On the Closing Ceremonies – The Schedule

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As I enter the homestretch of my time on these pages, below is the final agenda/timeline. All times are Eastern US.

If you missed the final beach walk, go back one post or click here.

If you missed the final short story, go back two posts or click here.

(Thursday 23 Jan 9 pm) Final Opinions in the Shorts

(Saturday 25 Jan 1 am) Final Music Fest – This post is about music, music, music, and more music. Not only bring a song to share with me, be ready to give songs to your friends in the comments.

(Sun 26 Jan 4 pm) Final Gift Party – The collection of unknown gift bags should provide interesting times.

(Tues 28 Jan 9 pm) Retrospect: The Beginning – A look back at how this place came to be.

(Thurs 30 Jan 9 pm) Retrospect: The Blog Golden Years – About a period of time that I felt many people were blogging and I made the most connections.

(Sat 1 Feb 1 AM) Retrospect: The Posts – Bloggers must have something to say, so this post is about how my little corner of the world displayed my personality through its posts.

(Sun 2 Feb 9 pm) Retrospect: The People – For me, this was the most important to write in my closing series. It was also the most difficult. After completing the first draft, I know the time was right for me. Because of the importance of my loyal readers, I shed a few tears when writing this post.

(Tues 4 Feb 9 pm) The Final Post – Some final thoughts and a look ahead.

84 thoughts on “On the Closing Ceremonies – The Schedule

    • Marina,
      I can’t thank you enough because we have create a strong bond, for which I am very grateful. I just explained a bit more to Dale, so instead of rewriting it, I invite you to read my reply to her.


      • I’m also very grateful for our friendship and yes, I can understand what you mean. I totally respect your decision but that doesn’t mean ‘disconnecting’, so you know that you’ll always have a friend in Greece! However, as much as I can, I prefer to be in the present and that means that you are here now and for some days to come, so, I’m appreciating that time! Yamas! 🍷

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  1. Dear Frank… You my friend are organised.. in your thoughts and your posts, you always deliver a delightful dialogue.. To countdown your final days I here in blog land can be nothing short of emotional.. So no wonder there were tears while writing out your final words to your draft page Frank..
    We dear Frank Have been blogging friends on and off now for a few years.. We are often like ships in the night, we catch each other when we see ourselves on the horizon.. and I have come to appreciate your humour, your musicality your appreciation for fine art, architecture, travel and especially Dance.. And share common ground in that my granddaughter now nine has been ballroom dancing since the age of four..

    I know I will miss your Onions.. your Music Themes.. but there also I know comes a time when we need to devote more time to ourselves.. And each of us know when that time is right..

    So Enjoy your life, your freedom to travel.. And we should never say goodbye… just Fare-the-well…

    I am sure I will catch more of your posts before Feb comes Frank… But I just want to say while I have the time here this evening as I type away my friend, before I read your tearful fare-the-wells, That I have enjoyed our interaction and friendship, our conversations and our shared thoughts..
    Take care my friend, and enjoy a lovely week with your lovely family.. ❤

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    • Sue,
      I’m touched and I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and friendship here on my little corner of the world and on your side of the pond. Your positive outlook on life and humanity is a blessing to many and a reminder to all.

      I like fare-the-well … good one. If a friends move away, I stay away from “good bye” because it seems so final – so I favor until next time or see you later – after all, we never know. Nonetheless, I better get used to dealing with my own tears during this process because it is now obvious to me that’s going to happen more than I think – as well as being unexpected.

      But there are more posts to go, so I’ll move on for now. 🙂 … and I hope to see you at the celebratory parties this weekend!

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  2. Hey Frank,

    I understand completely your decision to close shop on here. I’ve bounced around myself over the years on various sites, but you’ve kept this up for sometime now. I still recall back in the heyday when we crossed paths from TSN onto each other’s sites. I’ve enjoyed many of your posts from sports to travel and everything in between. And although there have been a number of times we went awhile without interacting much, I appreciate the friendship and the way you wrote here.

    I’ll be watching out for your last posts on here. Take care, my friend!

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    • David!!!!

      One of my Pioneers, therefore one of my longest-running blog buddies! It’s been a month or two since our last interaction, but I recall you noting that you’ll be watching – and you are! You’re presence lifted my spirits. Honestly! Yes – there are still more to go and just to let you know, I think you are mentioned in two of the final posts. Hope you come by for the celebration parties this weekend.

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  3. Out of all your readers I’m the luckiest one because I’m not only from your hood, but I’ve also had the privilege of being your friend for many years. That will stay the same, because it is a very big deal in my life! As to your blog shutting down, it’s killing me, because over the years I’ve become totally addicted in all the best of ways. I admit, however, to sometimes feeling guilty from constantly reaping benefit from the incredible amount of work its taken you to get AFA to press. THANKS from all of us, especially me. Can’t wait to read OITS tomorrow. Sure hope I don’t mess up the Final Splat!

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    • Tim,
      Yes – we have the pleasure of knowing each other in person – so we will meet again on the golf course, a lunch, dinner or an event with spouses, or simply talk on the phone. You supported me here since day 1, and actually before. Just letting you know that you will be mentioned in two of posts in the closing series. I’m sure we will talk soon. For now, simply Thank You!


  4. Big decision, a big ending but all leading to a big new, Frank. At times it is necessary to close one door so another can open. I admit I do feel sad knowing that you won’t be here for much longer. I’ve been here on WP for what, 6, maybe 7 years?, (it’s been so long I don’t even remember my anniversary date anymore LOL) and have seen so many people come and go. When it comes my time to go, and there will be a time, cuz I do have plans, I will shed tears just as you are now. We really form friendships here, and to let that go, is so far from easy.
    I’ll be here. I’ll do my best to not miss your remaining posts. My blogging is sporadic, nothing like yours, as I don’t know what each day will bring. But I will do my best to be here to support you in every way!!!

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    • AmyRose,
      Thanks for the kind words and sharing your thoughts. Seeing people go has been a sad part of this journey – no matter how they go – and yes, some just vanish. Much of this closure process has been designed to help me – but I also had my readers in mind. When it’s your time to go, you’ll know it – then you will have to figure out the best way to accomplish that task. BTW – My anniversary date is Aug 28, 2008 – it’s stuck in my head. 😉

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  5. I am not happy that you’re “closing shop,” Frank, but I will enjoy your final posts. Although it feels like a loss, I’m certainly glad that I met you and it has been a very warm connection!

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    • Robin,
      Thank you. We’ve been together a long time. I recall doing a bit of research, and your time here is one of the longest! I can’t recall the actual number, but top 3 rings a bell. … but believe me, I’ve already had a few moments of tears, and I still have almost 2 weeks to go!

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  6. I understand the feeling of having to stop something, to make room, Frank. And me too, I respect such hard decisions.
    I have been “blogging” since 2005 and many times I have to try hard to write. Few are interested in environmental issues, animal protection or travel… without speaking of my novels too tied to Buddhist philosophy to captivate those who want sex and violence.
    But I’m still here, although every now and then I only publish a couple of posts a month.
    I have met virtually many people, some very special ones such as Marina that I was lucky enough to meet in Athens or Tricia who saved a kitten from death in Ukraine, now the cat has lived with us for four years and her and husbands started the new year here with us…. but there are others… but many of you I would have liked to know personally, and it was not possible.
    Bon Voyage, dear Frank and if by chance you found yourself traveling here (Canton Ticino – Switzerland), let me know and show up!
    A hug 🙂 claudine

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    • Betsy,
      Thank you for your kindness. The departure has been planned for some time … and when it came to the end, somewhat orchestrated to fit a schedule. But it is also something I had to do for me. So we are linked to Carrie? Wow … if I knew, I didn’t remember. What a wonderful lady! I used to think of her as my favorite introvert who lets her extrovert side come out online. I miss her. Hope you stop by the festivities or the final 5 series. FYI – there will be a gift party starting in a couple of hours, and being on the west coast, time is in your favor today. 🙂

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  7. I’m pretty sure my finale won’t be this organised, Frank, but I will try to not just disappear. It’s been a pleasure to exchange words, or worlds, with you. Good luck with wherever life takes you next. I’ll try and catch that last one. 🙂 🙂

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  8. Frank!!!! I hope i am not too late to say goodbye properly! I am so sad these are your last blog posts, I will miss seeing your name come up on my ‘Reader’ list. Thank you so much for the schedule, I see I am commenting at the end of it. I shall be catching up on all your posts right now. I look forward to reading all your thoughts and retrospections.

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