On Murals in Reykjavik

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After cruising the British Isles in 2017, we flew to Reykjavik, Iceland where we had an outstanding 4 day/3 night stay. Not only were the tours outside the city spectacular, the city of Reykjavik was a pleasant surprise.

With a population of about 110,000 (approximately one-third of the country’s population), Reykjavik was charming, quaint, active, and unique. Although I’ve already posted about the city, Reykjavik has an outstanding collection of murals! … and Resa would love them!

Although I originally planned a more informative look at the murals, this post (the first of my Closeout Tour) looks at some of the one’s I captured. “Resources” at the end offers links for more information and additional images of the beautiful murals in Reykjavik. Many of the murals in those links are stunning!

Do you have a favorite?

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At the airport (KEF) I was surprised to find this complex mural.

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56 thoughts on “On Murals in Reykjavik

  1. The murals are surprising to me. I wouldn’t have thought such modern and contemporary design, with English, would have been so prominent. It’s hard to think of a favorite, but I think “necktie guy” is a very humorous and unexpected subject for street art. I really enjoyed studying them, Frank.

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    • Debra,
      Glad this collection served as a pleasant surprise. I must say, there is quite the variety! I encourage you to visit the links at the end of the posts because they show quite the variety and many are stunning!


  2. Welcome back. These are lovely photos. It looks like you enjoyed yourself. 🙂
    Sorry for the non-sequitur comment. I have managed to lose your email address.
    The first week you were gone, I received a strange comment, purportedly from John Erickson. Hidden away on my ‘About’ page, it read, “Hey buddy. I’m in big trouble. This is serious. I need your help. Tweet me at (a recognizably Erickson twitter address).”
    The son, wife and I don’t Twitter. The comment came in at 6:30 PM. I responded by 10:30 PM. I answered the WordPress comment, offering whatever aid I could, and sent an email to the corresponding address.
    The daughter has a Twitter account, but not the phone app. The next day she Tweeted him, using her computer. We have received no other messages. I suspect a phishing expedition. 😯
    Leave the ninety and nine, and email the lost sheep, so that I can put you back in my fold??

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  3. One has to admire the talent of those who paint these murals on such a grand scale.. Its something painting in perspective on canvas, but when you then upscale this it shows just how talented these artists are..
    Wonderful share Frank.. do I have a favourite.. The eagle caught my eye so did the spider and clever how to tie your tie 😀

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  4. Well….. I love this post!
    I waited a long time for it, as you had mentioned taking pics of murals in Reykjavik. I checked out every link. Some of the artist have painted murals in Toronto, and I am honoured to have shared those.
    A closing out post…….. well………….

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