On Paris in Cincinnati

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This post is one that I’ve wanted to do for many years. As part of my cleaning out the blog closet project, I had to remove the thought from my mind. Although I’ve taken the Paris-Cincinnati flight several times, I’ve never visited the City of Lights. Surely I have to get there someday.

Meanwhile, this will have to do because Paris is alive and well in Cincinnati. In no way am I comparing the two cities, but a touch of Paris is in my area – and some close to my residence. To rid this blog idea from my mind, I got images from elsewhere, but I have visited these locations.

Paris 1900: City of Entertainment was a temporary exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum in early 2019. For whatever reason, I didn’t attend, but you can see the exhibit by clicking here. Meanwhile, onto the tour.


Kings Island is an amusement park located away from the city center northeast of downtown Cincinnati. Opening in 1971, its Eiffel Tower (one-third of the size of the original) serves as an iconic landmark that is easily visible by motorists driving by on I-71. When I first came to the area, I could see the tower and the nightly fireworks from my balcony. Today, I can still hear them in the distance. Kings Island is also a popular destination for roller coaster enthusiasts.

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Chateau Laroche is also known as Loveland Castle. Don’t you think it has a French look? This unique structure is built on the banks of the Little Miami River. Amazingly, one person (Harry Andrews) built it from stones he carried from the river over 50+ years to create this place based on a castle in southern France. Upon his death, Andrews donated the castle to his Boy Scout troop – Knights of the Golden Trail. Of course, the castle is open to the public. Here’s the website.

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St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, Kentucky (directly across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati) is a stunning must-see for visitors to the area. I’ve never been to the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (and given the fire, I may never). However, the Covington Basilica gives me the feel of what it may be like, but on a much smaller scale.

Dedicated in 1901, the outer west face is an exact copy of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the inside is stunning. Below are two resources to learn and see more

Hope you enjoyed this Paris-Cincinnati connection.

73 thoughts on “On Paris in Cincinnati

  1. What a sweet though … Frank.
    I have visited Paris several times, just 10 hours by train from where I live, but I have never been to Cincinnati 😉
    After all, we can find many commonplaces, which look alike in style or to resume the same monuments (see the Eiffel Tower). You must visit Paris, it’s worth… getting your own map of what you want to see and discover, without relying on guided tours. You will need 4 or 5 days (one whole for Louvre, then another for Versailles), better if you can dedicate a whole week 🙂
    A big hug 🙂 c

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  2. Love the architecture here Frank and while I have travelled along the outskirts of Paris in my travels through France a time or two, I have never actually been to the city of Paris. And love your own version on Kings Island.. 🙂
    Have a very Happy New Year Frank… May your travels continue to tick all of the empty boxes you have yet to see.. ❤ 🙂

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      • Big smiles Frank, yes sacrilege I know. But you know Frank I’ve been to many beautiful places Italy Greece, Austria, Switzerland, the Rockies coast to coast.., Sri Lanka, Sardinia and more. But you know nothing beats walking in my woods 😁 or digging in my gardens. I’m very grateful for my travels and will be going to Germany this year. But nothing beats nature’s material beauty, even though man does create some beautiful buildings 🤗 Have a lovely weekend Frank. And enjoy Paris when you get there 💚😁💚


  3. Thanks for sharing your city with us again, Frank! Philadelphia also has its Paris influence on the Parkway (meant to resemble Champs Élysées) and with museums, including the Rodin Museum. I hope you make it to Paris. I was there once, but I was a child.

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  4. Thanks for your post about things linking Cincinnati with Paris, my two favorite cities in all the world (New York comes in third). I have been to St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and Kings Island, but never the Chateau Laroche in Loveland. I must go there tout de suite!

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  5. Good one, Frank. Most of these are new to me. The castle is really cool. Of course I not only want to King’s Island numerous times for fun, I also worked there two seasons while I was at UC. I have never been to Paris, either. I recall that Columbus has something like a small Arc de Triumph downtown.

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    • Eilene,
      I’ve been wanting to do this post for years. Because I never got around to actually going, I had to use the images of others. Meanwhile, I didn’t know that Columbus had a small replica of the Arc de Triumph. Cheers to you being to Kings Island – and glad I sparked a few memories.

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  6. Lovely tour to Cincinnati Paris, Frank. Chateau Laroche is so beautiful – love those arches. I hope one day you’ll visit the ‘real’ Paris! Was only there for a weekend but was a wonderful experience. A word of advice though… if you ever visit, don’t let yourself think that because you can see the top of the Eiffel Tower, it’s near too! [personal experience! 😉 ] Yamas! 🙂

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  7. Kings Island. I love this post, Frank. Years ago, I worked at Kings Dominion—the sister amusement park. Located in Richmond, Virginia, I spent many nights hawking balloons beneath the “Mini-Me” Eiffel Tower during the evening firework shows. I loved it. In fact, the experience on International Street definitely spurred on my obsession with France. (Again, great post. And Happy New Year)

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  8. What great photos Frank. I just finished A Movable Feast that takes place mostly in Paris. It’s like you’re there way back when.
    What I love most about France in general is, how age doesn’t matter. You’re like fine wine, better and better, the women beautiful even with lines on their faces. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susannah,
      Glad you liked this. Although I have visited each of these places, credit goes to Wikipedia and Getty for the pics. At least I pick them!

      Love your comments about age – and my experience that it applies across Europe. I love visiting there! Also interesting how one’s perspective about human beauty changes with age.

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  9. What a surprise to see the Cincinnati-Paris connections, but they really are super, Frank. I’m not someone who personally loves roller coasters or theme parks, I’m still always interested in the chosen themes. King’s Island is surely a very popular destination. I know people who return to Paris again and again, and to them, there’s no place like it. I suspect you’ll get there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Debra,
      Glad you enjoyed this odd trip of connections. Simply been in my head for years to do this, at least it’s done! I see your point about Paris because their are a handful of cities that are eternal connections that continually draw visitors back. As of now, Paris is on my planning radar for 2022. 🙂


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