On a Beach Walk: No. 56 (Wisdom)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Wisdom conjures many thoughts. What is wisdom? What does it mean to be wise? How do we become wise or achieve wisdom? How do we share wisdom? Does wisdom prevents us from seeing what needs to be seen? But it’s hard to imagine wisdom getting in the way. Regardless of the answers, there is no doubt that wisdom does not mean one as all the answers.

I think about how a baby transitions into a toddler.  The time from squirming to rolling over to  crawling to walking to running with accidents along the way. Isn’t wisdom similar? Doesn’t wisdom allow us to get our feet below us over time?

Looking at the transitions we go through in life – from the confined childhood to the pains of adolescence to the growth in adulthood to the resignation as we age. Think of all the wisdom gained during life. The mistakes that become experiences allowing us to be smarter today than yesterday as we turn the pages of life.

Gaining wisdom requires an awareness of the here and now that allows us to experience life and gain wisdom. But each of us do it differently because life affects us differently. Afterall, we range from the hard headed to the heavy hearted.

Every person is a collection of stories – some positive, others negative – a collection that we pass along through conversations at work, among friends, and within the family. A few people pass along their experiences through biographies. Others do so through a fictional book based on personal experiences or someone else’s life.

Experience is a history one shares with others – a history involving wisdom. However, humanity has a way of repeating the mistakes of others by proclaiming, “this is different.”

Experience allows us to deal with the unknown corner – to discover what’s around the corner or to avoid it – now that’s using wisdom!

Life has a way of slapping down past experiences with hopes of shedding a new light – a new way. After 12 years of teaching I discovered I had done a great job of doing it wrong. That internalization allowed me to step into a new frontier with confidence and gather new wisdom. At least I saw the light that the majority of my colleagues did not see – or chose to ignore it.

Wisdom – that process of thinking about our experiences, knowledge, understanding, and sensibility to make a choice.

Wisdom – the criss-crossing of interacting brain cells one uses for the betterment of both self and the many.

While much wisdom may comfort some, can wisdom get in the way? Can wisdom prevent us from seeing the reality or the vision? Experience and wisdom can block a fresh view – so we need someone to look at the situation through a different lens; a move that could move us to a different paradigm.

I look at the sea and wonder how many stories it holds. Then again, wisdom tells me that I’m thinking metaphorically.

Wisdom – something that comes from discernment while promenading the sand; after all, I like walking the beach for it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

54 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 56 (Wisdom)

  1. But isn’t wisdom different from expertise? In that it’s not interesting so much in affecting change as in understanding why there might be a need for it?

    This topic you chose has so many layers, I mean it really does.

    That song? Perfect.

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    • Rose,
      When people ask me if I would want to be whatever age again, I always say, “And to be that stupid? No thanks.” … So yes, our wisdom still grows with each passing day. … and I definitely agree with you about the effect of waves. 🙂 Thanks for walking along!


  2. Perfect topic for a beach walk, Frank.

    Wisdom can also come from moments of introspection such as this. I find so many answers when I look within myself without fear. We need to be wise about our true selves before we can impart anything of our inner world on anyone else.
    Being alone and thinking this way as you do, contemplating so many things that beg to be answered is key for attaining what you want and are meant to have on this plane of existence.
    Beautifully written. Thought provoking. Goes nicely with my cwawffee ☕

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  3. Wow… to have found a song to fit this text. Kudos to you.
    Like Marc, I feel there is a vast difference between wisdom and expertise and that this walk has many layers to it.
    Some seem to gain no wisdom whatsoever, no matter how many times they fail at something. Others seem wise beyond their years because they have a deeper sense of attention to their surroundings.
    Most interesting!

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  4. To me wisdom trumps (generalized use here) experience although it may be that one is a component or result of the other. I would say experience could get in the way and prevent us from seeing the reality or the vision, but wisdom? By its nature, it appears to be the one thing necessary to see the reality of the vision. Excellent post, Frank

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  5. Wisdom is enhanced with introspection and by the ability to contemplate our lives and decisions with as much honesty as we can muster. I think that a beach walk provides a wonderful environment for creating an interior “quiet” that opens us up to listening to our inner voice. We don’t all define integrity with the same credentials, so I presume we also don’t all see wisdom with the same lens, but it’s an interesting topic, Frank. I do think you’ve captured some wonderful impressions. Here’s to more beach walks!

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  6. This post got buried in my in-box, so I’m just getting to it now. As others have said, wisdom does seem layered–someone can be intelligent, but never gain wisdom. It seems to me that wisdom, as you say, is built on learning from experience–physical or mental–that is, walking on the beach, but also thinking about your walk, which may or may not be informed by book knowledge. (After all, there are wise people who never learned to read.) I think wisdom demands a certain amount of introspection and processing of knowledge.
    Wonderful ideas to ponder, Frank!

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    • Merril,
      While this post got buried at your end, I’m slow to respond at this end – but hey – we got it done. Oh yes, I’m right with you on wisdom and intelligence not being the same thing. Obviously, coupling them is powerful, but for me, I favor wisdom. It seems so rational – yet it requires a certain amount of knowledge.

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  7. Hello Frank,
    Wisdom makes me think of wisdom teeth.They can be a nightmare, or not. Mine grew in just fine. Still use them. Learned nothing, really, except going to the dentist regularly is a good thing.
    So, I think the point here is wisdom feet.
    My feet have taught me a lot! Like yours, they walk in the sands of time, of man and beyond. It’s soothing and refreshing to know I can walk, time being.

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    • Drew,
      Glad you enjoyed this walk. If memory serves me correctly, I think the idea of wisdom getting in the way was one of my final thoughts – and glad I included it because several have commented on it. Thanks for walking along. The next walk went up last night. 🙂

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