Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 423

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The final Weekend Concert was unbelievable! Thanks to all, and an extra thanks from the bottom of my heart to Dale for her energy and kindness.

Looking at the remaining posts, I finally started charting my departure. I will say that if all goes as planned, I will be around into early February.

Obligations this past week have put me behind – but I’m trying to catch up.

Cincinnati was named after Roman leader Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was known for good governance. Because he saw himself as a modern day Cincinnatus, Benito Mussolini donated a statue (in 1931) to Cincinnati (as well as Rome, New Year and Rome, Georgia). That statue has resided in a city park ever since. A Cincinnati council member is considering the statue’s removal. Like any place, the city has its share of issues – but sorry – that is not worth the time and effort.

Although young by European standards, the Cincinnati Symphony will celebrate its 125th year at next weekend’s concert.

The Ohio Medical Board received a submission that being a Browns or Bengals fan in Ohio is a condition that should qualify for medical marijuana treatment.

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The January 5th Meet the Press episode was (for me) one of the best ever. After the opening segment about Iraq, most of the show focused on lies, fake news, biases, and more.

Forgot to mention this last week. I observed this in one home I visited during the holidays. These items were clearly visible: Trump – Make America Great sticker on the outside front door, Trump wall calendar, Trump bobblehead, Trump ashtrays, framed pic of the First Couple, and Trump stickers for holiday cards.

The killing of an Iranian general was significant news. It was also a prime example of how can one believe a president who routinely lies and distorts? If there was a national disaster/event that requires the president to make a national address, who would the listener know if they are receiving the truth?

Until the impeachment proceedings, I have never heard of Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA). The man is a piece of work. Whew. Now he states Democrats “in love with terrorists” and they “mourn Soleimani more than they mourn our Gold Star families who are the ones who suffered under Soleimani.” I yield to a great American orator for my brief response.

I seldom read the columnists from the left or the right, but a recent one by Mark Thiessen (conservative, Washington Post) caught my attention. Personally, it gave me new-found respect for him and provided a faint glimmer of hope. If you are interested, click here.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Man still can’t believe he’s not a virgin
Report: Only 2% of internet worth sitting through 15-second ad
Man doesn’t want to put too much effort into fixing up house he just going to burn down
Study finds comparing yourself to others actually a pretty good way to gauge success
Woman ties reading shampoo bottle directions in French first to test if she’s secretly smart
Las Vegas residents worried that proposed construction of new casino will bring in riff-raff

Interesting Reads

Advertisers tracking people
The first humans to the Americas
Who was Buddah?
Art of decision making
Differences in snowflakes
Wines around the world
(Graphic) Changing demographics of China and India
(Pictures) An ice festival in China
(Pictures) Culturally important sites in Iran

To send you into the weekend, here’s a Van Morrison song I’ve always enjoyed. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

49 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 423

  1. That ice festival in China was absolutely mind boggling. 👏🏻👍 Trump paraphernalia festooning anyone’s house would be such a turnoff for me. I couldn’t bear to stay more than 30 seconds, just enough time to say”Hello Goodbye.”😳

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  2. Cincy,

    I think if elected officials are dead set on removing a statue, fine. But here’s the catch . . the cost of removal is out of THEIR pocket.

    As for Trump merch, he’ll be the first President to have a souvenir shop dedicated in his name in lieu of a library. And umm . . that isn’t a joke.

    So February huh? It’s coming too quickly.

    And I love this Morrison tilt. Much.

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    • Marc,

      Good idea about the cost of the statue removal. For me, I see it as another example of revisionist history. Of all the problems facing the city, a 1931 statue is not one of them.

      Good take on the Trump merchandise … and also a sad take. Then again, it will be the biggest – the best – the most visited – it will be HUGE!

      Glad you enjoyed a bit of Van Morrison – and oh yes – a big thumbs up to that song! Guess it came to me with February in mind! – yep – the posts are lining up with a particular date in mind. More next week.

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  3. What’s scary is that Mark Thiessen will still be voting for Trump.

    The read “Advertisers tracking people” went into my golf bag awaiting your explanation of when/when not to agree to accept Cookies.

    The New Yorker Magazine read “The Art of Decision-Making” shows that Charles Darwin suffered from over-thinking.

    “Report: Only 2% of internet worth sitting through 15-second ad” and the home you visited over the holidays – were both Splats!

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    • Tim,
      Yes – Thiessen will vote that way. To his credit, the week before he had the 10 best list. Glad to know you found some interesting reads. As for the splats, sadly – the Trump shrine wasn’t from The Onion – but by a close relative.


  4. I wish Trump and his allies were “Real, Real Gone.” I’m glad you made it out of the cult house, Frank! I really can’t stand Mark Thiessen. I’m glad he found some things to criticize, but the previous week he listed what he thought were 10 good things. . .
    Wow, February? Sniff, sniff.

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  5. I just realised that I hadn’t responded to this post – was multi-tasking!
    And thank YOU for the joy these concerts have brought us all. It’s been wonderful landing the job as your Maitre d’ – we made it past 400!

    I’m trying not to focus on February… It will be too soon. No matter the date you choose, it will be too soon.

    Have to agree with Marc – you want to take down a proper statue? You pay for it.

    I feel for you – to have a blood relative who is over-the-top-pro-Trump must be so very hard to stomach.

    I’m not into politics much, to be honest… and this impeachment bullsh*t – really? Is there a point to this? Is it going to lead to anything concrete?

    Excellent, no fabulous, no fantabulous musical choice.

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    • Dale,
      Thanks for the kind words and support. Let’s just say that we’ve been a good team at the musical events.

      The impeachment is both a Constitutional exercise (fortunately) and a political exercise (unfortunately). The US Constitution is very short about it … establishes grounds and broad processes. Unfortunately, the political exercise screws up the important intent. Trump will be acquitted … no doubt .. because of the politics, not because the cause.

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  6. But, Frank, I just got here and just getting to know you and now you are telling me you are leaving? Why? A higher calling? Family obligations? Career change?
    Politics …. my nerves couldn’t handle the mess and that is why I stick my head in picture land rather then politics land. I had three days total with such severe anxiety I could not sleep due to what is going on. OMG! Please tell me this is a nightmare and I will wake up!
    MM …. aint all that it is cracked up to be. I’ve tried it. I’ve got the card and all to take it but, no way will I live fuzzy brained and out of it. No way. I threw $500 worth out in the garbage. I was not impressed. Now, if someone would offer me what I smoked back when …. that’s a whole different story!
    Have a great weekend!!! xo

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    • AmyRose,
      Although you are a newbie here, you are also a gem. I have you visit the entire 7-part finale. 🙂 … more about that to come. Why? … well, let’s try this. Re-ask the question (copy/paste is OK) on the Q&A page.

      US politics is a crazy mess. Fortunately, I use Stephen Colbert’s monologues to make me laugh instead of cry. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing your MM story. Fortunately, even as a Bengal fan, I’m not driven to that point yet!

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      • Docs wanted me to try MM for pain, Frank. I live with chronic pain, have since 1993. Medicine being almost as insane as politics has swung 180 degrees with the “opioids” issue. Yes I do take something for pain. And I do whole lot of “other” to assist me to tolerate the pain level I do experience. People who are in real pain are being refused pain relief today. Talk about nightmares …. I have to fight in order to have a right to pain relief. And MM? Sucks the big one! No thanks! What I take now allows me to keep my brain intact. As you witness ……
        Will keep in mind my question ……
        Apologies for the ramble. No need to answer this. My next post comes right out and says to all who read it that I do live with chronic pain. It’s a Miracle I’m still alive!

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  7. Good read: “The First Humans to the Americas”. Contains a fact brand-new to me, i.e. that the earth’s crust can, and did, spring up as much as 600 feet when releaved of the weight of melting ice sheets, thus preserving coastal archeology sites! Archeology always fascinates me. I learned another new fact recently, that homo erectus species was still around some 110,000 years ago. Nature’s evidence continues to mount consistently about how we got here. It amazes me how it is just as consistently ignored by the majority of people.

    Could not access the Van Morrison song. Bummer.

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    • Jim,
      Glad you saw that article because I had you in mind! 🙂 … Bummer about can’t accessing the Van Morrison song … for the record, it’s Real Real Gone … so now you can find it. Enjoy.


  8. Looking at that list of 10 worst things Trump did, I can think of three things:
    One, almost every one of the made me think “oh right, he did do that, I almost forgot about that”.
    Two, had Obama done just one or two of these things, the Republican wouldn’t let me – or anyone – ever forget that.
    And three, that article could have easily be a list of 20, or 50, or a 100.

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  9. I started reading The Onion links and for a moment forgot they were parody, and honestly tried to absorb the titles as authentic articles. The confusion was momentary but real. I think my disequilibrium speaks to how much of what I see in current headlines feels like I’ve been dropped in crazy town.

    I’m doubling down on my music appreciation and tuning out the politics of the day–to the extent that I can hide. I attended a Van Morrison concert a couple of months ago where he primarily sang from his current jazz catalogue, and it was a delightful surprise. Much better for my blood pressure. 🙂

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    • Debra,
      Not only did you make you laugh, you reminded of the time a Congressman made a speech on the House floor based on a report from The Onion.

      Oh my … Van Morrison doing jazz now? Thanks for the heads up and thumbs up! Cheers to music being your diversion from the madness.


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