On a Floodwall

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That’s the Ohio River with a bridge connecting downtown Cincinnati on the right to Covington, Kentucky on the left.

Floodwalls are walls built to prevent water entering an area. Not every town along a river has one – actually – most towns don’t. Cincinnati doesn’t. Covington and Newport Kentucky have them, but this post is about the one in Covington.

Led by artist Robert Dafford, his team of artists created 18 murals on the floodwall illustrating the Covington’s history from 800 BCE to the present. The collection is known as the Roebling Murals because of their location near the Roebling Bridge, a suspension bridge built by the same designer before the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

Dafford also created others murals throughout the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys, plus others in France, Belgium, England, and Canada. Enjoy a look at the Roebling Murals of Covington, Kentucky. Any favorites?

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Although these are very traditional, Resa needs to know about them.

43 thoughts on “On a Floodwall

  1. Thank you Frank for sharing those beautiful murals of art work. Some amazing talent out there.
    We here in the UK could do with our own flood walls right now. Lots of property flooded in the next county and rivers bursting their banks. Thank goodness for our hill.
    Sending thoughts your way my friend 💚
    Enjoy your week.🙋

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  2. I was glad to see something of the Underground Railroad was depicted (although sorry to read about the outcome for that family). I like the trolley and the steamboats. They have a floodwall in Huntington, WV, along the Ohio. I wonder if they’ve done anything similar with it?

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    • Robin,
      As a river gal, I knew you would be aware of floodwalls. Thanks for letting me know you favs. FYI: A quick search indicates nothing on the Huntington wall. However, Portsmouth is known for the murals on its wall.


  3. Thanks for your interesting post about the history of our city. I’ve been planning to visit a new restaurant in Covington and will stop by to look at the murals. I liked the one with the streetcar.

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  4. Wonderful Frank! I adore historic murals. There’s not much of that in Toronto, however, Winnipeg is flush with them
    I discovered murals in Winnipeg, when my mom was passing. I lived there for 3 months, to be with her at the end. The home she was in was surrounded by historic murals. I started taking pics of them, as a way to ease my mind.
    When I returned to Toronto, I was in a state of incredulity to find art in the streets here. It was very different from Winnipeg, but I love it all!
    Then I started the street art blog. Many of my early posts are murals from Winnipeg. They have branched out, now and it’s not all historic murals. I need to go back and catch up on the art there. http://www.themuralsofwinnipeg.com/

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  5. For a brief second – and only a brief second – I thought, Resa was going to have competition. LoL
    Totally different mural art. Street art is raw emotion exposed for all to witness. Historic murals depict times gone by which should never be forgotten. Great post, aFrank. I liked all the murals. Sady, I’m an art lover addicted to them all. I love, love, love any kind of art.
    BTW … I used to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge on teen dates with my hubby to Manhattan to visit museums and the huge library. sweet times … 😊


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