On Beach Walk #65 (Blood)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Some may think blood is a gruesome topic because it associates with vampire bats, vampires, and murders. To others, blood is a spiritual fluid – a soulful liquid of life serving as a commonality across humanity regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, and age.

Yes blood – that body liquid that is a noun, an adjective, and a verb; the latter as in to stain, to initiate, to expose.

Blood – each of us have 1.2-1.5 gallons (4.5-5.5 liters) of this precious liquid – a liquid we associate with pressure, cuts, clotting, transfusions, donating, tests, sugar, iron, cholesterol, and more.

Blood – that red liquid circulating around the body within blood vessels – a liquid we link to courage, bravery, tenacity, and strength during times of adversity.

Blood – that red liquid we associate with life with almost 50% of it playing a role of dissolving and transporting nutrients and body chemicals around the body.

Blood – Flooded with enough red blood cells that transport a necessity for cell life – oxygen. Millions of red blood cells occupy a single drop – yet these red blood cells typically live only 120 days.

Blood – that vitally rich substance complete with an identification marking a uniqueness that we associate with blood types and transfusions – yet most don’t know of Karl Landsteiner – the gifted doctor who received a Nobel Prize for his work about blood types.

Blood – our link to family, relatives, lineage, and kinship – our flesh and blood – hence the implication that blood is thicker than water. Yes, blood can tell the family story. Biological blood brothers are related at birth, but other blood brothers are two unrelated males vowing to treat the other as a brother forever and ever.

Blood – the term we associate with courage, strength, battles, tenacity, sweet, and toil – yes – blood, sweat, and tears.

Blood – the temperament or disposition – it boils when passionate or lost with temper, yet can be a cool and controlled for the calm and collective.

Sometimes we associate blood with violence – in cold blood, bloodshed, having blood on their hands, and the blood running cold – even blood and guts to describe a movie or even an all-out effort.

New Blood can signify the young, the fornable, or just the new – but they are different from Blue Bloods – those born to nobility, wealth, privilege, and/or power – but for some, Blue Bloods can be too rich for their blood.

We can make wounds by drawing blood or signifying trouble with blood on the carpet – but we also associate drawing blood with going for victory by probing a weakness when tasting the opponent’s blood – which may not be the team that drew first blood.

Getting blood out of a turnip signifies cheap or trying to get from someone something they don’t have – or having similar difficulty as getting blood out of a stone.

Bull’s Blood is a known Hungarian wine whose name originates with a 16th century legend of Hungarian soldiers gaining strength in their battle with Turkish soldiers from the wine mixed with blood from bulls.

We occasionally see a blood moon, have hostility with bad blood, use blood money as payment for a killing, or simply have something ingrained in their blood.

The blood of lovers may not be the same, but their blood and love pursue each other in an effort to become one. The blood of lovers may not be the same, but it’s the blood that move the love throughout the body spreading the special feel from head to toe.

The blood of love is hot when the love is passionate. The blood of love is the glue during the good times and the bad.

Blood is something to think about on this day. Yes – blood is a simple term, but its meaning is deep and it carries many meanings. Blood is more than a random thought, but it is worth thinking about while walking the beach. Afterall,  walking the beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

38 thoughts on “On Beach Walk #65 (Blood)

  1. It’s unusual topic, perhaps, for a beach walk, but fascinating nonetheless. And yes, there are many meanings to the word blood. Because I’ve written about the history of women, blood is actually a topic I have written about.

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  2. Thanks! I sure hadn’t heard of Karl Landsteiner, famous for (1) discovering blood types – which led to, importantly, the scientific basis for paternity suits (2) discovering – with the co-operation of Erwin Popper – the infectious character of poliomyelitis and isolating the polio virus, (3) his lifetime research on immunity and allergy.

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  3. Wonderful thoughtful post, Frank. Leona Lewis has a glorious voice yet her face reminded me of Barbara Streisand. And if you have studied anatomy and physiology as I have, facts about blood and mind blowing! Have a great day!!

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  4. Frank, this is a Deep Thought indeed. Blood has such deep connotations, it’s no wonder it has been put into many phrases and sayings and famous works of art/literature over the years. It’s been used so much, but maintains such importance that is is never overused. It’s life, really, isn’t it!

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  5. An interesting read on the differing aspects of blood. It is used so often in poetry to signify mood or thought. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced some stress recently and I’ve certainly been more aware of the blood racing around my body and pounding in my ears! More beach walks are necessary to calm my spirits.

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    • E R,
      Blood is so much more than scary and ugly – so that’s what I tried to use. And yes – if surely relates so much for our emotions – the racing blood – the pounding hear – and we hear both. Boy, human life has so many ups and downs. Thanks for walking along!

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