On a Late 2019 Return

Hello everyone. I had a feeling I would be going too long. Here’s some background music for you.


In the spirit of Waldo, you may have wondered, “Where’s Frank?” As you know, we love to travel. A planned trip this past July was not only cancelled, the cancellation happened after purchasing out airfares. Good news is that when you book on Southwest Airlines, the money spent on a cancelled flight is returned as a credit with a use-by deadline (about 6 months). Then a great deal came along for a 11-night cruise in the Caribbean – so with the airfare credit, it was a deal not to be passed.

Here’s my quick note on each stop.

  • St. Thomas – Store after store of jewelry
  • St. Croix – the poorest of the islands
  • Antigua – 365 different beaches
  • Barbados – Could be fun but much closed on Sundays
  • St. Lucia – Most physical beauty
  • St. Maarten – Fun

Celebrity Equinox is a large ship of 2800+ passengers – but not a mega-ship of 6,000+ passengers. As my normal custom, I didn’t gain weight on this trip. I enjoyed the on-board entertainment of shows and music. Even had a few comp surprises: bottle of wine, champagne, two trays of chocolate covered strawberries, a bowl of fruit, and a wonderful meal in a specialty restaurant. Most were because of an issue, but the wine and one tray of strawberries were from a Guest Relations Rep that I spontaneously got dancing.

A plaque with a saying was above each urinal (on the ship). I enjoyed this one the most: An honest politician is one who, when bought, stays bought. (Simon Cameron, 1799-1889)

In my opinion, it’s always good to have some unplugged time. Aside from having phone access in 2 ports, I was without internet access. The television in the cabin had news channels, so I stayed somewhat informed.

A note to ponder about Congress – The minority complains about the actions/behaviors of the majority, even though the majority is acting/behaving as the minority did when they were the majority.

I’ve made considerable progress on my final series, which will be a retrospective on various topics. However, I still don’t know the dates.

The next concert is set with The Guess Who. Acceptable songs will be from the following artists: The Guess Who, Burton Cummings, Chad Allen, Chad Allen and the Expressions, Brave Belt, and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. (Note: I love BTO, but I hope participants focus on the others listed because those groups and people are the foundation.) Think of the list as a family tree involving The Guess Who’s before and after. Concert date and time is this Saturday 2 November 2019 at 1:00 AM (Eastern US).

Good to see you again!

60 thoughts on “On a Late 2019 Return

  1. I’ve only ever been to St. Maarten out of the islands on your list. Sounds like I might not be missing much from most of the other islands? I haven’t been on a cruise for a few years but I’m definitely starting to get the itch to go again (especially as the weather turns worse and worse here in Pennsylvania).


    • Chris!
      I always smile when I get a visit and comment from one of my Pioneers!

      St, Maarten is vibrant. The port is on the Dutch side. Beautiful main beach.

      To me, the Caribbean islands have a lot in common: land surrounded by water, mountains in the middle, lush green, lousy roads, and a lot of poverty. They are places for activities in the warm climate, not places to see. I admit, I’ve only cruised twice in the region, but my wife has cruised here at least another 7-8 times.

      Let’s hope the Reds do something positive this off-season.


  2. What about Randy Bachman?
    I’ve done all these islands and today, on our way to my step-mother’s brother’s funeral, we started planning a getaway in March. We are aiming for Central America but if we end up in the Caribbean, I am jiggy wid it. Plus, I am due to go visit our jeweller in St. Thomas 😉

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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    • Rachel,
      Greetings to the Kiwi poet! Through the years, my blog breaks have been for a variety of reasons – but vacations are one of the reasons. We like cruising. I think this was my ninth, but my wife has done almost twice as many because she also goes with her friends, and they all say the guys have to stay home. Meanwhile, those southern-most ports were too warm for me.


  3. Sorry your original trip was cancelled but it sounds like everything worked out perfectly. We took our first cruise a year ago. St. Thomas was one of the stops. We had a bad experience which kind of tainted my view of the island. I’d like to return sometime and try again.

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    • Tim,
      Thank you. The Caribbean is what it is – a fun place in the sun – but definitely different from a European vacation. In terms of the news, yes – stuff happened – but nothing surprises me anymore.


    • Tara,
      She was standing in front of her desk area dancing to the music waiting on customers. So I approached her and took into a ballroom hustle. She was laughing and had a good time. Plus, she remembered our names the entire trip every time we saw her. I made sure we saw her before we left. The trip as a whole was a good time.

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  4. Welcome back, Frank!
    Really enjoying the music here, as I type.
    However, when I brought up your blog, “Taking Care of Business” was on the radio.
    It was a long while ago, and I have been to all the islands you visited…. all but St. Croix.
    I’ve made good progress on the Tango Art Gown. I’m sure it will be done well before your retrospects are posted. When that happens should I contact you on the email connected to your comments on my blog? …. for your Tango contribution!


  5. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for the good tunes. Sounds like you managed to make good use of your flight credit, but a shame about Glacier. I’m surprised you didn’t just go there on your own instead, since the tour was canceled. Was there something extra special about the tour?

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  6. LOVE Enya! I believe I have all of her music. When my Mom was alive, she complained she couldn’t understand what she was singing. No worries. It’s the music that counts. Good for you taking a cruise. I wish! About that quote re: politicians. I laughed. SO true.

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  7. A wonderful cruising itinerary.
    I remember flying in to St Thomas, meeting up with my father, then sailing around the British Virgin Islands on his yacht. One of the most amazing vacations.
    I do recall seeing the huge cruise liners in St Thomas, as they towered over his 42 ft yacht ⛵
    Happy days.

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    • Melanie,
      Thanks for sharing. Oh yes – large is only as compared to what. We didn’t see many other ships in most ports – but in St. Maarten, three were in port … small, medium, and large! … well, relative to each other. But (I think) the large is one of the largest cruise ships in the world – if not the largest!

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  8. You picked my favorite ship ‘ Equinox’. Six times in this one The size is just right. The theater is beautiful. Karaoke as you exit the theater. The Blu restaurant and quiet little nook s to enjoy small musician groups. Have you been to the silent dance party where headphones are distributed? Everyone is dancing to one of the 4 channels streaming into the headphones I have lots of laughs at that one. Aah … I’m packing.
    I’ve been to all of the islands.St.Thomas is where I had my high school senior trip .Imagine that 👍
    These are all beautiful islands. My least favorite is St.Maarteen. It’s the most commercial.Although, they are all catching up quickly. Thanks for taking me aboard.
    Have a super weekend and musical.


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