On a Bit of Cincinnati

Located on the Ohio River, Cincinnati was a center for westward expansion – and it embraces its river heritage


Win or lose, Cincinnati embraces it’s baseball team … and we’ve lost a lot in recent years

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Fountain Square is the center of city center … and the place where people gather to celebrate and commemorate


Cincinnati love its art deco … these are in the Carew Tower

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The city shines during the day …


…. and at night …


… and it has quiet places in the city center


On the Cincinnati’s Merry-Go-Round, (Carol Ann’s Carousel) riders can choose from 44 handmade Cincinnati-centered characters. Do you have any ideas for these characters? To see all the characters, click here for a video.

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66 thoughts on “On a Bit of Cincinnati

    • Rachel,
      Thanks for strolling along for a bit of my city. I’ve had these pics for some time, so I wanted to get them out as part of my cleaning-out-the-closet project.

      The carousel is so interesting. Because each piece expresses a part of the city, each was hand crafted.


    • Vintage,
      Cheers to your love and appreciation of Kenner! For me, the Carew Tower is one of two of my favorite art deco sites in the city. (The other is the old Union Terminal which is now a museum). The “horses” on the carousel where handmade so each could represent a part of the city. Thanks for walking along!

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    • Theodora,
      Thanks for sharing your favs. Carew Tower is one of the two best places for art deco here … but not the only. I too like that style. Search Google Images for “Cincinnati Union Terminal interior” ….. As for the night pic, we were with a group at a rooftop bar when I captured that view.


  1. SO many places to see and experience, Frank, and it seems you are one very fortunate person who has been blessed to be able to travel. Loved learning about Cincinnati and was impressed to see that baseball stadium so full. Even if the last World Series was in 1976, the people are still loyal. Here in Buffalo when there is a baseball game going on, our stadium is sadly empty. Beautiful architecture in the buildings and the Art Deco. Awesome!! As for the characters, I’d love to help out but ….. time is a severe dictator. (smile) Thank your this post!! Loved it!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The carousel is really special, Frank. Cincinnati has a lot to offer and I’ve enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. The art deco in the Carew Tower is impressive as well!


    • Debra,
      Two things in this post are overwhelming reader favorite: the art deco and the carousel – both noted by you. The carousel is a unique work of art … plus I think the riding fee is only $2. The Carew Tower is a local favorite, and is also in the movie Dark Waters!


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