local papers throughout the country.

Regarding my announcement, I never stated that writing was a chore – that came from comments! For my approach to blogging, writing and posting is the easy part of blogging.

Looking for suggestions. Being out-of-the-loop for most of August, have any good movies recently opened in theaters?

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I laughed at our cruise director’s explanation of politics: Poli is a Latin prefix for many – Ticks are blood sucking creatures.

During my 2+ weeks in Europe, nothing much seems to have changed in American politics. President Trump continue to be a pathetic person and even worse leader who brings the majority of problems on himself.

Shortly after Joe Biden entered the race last April, I mentioned factors in Biden’s Dilemma – and they continue to unfold.

While cruising, I didn’t encounter (have or hear) one discussion about politics between Americans. However, non-Americans want to talk about American politics with Americans.

Foreign policy and trade policy are like three-dimensional chess – complicated. President Trump’s approach is like playing tic-tac-do with sidewalk chalk.

Still having missed all the Democratic debates, I will miss the one in September because I have a long-scheduled event of watching 2 people fish that night.

To lead you into this week’s satirical headlines, The Onion provides tips for enduring long layovers at airports.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Nation’s nonfiction writers announce plans to keep writing things down that happened
Woman thinks she’s being discreet about fishing stray hair out of bra
What you just said reminds man of thing he’s rather talk about
Centipede tearing ass across floor must be late for something
Hardcore Weezer fan hates everything band has released since forming
Virgin saving himself for kinky couple in need of a third

(My Combo) Kinky virgin saving bra for Weezer

Interesting Reads


To send you into the weekend,  here’s an oldie from the ‘90s that I’ve recently heard on a commercial for South Carolina. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

31 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 410

  1. Frank,

    The blogosphere, in my humble opinion, is more interesting than ever. And I don’t think you ever came across as negative about things. And you certainly never referred to any of it as a chore. Like everything else, it has its place in all our lives and it used for myriad reasons. Which is what makes it so interesting.

    Sorry about your Reds. But what in the hell man? They cracked the code on Sonny Gray, who couldn’t do bupkis in NY but is pitching as well as he ever has right now. I don’t know that a big time hire as skipper is the answer. But something has to be. They’ve got pieces, but the whole is lacking.

    As for the debates, I haven’t watched any either. It’s just become so ornamental and pointless to me. I’d just love to see how Biden would handle Trump in a debate is all. I’d love to see how Clinton would handle Trump. And Kennedy . . . Okay, I’ll stop,

    To football! Here’s hoping your Bengals win one more game than my Dolphins . . . for obvious reasons. 😉

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    • Marc,
      Thanks for the kind words and support. Blogging has been a joy – and the people have been fantastic. I remember connecting with you through El Guapo, whom I miss.

      Sonny Gray has had a wonderful season. He’s pitched his share of games that either the offense didn’t get him runs or the bullpen let the game slip away. Did you know his dad was a huge Reds fan?

      Should be interesting to see what GM does over the winter. The roster has it’s share of free agents, so there will be some turnover. Injuries stung them in August – but hey – that’s part of the game.

      As for the Bengals, I’m not expecting much. A good start is possible because of a favorable schedule.

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      • It always supplies something interesting, no matter the iteration.

        Gray wasn’t working out in NY. Sometimes that happens. I remember from back in the day how pitchers like Ed Whitson and Doyle Alexander weren’t as good in pinstripes. Later on, it happened with AJ Burnett as well. I’m just glad he’s doing well. And no, I didn’t know his dad was a Reds fan.

        They have some pitching, they have some hitting. Now they need some cohesion.

        The Dolphins should be 0-4 out of the gate, with games against the Patriots, Ravens, Cowboys and Chargers. After which they hand the reins to Rosen, whom I feel sorry for. Dude has presided over two awful teams in his two years in the league.

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  2. It is nice to have your faith in the goodness of people reaffirmed.
    Philadelphia has the “Made in America” concert over two days during the Labor Day weekend. It’s a big outdoor event where streets around the Philadelphia Museum of Art area are closed off. We didn’t attend, but walked nearby on Sunday, and we could hear some of the music and see people heading over.

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  3. The read “Why the Periodic Table of Elements Is More Important Than Ever” made me feel guilty about not keeping the table in my memory after high school chemistry.

    I glanced through the read “Tomorrow’s Gods: What is the future of religion?” when it first came out on August 2. I’m glad you included it today so I could read it in detail in order to bring context to some recent upheavals in my church.

    The read “50 Toys 50 Years” brought back fond memories of when in junior high I briefly had the best chemistry set in the neighborhood.

    The Biden Dilemma is real. So is Trump.

    No frontal splats but “Nation’s nonfiction writers announce plans to keep writing things down that happened” bounced off the wall and hit me from behind.

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  4. As soon as September comes, we here have the habit of saying “Happy Winter”, especially to those who have returned from vacation. However, I prefer to say “Happy Autumn”, so as Labor day marks the end of summer… Happy Autumn and Yamas! 😉
    ps see you tomorrow!

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  5. Enjoyed the Florida Bama article. Very interesting about the Australian comment. Part of my family is Australian and they love everyone. ( Don’t forget the country was originally a penal colony) I think a German couple might give you a different reading. American politics must be a fascinating world wide subject. ( or laughing stock ) I will try to find an obscure Michael Jackson tune for tomorrow since by the time I get there all the well known are taken. Good post, Frank. Enjoy your weekend.

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    • John,
      The Flora Bama is uniquely Americana … Fun yet comfortably cheezy. Definitely a place for people. If you are ever in that area, make sure you stop by!

      I can say that most of the non-Americans I talked to were embarrassed by President Trump and felt sorry for America and Americans. I did talk with one person who said he’s glad President Trump is taking on China – and yes – I responded.

      See you at the concert.

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  6. And a triumphant return to the “shorts” (no mas pantelones)-well done. You were lucky avoiding the constant dumpster fire that is otherwise known as the president on your trip. I think the rest of the world continues to wonder how the heck we got to this point with him. And to think there’s still 5 months until the Iowa caucus. 🤬Talk about being buried alive in crap. I am on the hunt for the right kind of novocaine for my battered political soul. Till then I’ll be looking out for ‘Billy Jean.’ See ya tomorrow.

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  7. Non of our American friends talk politics to us. I’m glad, because I know many of them hold different views to ours and I wouldn’t want to get into that kind of conversation. I’d almost forgotten about Michael Jackson. He did have some great songs. I’ll try to come to the party. Have a great weekend, Frank.

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    • Debra,
      Ha ha … I must admit that the British version of debate is far more entertaining than the than our stoic version. Then again, I have heard that the British feel sorry about what we are going through, so not only did they want us not to feel alone, they are trying to pass our craziness!

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  8. In Canada, Labour Day is also the unofficial end of summer – though to be honest, the whole no wearing white after is ridonkulous as the warm temps keep up till October – so I diss that one.
    No, you never stated writing is a chore but you did admit that it can be rather time-consuming if you feel the need to reciprocate with others’ blogs.
    So very glad you had a wonderful river cruise trip – it is way up high on my ridiculously long list of things to do.
    I also believe most people are good. And talking politics on vacation should be kept at a minimum… mind you, talking politics with folks from other countries is probably vastly more interesting than with those back home.
    I am backwards as I have already participated in the King of Pop’s Musical 😉

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