On Three Exhibits

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Typically, I take pictures at a museum exhibit with hopes of creating a post. Well, I never got around to writing these, so while cleaning out my blog closet, I decided to give a synopsis of them in one post. Sort of a Pictures at an Exhibition. Hope you enjoy the walk through the gallery

Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China

Unknown until 1974, this archaeological discovery is about the legion (over 8,000 life-sized figures) guarding the tomb of China’s first emperor. Not only multiple warriors, the exhibit included arms, armor, ornaments, ceramics, jewelry, and excellent information about this early civilization. The Cincinnati Art Museum hosted this fascinating exhibit.

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Chocolate: The Exhibition

Although it’s not true for everyone, but many people enjoy chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, brownies, fudge, and many more items. As a kid, I sprinkled cocoa powder onto my Rice Krispies, plus enjoyed Bosco! I still like an occasional gulp of straight Hershey Chocolate Syrup. So, I had to attend the exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

When first entering the exhibit, the smell of chocolate grabbed your attention. Yum! A large section of the exhibit focused on chocolate’s history. The German or Belgians come to mind, but hey – chocolate goes back to the Aztecs in Central America – so it made way to Europe from there! Uses, products, and production completed the exhibit. At the end, a local chocolatier provided samples. Yes – it was a good day.

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Guitars: Instruments that Rocked the World

Guitars have a fascinating history – and one much longer than many people may think. But did you know there is a National Guitar Museum? Yep – but it is a travelling exhibit without a permanent home!

Besides displaying some famous guitars, the exhibit included over 70 guitars of different styles, ages, and historical value (including one from 3000 BCE). Besides guitars, visitors can learn more about sound through numerous interactives. Toss in posters, graphics, banners, and the World’s Largest Playable Guitar, this exhibit is a winner for music lovers. Yes – I enjoyed this exhibit!

Click here to learn more about the National Guitar Museum and it’s exhibition schedule. I wonder if the museum will find a permanent home.

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42 thoughts on “On Three Exhibits

    • Pauline,
      Yes – a threefer – love it! I figured separate posts would be more time than I am willing to do, so a threefer would be a good thing.

      Each of these were very different – yet significant in their own way. Not sure I will ever make it to China, so the travelling exhibit was a must see.

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  1. That first exhibit . . I could spend an entire day there.

    As for the chocolate, I went with my daughter to Chocolate Fest in Hershey a few years back. Decadence! But I don’t think I ate chocolate for months after that.

    And those guitars are WILD!

    Of course, the perfect song too. 🙂

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  2. Cool idea, Frank.

    Love that Terracotta Army. I feel like I’ve seen a mini version of that one somewhere.

    Chocolate – much as I love it, I can’t stand to be within its smell for overly long!

    Those guitars are fantabulous!

    And, of course, you will NEVER fail to please the likes of me when you bring in The Piano Guys…

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  3. Ah, Mussorgsky’ Pictures at an Exhibition, how appropriate! The Terracotta Army… amazing and eerie at the same time! On chocolate, the crucial question here is, did you get to taste lots of chocolate or was it a treat for the eyes only? If it was the second, I wouldn’t go! 😉 Guitars…. it’d be interesting seeing those multi string and multi neck guitars! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marina,
      Mussorgsky was a last minute addition to this post – so thanks letting me know it worked. There were some chocolates to taste at the end of the exhibit, but have tasting stations throughout would have nee a grand idea! Glad you enjoyed the guitars. Did you notice the pic before the multi-neck guitar?

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  4. Very cool, Frank. I love getting to as many exhibits as I can, and as tuned in as I remain, I still miss many. The Terra Cotta Warriors “visited” our area a couple of years ago and I never made it, much to my chagrin. I don’t think I’ve known of a chocolate exhibit, but I’d try to fit that in for sure! 🙂

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    • Debra,
      Who knows how many exhibits I’ve wanted to attend, but didn’t. So hey – you have good company. The Chocolate Exhibit was interesting – a bit different from the norm – but worthwhile.


  5. Would love to visit the guitar museum! Re chocolate: as a kid I used to live opposite the Cadbury chocolate factory in Bournville, Birmingham, England. The smell of chocolate in the air was ever-present and one I never tired of as I love chocolate. Yum! As kids we would refer to the factory as ‘Willy Wonka’s’, and any neighbours or relatives who worked there (it was a huge, local source of employment) would share their free choclate with us from their staff discounts.

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    • Vintage,
      OMG … having chocolate in the air every would be wonderful – but moving would be a form of torture. Thanks for sharing. Interesting, the National Guitar Museum is currently an exhibition without a home. It will be interesting to see if they find a home during their journey.

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  6. Love the Piano Guys, Frank. Very apt piece of music for this post. I’ve been to see the Terra Cotta Army in Xi’an. It was an awesome sight indeed. Your piece about chocolate reminded me of that delicious movie ‘Chocolat’ with the divine Juliette Binoche and the even more scrumptious Johnny Depp. My son would so enjoy the guitar exhibition. He has quite a few of his own and is always on the look out for something special. Have a great week and thanks for another very interesting post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sylvia,
      As a musician, I’m not surprised you enjoyed the music for the tour. Thanks for providing a bit of insight into each exhibit. I can’t imagine seeing the full exhibit of the army! You’ll have to have your son checkout the guitar exhibit schedule just to see if it gets close to him! Have a great week.

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