On Local Cubans

Marc (@Sorryless) loves Cuban sandwiches so much, he’s on infinite quest to find his favorite Cuban. As part of his mission, he is willing to travel miles and miles – and even posts about his ventures.

Whether I suggested or it, he was interested in my thoughts about his beloved sandwich in my area, I decided to jump into the fray. Locating nearby establishments was easy – so was trying them – but getting around to writing a post about them was difficult.  With all due respect to Marc, I had to do something!

I present the candidates.

Sharonville Depot Deli

Grilled Cuban – Ham & smoked grilled pork with bread and butter pickles, Muenster cheese, and Dijon mustard on Ciabatta

Lyle’s Trailside

Lyle’s BBQ Cuban – Pulled pork topped with shaved ham, melted provolone, mustard and pickles

Oasis Golf & Conference Center

Cuban Panini – Shaved ham and sliced pork loin with  brown mustard, pickles & pepper jack  cheese. Served in a grilled panini


Final Word

Each of the Cubans have positives and negatives, so it comes down to personal preferences

  • The most-fresh tasting – Depot Deli
  • The most hearty – Oasis
  • Most BBQ tasting – Lyle’s Trailside
  • Best presentation – Depot Deli
  • Best accompanying side – Lyle’s Trailside
  • Most surprising – Oasis
  • If I had to pick just one – Depot Deli

For me, given the range of flavors in a Cuban, it’s about balance. One has to be able to taste all the flavors without one particular flavor being too dominant.

41 thoughts on “On Local Cubans

  1. I’ll give the Sharonville Depot Deli’s Cuban sandwich a try because (1) the place is just down the street from me, and (2) I’ve got to take seriously the recommend of someone who made their bones on the Cuban sandwiches in Sarasota, FL. As for MY all-time favorite Cuban sandwich, I’m sticking with the Sarasota Magazine’s “Best Classic” pick from 2013, the one at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Armands Circle (which you steered me to back in the day). https://www.sarasotamagazine.com/articles/2013/11/1/sarasotas-best-cuban-sandwich

    P.S. Let’s hear it for the trumpet players on the Cuban music video!

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  2. Cincy,

    That Oasis sammy looks incredibly tasty. They all do, but the looks of that particular one are calling to me, LOL. I’m glad you ventured out in your own Cubano quest, because it’s a lot of fun to see how different places build it. I had a lot of fun with that part of it. One of my favorite Cubano sandwiches that totally veered off the blueprint included lettuce and tomato. It was delicious.

    And I love the song, it’s perfect!

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    • Marc,
      Now you see why I asked you about your fav Cuban musical artists!

      Glad you saw this post. Sorry the writing was lame, but as I mentioned, I just didn’t get around to it. But I wanted you to know that it was at least in my mind. There was one more place to try, but simply didn’t make it there. Almost went last week just to work it in – but timing didn’t work.

      Cheers to your Dolphins ending up with a BIG win and on a streak!!!! At least my Bengals beat the Browns and got their coach fired.

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      • You sneaky fella, you.

        Watchou talking about? I really enjoyed this post, Cincy.

        Miami went 5-4 down the stretch while New England went 4-5. Who saw THAT happening?

        As for the Bengals, Burrow had more TD passes in the first half of his game against the Sooners than Finley had all year, right? LOL.

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        • Actually didn’t have to listening to many songs to find one that fit for me … this was the first!

          I can see it now … draft Burrow … Dalton traded for a draft pick … sign a vet as a backup … Finley inactive for most (or all) games.

          Then again, it’s the Bengals —- Trade the top pick to move down and more picks. … Meet other needs. Take the QB from Bemidji State because of his upside to start the second round.

          … and to think the Fins last 9 was also without the top players they traded. Coach may be onto something.

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        • You done good, Cincy. Really good.

          Bengals have weapons, and I’ve a feeling Burrow will be starting sooner than later.

          LOL! You never did get over Akili Smith, did you?

          Flores should get votes for Coach of the Year, out of principle. He had to deal with a TON of crap from the media as some of the best players on the roster were traded away. But there was a message tucked inside those trades. If you don’t want to be here, that’s fine, we’ll deal without you.


        • Akili Smith, Jack Thompson, David Klingler … I think all top 10 picks … Ken Anderson (Round 3) … Boomer (Second rounder) …. Dalton (second round) … and Aliki I think was the third pick overall!

          Flores obviously did a good job with want he had. That’s a good upside. Should be interesting to see what they do at QB. I see they fired the OC.

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        • I forgot Klingler, who I believe was out of Houston and had thrown a thousand TD passes in college.

          Flores wants to streamline the offensive game plan, which he brought with him from NE. This move is reminiscent of a BB disciple in that Flores is never comfortable with where he’s at, he never rests.

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  3. Excellent job, Frank. Ya done Marc proud and don’t be hanging your head in shame on account of it wasn’t a long and rambling post. You tried three joints and gave us the what’s what on the three of them. All three had the proper ingredients.

    I am with Marc in saying the Oasis is the one that speaks to me and looks the most authentic. A Cubano must be pressed 😉

    Fantabulous musical choice!

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