On an October Break


I know – I had a blog break most of the month of August – but sometimes the unexpected comes along in life to change even the best plans. Thankfully, it’s nothing serious. I hope to return late October/early November, and then I’ll explain. Meanwhile, a bit of odds and ends.

I originally wanted to do this post two days ago – but then I wouldn’t have participated in Walktober – and I promised Robin I would do so. Again, I invite everyone to visit Robin’s Walktober AND follow the links in the comments to other Walktober participants.

Thanks for the fabulous Prince concert this past weekend and for expanding my Prince horizon.

The next concert will be sometime in November. The concert promoter has a preliminary agreement with historical around some Canadian legends. No – not The Stampeders – not even Shania Twain … but The Guess Who! Acceptable songs will be from the following artists: The Guess Who, Burton Cummings, Chad Allen, Chad Allen and the Expressions, and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. (Note: I love BTO, but I hope participants focus on the others listed because those groups and people are the foundation.)

The handbell choir’s upcoming piece is Beech Spring (arranged by Jason Krug). Listen here.

PS: (Added later) BLINK Cincinnati 2019 is this weekend. I suggestion searching YouTube for videos and/or your favorite photo gallery. Cincinnati.com is also a source.

Cheers to Ellen Degeneres for her response to criticism she received about sitting with former President George W Bush at a football game. Click here to watch her response.

Although Rev. Pat Robertson is known for saying something stupid, his latest that President Trump may be/is “in danger of losing the mandate of heaven” is a confusing to me. Then again, in his resignation letter as EPA Administrator, Scott Pruit stated, “I believe you are serving as President today because of God’s providence.” As a Christian, I state with confidence that these two (and others like them) do not speak for the majority of Christians.

Agreeing with the decision or not, Speaker Pelosi establishing an Impeachment Inquiry is not against the Constitution and is not against House Rules – so I yield to her shrewdness.

To Republicans. This whole dilemma, the entire situation is NOT about Barack Obama, NOT about Joe Biden, NOT about Hunter Biden, NOT about Hillary Clinton, NOT about the economy, NOT about college football, NOT about other inventive delusional excuses along with declarations witch hunt, fake news, and more.  The situation is about the actions of one single person and those representing him. Then again, I guess defending the indefensible requires blaming others. In other words, you and your fellow minions are a very sad, pathetic lot that is doing the country more harm than good.

To Congressional Democrats: You have the difficult task of being both thorough and expedient, then delivering a convincing civics lesson. Note: I am not confident you’ll meet the challenge.

PS: If the only difference in the current situation was the President’s political party, I have zero confidence that Democrats would be joining Republicans for calls of impeachment.

On a much lighter note, I leave you with something special. Megan Washington is an award-winning Australian singer with a multi-platinum album. She stutters – except when she sings. This performance is after her TEDx talk in Sydney. Enjoy … and don’t forget … Blog breaks are good.

45 thoughts on “On an October Break

  1. The Pat Robertson statement floored me when I heard it. I will never understand, and that’s about all that’s clear to me! I hope your break is profitable to you. And thank you for a little advanced warning on The Guess Who. It will be fun searching for just the right submission!

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  2. I’m back! And grateful to be here now that my tech problems have been solved. Thanks for your astute and accurate pre-break summation of the Constitutional meat grinder our country is now in. It is my non-partisan opinion that there’s 0% chance the Democrats would be supporting a Trump-like president from their own party. Why? Because there’s 0% chance the Democratic Party would have allowed their name to be attached to a primary candidate espousing the types of “campaign promises” we now see carried forth on a daily basis. Looking forward to your return to help sort out whatever (shudder) has transpired.

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    • Tim!!!!
      The tech issue solved … well, at least for now. Welcome back. “Constitutional meatgrinder” is a good descriptor for this crazy situation. Time will tell how well it stands.


  3. Cincy,

    Mark Ruffalo was one of the voices who condemned Ellen for sitting with W. He used the platform to provoke, which is something too many Twitter users are really good at. I happen to think Ellen and hanging out ain’t my business. And it ain’t Ruffalo’s either.

    I can’t talk about Trump anymore. After his calling out NBA coaches and justifying his turning tail from the Kurds . . he just manages to lower the bar every single week.

    As for the Tua Bowl, I picked Miami! It will most likely be the only time this season I can pick my team and have a semi-half decent shot at maybe winning.

    Nice song! And enjoy the break.


  4. Hope springs eternal that the Reverend and former secretary Pruitt are not speaking for the rest of us. Sheesh.

    Kudos to Ellen; I saw her response Tweet to the criticism she received for posting a pic of her and the former Prez. Good on her!

    Take good care during the break. We’ll be here when you return. 😍


  5. YAY!!! The Guess Who!!! (and all mutations)
    I’ve got a list of faves… an arm long!
    I really liked what Ellen Degeneres said. Maybe she should be president? I like Nikki Haley.
    Anyway, with any luck on top of competence, the Dems will hopefully have completed their impeachment task by the time your October break is over. As always, you will be missed!


  6. I am not confident they’ll meet the challenge, either. *sigh* I really enjoyed the video (it went well with some of the walks I’m looking at right now). Thank you for that. 🙂


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