Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 411

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The concert stage will be active this weekend as we transition from the King of Pop to The King. Elvis Presley will be in the building to take the stage this Saturday, 1:00 (Eastern US)

Cincinnati is in the midst of an unseasonable blast of summer. I’m ready for the transition into fall – which will happen soon.

The new season of Dancing with the Stars starts on Monday. Although I’m not acquainted with most of the participants, I’ll be watching.

Just saw the movie Blinded By The Light (trailer). Interesting, despite a slow beginning.  I would describe it as sad and inspirational – frustrating and joyful. Thumbs up!

One more week to go in my golf league. I haven’t been happy with my swing the past two years, but hey – I still enjoy the game. Meanwhile, I jumped into fantasy football for the first time in a long, long time. Trying to prove the pundits wrong because I’m currently the underdog every week! Never fear – the Benevolent Impalers won the opener!

So far, I’ve enjoyed going through my blog closet finding unfinished posts. There are more to come!

Wondering: Instead of e pluribus Unum (“one out of many”), has America became a land of prejudices based on political ideology, race, gender, sexuality, and religion/personal belief?

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As this post is published, Democratic candidates are participating in a 3-hour debate in Houston. Meanwhile, I’m counting the number of pieces in a large bag of recently shredded paper.

It’s always interesting reading and watching various perspectives of September 11 2001. That day impacted the world. That day brought much of humanity together. Outside of this statement, President Trump and 9-11 should not be used in the same sentence, same paragraph, or the same story.  That day is much more important than him, and anything about him.

To lead you into this week’s satirical headlines, The Onion provides famous instances of censorship in US history.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Dog stool pretty much picked over by the time fly arrives
Distraught man still finding painful reminders of long-gone hoagie around apartment
Fashion designers announce plans to wave with both hands, bow slightly
Longtime Sleepytime Tea addict has to use 6 bags just to feel drowsy
Scholar wishes someone would refer to him as preeminent
Man overcomes fear of public urination

Interesting Reads

Antarctica’s only native insect
Something about private labels
Painter William Blake
Symbolism and the albatross
New species with a headline fitting for The Onion (at least look)
(Infographic) Your brain on beer vs. coffee
(Photos) Australian Geographic photo contest winners

To send you into the weekend, here’s an unexpected song and artist from the norm. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

46 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 411

  1. Somehow I’ve completely missed any “talk” of Blinded by the Light. I hadn’t even heard of it. I’ll look into it now, however.

    I think your question regarding e pluribus Unum is a good one. I really struggle with continuing to feel hopeful that we’ll one day be more united. I don’t see much evidence to bolster that hope!

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    • Debra,
      If you didn’t find the trailer to Blinded By The Light – I’ve added it to this post. You’ll like it!

      Unfortunately, but especially today, the united feeling only comes with devastating events (as 9-11) … only to lose it over time.


  2. “Fashion designers still finding painful reminders of picked over dog stools and public urination”

    Well I’d like to see some of that ol’ E Pluribus Unum going on. I’m afraid it will take a commander in chief the likes of which we have not seen since FDR.

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  3. The autodidact William Blake has long been an interest of mine, both for his poetry and his art. I could never make much sense out of Beowulf or the Canterbury Tales but Blake’s unique and thought-provoking works seem to me to mark a turning point in literary history. He was nutty for sure, but ever so original.

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  4. The Benevolent Impalers. That there is drop the mic stuff, Frank. It’s good to see you bringing some old school shine to this fantasy league business.

    Hadn’t heard about Blinded by the Light.

    You’re right, it doesn’t feel as if “one out of many” describes us any longer.

    The King huh?

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    • John,
      Glad you enjoyed the Blinder trailer. I’m not sure how long this movie will stick around, but I liked it! As far as the early bird start times of the concerts, for a long time, the musicals started in the evenings (at the expense of the rest of the world) …. so now I give the rest of the world (as well as our west coast) first dibs. But hey – the North American audience still comes through in flying colors!

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  5. I’m sure your autumn will make itself present soon. We woke up to a chilly windy morning, so ours is here! 😉 Meantime, I’m ready for my king Elvis song although if I don’t get here early it’ll be gone! Hint hint… yep it’s a very popular one! …but, plenty to chose from… Yamas!

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  6. I admire your stick-to-it-iveness even if Mark Twain had it right by my way of thinking (golf is a good walk spoiled). After last night’s debate, I think I too may start counting my shredded paper bin’s pieces. Happy weekend. Not being a fan of the King, I’m not sure what I can come up with for this weekend’s concert but I’ll give it a go. I cannot deny he had an amazing voice but never found his sound to my liking. Maybe I’ll surprise myself and find some interesting selections. Cheers.
    P.S. Hope your team does better than mine. The Donkeys are proving once again they will work hard to earn a losing season and still manage to keep a stranglehold on the local media nonetheless. They are beginning to resemble the Orange One in making noise where none is needed (and would be better off left unsaid).

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    • Monika,
      Like life, golf can be humbling and frustrating … yet joyful and positively enthusiastic. Bottom line – I enjoy it and tend to not let it drive me crazy! In terms of your Broncos and my Bengals, well … I can’t see much positive ahead. Oh well … someone has to suffer, and we can take it.

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  7. It’s kind of a fall-like day here today, but I think it’s going to get warm again. Yesterday we had the a/c on. I probably won’t participate in the concert, but my husband’s aunt used to carry my husband around when he was a baby (she was about 16) to Elvis–I won’t mention a particular song here. 😉

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  8. Hey, Frank. Slowly coming back to the tech world. Love “Longtime Sleepytime Tea addict has to use 6 bags just to feel drowsy.” It’s, like, true! And I loves me some Alanis. Plus the mittens and hat just make me happy knowing winter’s right around the corner! After a lovely Autumn, I hope.


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    • Tara,
      Welcome back from your tech break. Breaks are good – and so is returning. Glad you could relate to the tea. 😉 It’s been a hot summer (that wants to continue) so I look forward to fall. Glad you enjoyed Alanis. Thanks for stopping by the concert.

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      • Thanks, Frank. Easing back in. Not sure when my first real post will go up on my site, but have dipped a toe in Instagram and The Twitter (more the former than the latter). And, of course, commenting and saying hey to friends. Hey.

        SUMMER LASTS TOO LONG. There, I said it. Fall is a-coming! YAY!!!!


      • Yay… about the murals.
        Boohoo about the process. Someone told me the process goes way back, when candidates literally rode trains across the country to reach voters. That takes time. Many things have changed, but not the time allowed.


  9. Looking forward to the concert. I’m late reading this and the concert starts in 3 minutes 😉
    9/11 impacted the world over. So many wonderful tributes to keep those heroes in our thoughts.
    Have fun with your fantasy football!
    I might be going to see Blinded by the LIght. Kind of funny that two movies, Yesterday and this one involve Indian guys and music, eh?

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    • Dale,
      You are on final approach for the season at the club. Besides … you are a night owl. Thanks for killing time here waiting for the concert. The rush of music movies has been interesting … and the movies of Queen, Beatles, Elton, and Springsteen have been very different – but I’ve enjoyed all of them! … well, Queen & Elton movies were close.

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      • I have become more of a night owl than ever. Of course, last night I finished work at 1 am and didn’t fall asleep until 3:30. By the way, I work today at 11. Ugh.
        It’s funny – I have no interest in seeing Rocket Man. I’ll probably watch it when it becomes available on TV or through my streamer.


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