On a Beach Walk: #57 (Wind)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Wind is one of our earthly constants. Although it may only be slight at our planet’s surface, winds are constant throughout the atmosphere.

Today the wind is strong and gusty – not a whispery breeze. Today the wind provides a strong headwind as I walk.

Today the wind roars as it passes my ears. Today is more of a slap than a feathery touch – but tomorrow may be different.

Today’s wind causes me to think about other terms associated with wind – gales, gusts, squalls, storms, cyclones, hurricanes, typhons, tornadoes, vortices, and more. Other terms describing wind come to mind as sea breezes, mountain breezes, desert winds, easterlies, westerlies, prevailing, polar, topical, headwinds, tailwinds, crosswinds, and there are more.

The wind is as moody and fickle as people. Winds change throughout the day and from day to day. The winds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all different – yet the wind always speaks to us in the form of spirits, messages, metaphors, and similes. But do we listen? Does anyone even know the language it speaks? Maybe the wind just stimulates our own private thoughts.

The wind is mysterious. We don’t see it, but notice its effects. We can’t hold it, but feel it on our body.

Like us, the wind can be conflicting and complex in its messaging. Like the wind, change is constant in life – and an absolute certainty – especially as technology seems to be moving us to change faster and faster. To some, change is an uncontrollable feeling of a piece of paper being tossed around by the wind.

I watch an approaching helicopter fly into the stiff wind. It flies straight, but the pilot positions the aircraft at an angle for reasons I do not know – but it must be because of the wind. That stiff wind is also the resistance that comes with change – that resistance for maintaining the comfort of the status quo.

Whereas the wind provides resistance, it can also be directive. Like moving with ease when implementing an idea. Who doesn’t like the wind at their back? That wind also allows us to float with ease – but to some, it can be like riding a wild bull.

From causing leaves to rustle, flags to flutter and refreshing our skin, the wind is poetic – it’s moving – it provides imagery to us all. The wind can be soft or rough – fierce or gentle – hot or cold – damaging or refreshing while delivering a variety of messages. Yet, the wind is free – free to do as it wants – even imposing its will.

Wind – that natural flow of atmospheric gases along the Earth’s surface – simply, the movement of air.

Wind – that force moving sand along the beach, changing the landscape, or eroding stone.

Other planets have winds, but solar winds are not the movement of gases.

Wind – a key component of song and movie titles as Gone with the Wind, Inherit the Wind, Blowin’ in the Wind, Candle in the Wind, Ride Like the Wind, They Call the Wind Mariah, Colors of the Wind, and many more.

Wind – a necessity for recreation as moving sailboats, flying kites, windsurfing, hand gliding, paragliding, and more.

Although the wind can be many things, the wind on the beach can provide a freshness that only the winds of the sea provide. The wind can be one of the reasons why walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

69 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: #57 (Wind)

  1. A lttle long-winded (sorry, but I can’t stop myself from these puns), but so interesting. In many languages the wind is associated or synonymous with the soul. In any case to walk along the beach is always good.

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  2. A windy beach walk isn’t my favourite type – especially if it is stirring up the sand so I have it in my mouth, my nose, my hair, my clothes – everywhere! Though the bonus of course is I arrive home having had a free exfoliation session…….. Having so recently left a winter filled with icy Antarctic winds I am really appreciating now that the wind is light, warm, friendly. I guess the bad makes us appreciate the good, as always. Great post Frank!

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    • Pauline,
      I don’t like the days of extra strong wind with stinging sand. Those are either days for the treadmill or for walking on an inland path sheltered by trees – especially if it is a strong cold wind! Nonetheless, your winds will be better warmer! Enjoy the transition. 🙂

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  3. I like the metaphors you use to describe the wind. It is so many things, but for me, I find find the wind harassing, like it follows you wherever you go, driving you away, whipping your hair in your face, stinging your eyes… warm wind not as bad but even then…
    True fact, during certain types of wind, psychiatric wards often have more admissions…

    Great post Frank!

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    • Rachel,
      Thanks for adding your personal thoughts. I remember the day of this walk – and the wind was harassing! Good choice of terminology!!!! Walking on the beach on strong winds may require extra layers of protection!

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  4. I think of the term “Against the Wind” and the Bob Seeger song of the same name. Some people it seems are always running against the wind, going a different direction than the rest of us. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

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  5. A wonderful, meditative post on the wind, Frank. The feel–and the scent–of a gentle sea breeze is unique and restorative. And when the sea wind is blowing hard, it’s relaxing to sit inside and listen to it.
    At one of the wineries we visited in Cape May last week, the woman who was leading our tour mentioned the effect of ocean breezes on the grapes (beneficial, apparently).

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    • Merril,
      “Meditative” is a great word for what the wind can be … good addition. … but yes, the strong fierce wind surely isn’t meditative when walking! Good thoughts about the grapes. When in California, grapes/wine people often mention the direction of breezes and the influence on grapes – most often referring to cool breezes from the Pacific.

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  6. A good subject, wind. It occurs to me that wind connects all the peoples of the Earth. Particulate matter and CO2 are carried by the jet streams all over the world, making all nations interdependent in their stewardship. Wind is also a vast energy resource which has only begun to be exploited.

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    • Jim,
      Love you additional thoughts so much, I have to include them if I ever do a revision. 🙂 … Simply excellent. Actually reader comments are one of my favorite things about these walks because they add additional thoughts and layers. 🙂


  7. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and facts about wind. Wind doesn’t bother me, but my hair doesn’t like it at all. You have me remembering my role as Toad Of Toad Hall in my junior school’s production of Kenneth Grahame’s ‘The Wind In The Willows’. I also recall the very successful country song ‘The Wayward Wind’ recorded by Gigi Grant in 1956. I was only nine at the time and loved when it came on the radiogram. Funny how someone’s post can dredge up old memories. 😃

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    • Mouse,
      Oh yes – I considered that song for this post. 🙂 … Interesting how many use different terms to identify winds. For me, breezy isn’t windy, but to others it may be. Thanks for following the wind to my little corner of the world.

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  8. Do you happen to know the song “The Wayward Wind,” sung by Gogi Grant originally in the ’50s I’d think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cQUVtbztEs
    I can still sing most of the words. I have really good recall of song lyrics and this was a song when I was a very little girl, but it must have been popular and I have retained a love of the song from my parents’ radio listening days.

    I love a good windy day if it isn’t too rogue! We in Southern California are headed into Santa Ana wind “season” which often brings on the fires. A nice strong breeze at the beach is the best, certainly! 🙂

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    • Debra,
      I’ve heard that song before! 🙂 If aliens ever attack Pasadena, don’t forget to use the Slim Whitman version. Nonetheless, the wind is the subject of many songs, so glad to know the one that came to you during the walk.

      Fire season? Oh boy … your cycle of events out there is a trip through the extremes. Meanwhile, enjoy your next beach walk.


  9. I hate wind on a run but I love it on a walk. I hate it when I go to a driving range to hit golf balls, but I can dig it when I go to a baseball game and the wind is blowing out.

    You’ve hit on the yin/yang of wind.

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    • Monika,
      Strong winds are tough … breezes are nice … and depending on other factors, they can be refreshing. Winds are generally present on the beach – but the strong winds can keep people away. Thanks for walking along.

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