On Extra Murals

Before riding into the blog sunset, I’ve enjoyed cleaning out my blog closet. Whether pictures sitting in folders waiting for the words, notes waiting for expansion, or ideas waiting to be made real – I smile each time when I finally use something in a post.

Cincinnati’s murals have always caught my eye – but Resa is the one who motivated me to create posts about them. Resa, thank you for your encouragement. There are many murals that I’ve wanted to visit, but never got there. On the other hand, I have a hodge-podge collection of unused photos to share. Well – I don’t think I’ve used any of these.

Some of these are creations by ArtWorks – others not. Any favorites?

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To see more of my posts about the murals of Cincinnati, click here.

Thanks to Resa (Toronto’s leading lady) whose posts about street art in Toronto and Winnipeg, got me interested in outdoor art in my area. I invite readers to visit Resa’s blog (but tell her I sent you).

58 thoughts on “On Extra Murals

  1. These are wonderful, Frank. Thank you for linking to my blog!
    So, when you blog into the sunset, will you delete or archive your blog?
    I’ll link back to this in a future post. I’ve got a big one coming up on Art Gowns. Don’t miss it! I drew Dale for the first time, and the sketch will be in it.

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    • Resa,
      I knew you would enjoy this eclectic collection of murals. Thanks for sharing your fav.

      Good question about after the sunset. My plan is to keep it up! Besides, I can be entertained by notices of new followers.

      Oh my … Dale is movin’ on up to the big time! 🙂

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  2. So many wonderful ones Frank… And Resa’s blog is a must.. Though I have have to admit of being absent to many of her’s and your posts in recent months… I so admire the artists whose skill in enlarging the image to be in perfect proportions as seen from a distance.. No mean feat when you consider you are on top of it while painting it.
    I struggle often on an A4 sheet size lol..

    Sending warm thoughts your way… ❤

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  3. I like the spaghetti with clams Table Mural by Scott Donaldson that is above the front door of Jean-Robert’s Table restaurant on Vine St. Vive le bon manger à Cincinnati!

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    • Pamela,
      Glad you enjoyed this wide variety of murals. Cincinnati has many wonderful murals – some I’ve featured on past posts.

      Blogging sunset? Yep – It’s been on my mind for most of 2019 – even stated I was thinking about – then announced that I would do so. Just stopping and fading away without anyone knowing isn’t my style. After all, I don’t like being on the other end of that.

      So – this post is an example of cleaning out my blogging closet. When do I see the end, probably sometime in January. My final posts are about ready – and it still feels right. My going away will involve some celebrating! … Party time!

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  4. I love murals. They say so much to the public without really saying anything at all. I feel sad that this is your blogging sunset! You are one of the good’uns! However, it is of course your sound decision. I hope at least you will leave your page up so your posts are still visible?

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    • PS: Lenora … regarding my blogging sunset. It’s been on my mind for most of 2019, and my feeling remains the same … so I feel it is the right one. However, I won’t just fade away, so I’ll have a formal closing (of posts) … so I hope you attend. and YES … my plan is to keep the posts visible!


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