On a Weekend Concert: Duets


The Producer’s Guidelines

  1. Only songs by duets
  2. “Duets” defined as two performers who normally don’t perform together (Simon & Garfunkel is not a duet for this musical)
  3. No duplicate songs
  4. No duplicate duets (but a performer may be in a different duet)
  5. One song per person on Day 1 (except for the extras in the comment string), unlimited on Day 2 – but only new musicals
  6. To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line) – (I do not mind unembedding, so no  apologies are necessary)

Note: Return on Day 2 to submit more songs without limits. (My typical signal is posting a song for all attendees.)

PS Note: Type the duet in ALL CAPS (which is help others identify the duets used)

“Beer For My Horses” (TOBY KEITH & WILLIE NELSON) (Music starts at 0:58)


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This is the last in the series. Thank you!