Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 413

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The Weekend Concert Series returns this weekend with Journey taking to the stage. Concert time is this Saturday at 1:00 AM (Eastern US).

Week 2 of Dancing With The Stars revealed a new way of eliminating contestants – which to me is a result of the trend of viewers making goofy choices. Meanwhile, even though one contestant is typically eliminated each week, those who need to go early are identified – therefore, gives others time to develop into contenders.

Because I just mentioned television, I didn’t watch the Emmy Awards, but from what I’ve seen, gotta love Zendaya Coleman fashion statement.

A Cincinnati Reds legend had his final game this afternoon. Marty Brennaman has been the play-by-play  radio broadcaster for 46 years. He’s not only a local legend, but is also enshrined in the broadcaster’s wing at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Maybe the first inning of his first game served as an omen. That’s when Hank Aaron tied Babe Ruth as the all-time homerun leader. Marty – thanks for all the memories!

About the game today. I didn’t watch on TV, I listened on a small, transistor-like radio beyond the final out through the post-game show. I turned on the television to watch the post-game ceremony. Yes – I shed a few tears.

Benevolent Impalers (my football fantasy team) lost it’s first game last week falling to 2-1. We got thumped. The opponents, the lowest scoring team in the league the first two weeks (and I the highest), achieved the highest scoring week of the season by far. My week was OK, but the opponents were on fire.

Did you know Popeyes is the official chicken of the Vatican? ( know Marc knows!)

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President Trump can no longer surprise me.

House Democrats have started an impeachment inquiry. This is the first step in the impeachment process, and it could also be the last step.

Although the US Constitution provides a mechanism for impeachment, there should not be any doubt that impeachment is a political process driven by party-first politics on both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, what is best for the country cannot overcome tribalism.

A well-constituted court for the trial of impeachments is an object not more to be desired than difficult to be obtained in a government wholly elective. The subjects of its jurisdiction are those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated POLITICAL, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself. The prosecution of them, for this reason, will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community, and to divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused. In many cases it will connect itself with the pre-existing factions, and will enlist all their animosities, partialities, influence, and interest on one side or on the other; and in such cases there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties, than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt. (from Federalist Paper: No. 65, Alexander Hamilton, 7 March 1788)

The end of the third quarter is a time for my latest odds.

  • President Trump being nominated: 97%
  • President Trump receiving my vote: 0%
  • Democratic nominee receiving my vote: 10%
  • President Trump winning re-election: 55%

To lead you into this week’s satirical headlines, The Onion provides a glimpse of what is happening in a high school science class. I wonder who will look here.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Every ingredient in recipe substituted for to avoid trip to store
Child concerned parents might never amount to anything
Nation perplexed by 16-year-old who doesn’t want the world to end
Obsessive-compulsive baseball player has to touch all 3 bases before going home
Man struggling to accept the fact that he’ll never move beyond medium salsa

Interesting Reads

Time with Turkish militants
Keeping working satellites safe
Death of Alexander the Great
Apps and the battle in Hong Kong
Mac & cheese and Mars
(Graphic) America’s political divide since 1994 (I love this one!)
(Photos) Milky Way photo contest winners
(Photos) Running of the wieners

To send you into the weekend, time for a bit of old school Frank style from Blue Man Group. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

55 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 413

  1. Looking forward to the concert tomorrow (yeah, yeah, it will be officially the day after tomorrow…)

    Still early in the season for your Benevolent Impalers (such a great name).

    We don’t even have Popeye’s up here. Is it any good?

    Will be interesting to see how far this impeachment thing goes.

    And it’s funny, my friends went to see Blue Man Group recently and I declined to join them… Their exuberance over the show almost made me regret not going.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dale,
      Good morning. Time to proceed through your list. 🙂 I wonder if my opener will steal your song. I got the name idea on our river cruise. When in Romania, one will hear about Vlad the Impaler – hence the idea was born. But I wanted to add an adjective to form a contradiction. 🙂

      Popeyes? Well … I been there, but can recall the last time. Impeachment? … well, the inquiry stage satisfies many House Democrats, but I’m not convinced it will go any farther.

      What!!!!! You had a chance to see Blue Man Group and declined!!!! Oh boy … I’ve seen them twice – once in a outdoor concert venue and one in a small theater venue. Love ’em!


  2. Love this! The squirrel images are delightful. I, too, am dismayed by the impeachment process being so and solely political; I doubt anything useful will come of it. I did check into The Onion’s Science Class Project–I would hate to be the lab partner for whoever dreamed up that experiment. Thanks for posting and cheering the start of the weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patti,
      Glad you enjoyed the squirrel images. I first thought about focusing on nuts, but then passed those for a future OITS. Oh thanks for checking out the Onion link. 🙂 As for impeachment, I firmly believe the Founding Fathers are rolling over in their grave.


  3. Cincy,

    That is some great trivia on Brennaman’s first game right there! And what an institution he has been for a great baseball town. He was a young broadcaster when those Big Red Machine teams were winning titles. I dig that you listened to it on the transistor radio, very old school.

    I’m in fourth place heading into this week in my football picks group. But only three games out of the lead. It’s some tough competition, and I lost tonight by picking Green Bay.

    I wonder if Popeye’s will roll out an “Impeachment Pie” dish. 😉

    So basically what our founders were saying is, when impeachment proceedings begin . . things get real. And in our case, stupid.

    Journey is a great choice for a concert, and speaking of great choice . . Blue Man Group . . they rock.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marc,
      Not only did I listen to the game on an old school radio, every fan attending the game got a radio to listen during the game. Unfortunately, I had to work.

      At Brennamen’s postgame ceremony, they showed a great video of a collection of clips from other broadcasters. Perfect! After all, that’s an exclusive club. Hope the fans give his replacement a chance like they gave him. After all, he replaced a popular announcer who was only here for a few years … Al Michaels.

      I’ve been fortunate to see Blue Man Group twice … once in a large venue, once in a small theater. Different shows – but love ’em. I recommend the small theater. Boston or NYC?

      Seems your pick ’em tactic is to build up the confidence of the others while staying close enough … then lowering the hammer! Bam!

      I can’t see Popeyes introducing an Impeachment Pie because that may threaten their Vatican endorsement.

      Liked by 1 person

      • How cool is that?! And yes, I heard mention of the fact he replaced Al Michaels when watching his farewell to the fans. He cracked near the end.

        I am NYC all the way.

        My tactic was the same last year. I finished second by a lousy game, and that was after missing a week! It broke my two year winning streak and signalled the end of the dynasty, LOL.

        It brings to mind the football picks group me and my ex put together way back in the day. She’d found a statue that looked remarkably similar to the Heisman trophy at a yard sale. I dropped the thing, of course, breaking off the arms. After which it was referred to as the Venus De Lombardi trophy.

        I forgot! Separation of church and state . . . now if we could do something about Twitter, that would be . . . wait for it . . . peachy.

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  4. I won’t be joining in this weekend, but have a fun Journey! 😉
    I’m convinced that dt has committed high crimes and misdemeanors numerous times. Maybe Dems are not doing the right thing politically, but I think they are morally. So, no, probably nothing will come of impeachment because the GOP is going to stand behind him and will not convict him. Many in the public will continue to believe his lies and the sound bites because they do not know how to think critically, and they only see news filtered through a right wing lens. It is so depressing. My two cents.

    Official chicken of the Vatican? Uh. . .OK.

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  5. I am sleepy after enduring a family visit for a year and a half (read: 6 days). I read the Popeyes line as just Popeye, singular, and was all, Why is Popeye thought of as chicken at the Vatican?


  6. Frank, I’m sorry to learn that you pledge not to vote Democratic next year. Every vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Trump because his base seems impregnable. Yes, I know some of the candidates are too far left, too socialistic. That worries me as well. But, I submit that the current president represents the greatest danger in the history of our country to our form of government. Personally, I like Michael Bennett for the nomination but am not hopeful he can prevail. Not flashy, low charisma. Nevertheless, I can not think of a single one of the 20 who would be likely to:

    Disavow the value of NATO and threaten to breach the treaty.
    Deny that climate change is real.
    Unilaterally cancel traditional military exercises with South Korea.
    Cancel a treaty preventing a theocracy from developing nuclear weapons.
    Give the world’s most brutal and ruthless dictator grandstanding status in meetings with POTUS.
    Ask adversarial foreign countries to assist his/her own election efforts.
    Meddle in other countries’ politics.
    Appoint corrupt and scandal-prone cabinet heads.
    Denigrate religions other than his/her own.
    Promote conspiracy theories such as birtherism.
    Value loyalty over competence and experience in his/her hiring.
    Value instinct over science.
    Spurn with no reason the advice of the entire intelligence community.
    Insult war heroes.
    Give verbal support to white nationalists.
    Cheat on their spouse.
    Use their office for personal enrichment.
    Use their office to bribe/extort a foreign leader to provide political dirt.

    These are not normal times and 2020 is not a normal election.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jim,
      A correction for you. I did NOT say I wouldn’t vote Democratic in 2020. I did note that I see a 10% chance of doing so at this time – and this percentage is subject to change.

      I can also add there is a 100% chance I will not vote in the Democratic primary. According to Ohio law for primaries, a resident declares themselves part of the party for two years when they ask for a ballot – and I am not willing to do that for either party.

      Sorry – I don’t buy the argument that a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Trump. That makes no sense to me because Republicans can make the same argument the other way. My vote will be FOR someone and that’s it … and I will not cast a vote for any candidate as a vote against someone.

      Yes – these times are not normal – but I am not selling myself.

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  7. This whole impeachment thing is stupid folly and will guarantee reelection. Seems that implementing 25th Amendment would be a better alternative-at least members of his own sordid party would cast him aside in favor of mini-me Pence. then again when has anyone with a backbone from the party challenged him or his illegal or boorish behavior? WTH? We are doomed.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. If Trump is re-elected, then we get what we deserve. I happen to think that election meddling is really a gross offense, but it doesn’t seem to bother everyone the same way. Since I’ll never understand that, I just try my best to steer clear of voices that rattle me! In the meantime, I have quadrupled the amount of time I spend reading, and I’d prefer my books to many people at the moment! 🙂

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