Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 425

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Welcome to the last edition of OITS. To celebrate the occasion, there is a little more this time.

Although I’ve been proclaiming the end is coming for months, the fact that it is actually approaching is a weird sensation. I spent so much time cleaning out the blog closet, I thought the closet was more like a bottomless pit.

With 425 posts, Opinions in the Shorts is (by far) my longest running series. It’s been fun to do.

With this series having different sections, it has been interesting to notice reader preferences. But I get the biggest thrill when someone reads one of the Interesting Reads and then comments about it. 😀

Over the years, I’ve tried to showcase Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Here’s an article about 10 lesser known historical sites in the area. Some may surprise you.

This is from five year ago, but just saw it for the first time.


Remember Fiona, the premature hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo. This post is perfect timing with her birthday. Happy 3rd Birthday, Fiona – which is this Friday, 24 January. Here’s the latest local article about her celebrating her birthday.

We saw Ford v Ferrari. Very good movie. A tad long, but tense from early on to the end. FYI: Being a racing is NOT a requirement to enjoy the film.  Click here to see the trailer.

As per the previous published agenda, the two posts (parties) this weekend are designed to be fun – so I hope you participate!

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Instead of leaders promoting the feat they associate with the other side, America needs leaders who are fearless in attacking today’s problems – not to return to a time that has passed – and not to get us stuck in today – but fearless to address today’s issues with an eye on a positive tomorrow.

My thoughts on my Elite 8 states to watch in the 2020 election: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Which also means I’m hoping Ohioans will see fewer ads than in the last 2 presidential elections.

I have long believed that Washington has two main problems: Democrats and Republicans. Both are selfish organizations favoring self-serving over governing. Because of their preference of shoving ideals down our throats, I hope that the 2020 election results deliver divided government. We need more, but given the environment, unfortunately divided government is the best answer. Today’s environment lacks the attitude of intentionally gathering to collectively pursue a goal – and then achieve it. But maybe that attitude is only an ideal because politics has always been a selfish nasty fight of us versus them.

For the record, the Senate phase of impeachment is unfortunately a joke and an embarrassment. Then again, they are following the precedent of past impeachments … and the Republican stance is weak, sad, and aimed at the blind faith of partisan hacks. Also, given the precedents, if the Founding Fathers would have seen impeachment playout, I wonder if they would switched the jury responsibility from the Senate to the US Supreme Court.

President Trump is a pathetic person, an even worse leader, and one who brings most of his problems on himself. He’ll take credit for anything and avoid taking responsibility. America deserves better. Unfortunately, a high percentage of Americans don’t believe that, and that’s a problem that is bigger than him.

Given’s President Trump’s normal behavior and high chances of election, odds are very high that he will become the first president to be impeached more than once.

I’m tired of partisan-hack Republicans who continually claim that anti-Trump people don’t feel he was dutifully elected. Hey Jackwagons, I hate to tell you, but most anti-Trumpians would disagree with your statement. You sound like the anti-evolutionists who say, “Evolution says humans came from apes.” Interestingly, I’ve never heard an evolutionist say that.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Couple decides there are better off as siblings
Financial expert recommends waiting until chaos is law of the land
New cable bundle includes 24/7 live-in tech support
New sip-and-weld studio provides opportunity to drink wine and create own masterpiece with blowtorch
Amazon reviewer posts selfie with toaster
Man afraid he’ll seem vulnerable if he reaches out to fire department for help
30-minute silence in car broken with “We are making good time”
Report: Clicking this link will add you to FBI Watch List

My Combo: Man decides wine, toaster, and blowtorch make chaos better until expert recommends Amazon to silence siblings for help

Interesting Reads

James Bond music – the hits and the misses
A universe with no end?
The F-14 Tomcat
Rise and fall of the Hummer
Impacts of America’s slow-growing population
A discovery that may treat all cancer
Bismarck: The battleship
Where to eat in 2020
Land Use in America
(Photos) Volcanic eruption in the Philippines
(Photos) Contest winners of photo contest involving boulders
(Photos) Ocean Photo Contest winners
(Graphic) China’s global influence
(Graphic) The true size of countries

Selecting a song to send you into the weekend for the last time wasn’t an easy task, but once I heard a podcast that reminded me of this song, I knew it was it. Thanks for reading. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

40 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 425

  1. I have to agree on your assessment of the problems in Washington. I would suggest there are three. Republicans, Democrats, and anyone in a leadership role including the executive branch. The impeachment fiasco is party politics at its lowest. Too disgusting for words. Beautiful last OITS, Frank.

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  2. Can’t believe this is the last OITS… I had been planning on seeing Ford vs Ferrari and now you’ve given that extra push.
    I can’t speak about your politics… It confuses me and I don’t know what the big deal is about impeachment if it means the a-hole still gets to sit in the big chair.
    Gloria was always a great song.
    Will be around for all the finales!!

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    • Dale,
      Even though the impeachment process’s outcome is pre-determined, it’s a Constitutional process. Unfortunately, it’s a partisan one.

      How good Ford v Ferrari was surprised me – so enjoy. Meanwhile, on to the festivities – and I hope you’ll be mingling.


  3. It’s still hard to believe you’re going, and this is the last OITS! And now, without even clicking on it, I have “Gloria” going through my head. 🙂
    It’s funny–in one bit of random civility–Graham admitted Schiff was doing a good job of laying out the case. But, we all know the GOP will not convict dt despite the evidence. Yes, if dt is elected again, and if we survive, there will be more challenges. It is more than disheartening, it’s scary.

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    • Merril,

      I’m sure there is more civility in Washington than the cameras catch – at least I would hope so. Much is for grandstanding and posturing, but I still don’t approve of much of what they do and the way they go about it. Although barring any drastic revelation, the outcome is set, it will be interesting to see if any senators break ranks from their party – but I seem to doubt if they will

      Glad I was able to create an earworm for your day.

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  4. I found it interesting that I agree with you about Washington, politics, and the whole mess. I haven’t always agreed with you over the years. There were no major disagreements, just little things from time to time. Funny how time changes things, including opinions and assessments of current events. There is an interview between Bill Moyers and Andrew Bacevich that might interest you. I found some hope in it because it mentioned something you did: “Today’s environment lacks the attitude of intentionally gathering to collectively pursue a goal – and then achieve it.” Here is the link for the interview: https://billmoyers.com/story/moyers-and-bacevich-on-the-age-of-illusions

    Stepping away from the abyss of U.S. politics, I looked at the Ocean photo contest winners. Wow. There are some stunning shots. And one that made me sad. I’m going to go read about the universe without end and a couple of other stories you included. Thank you for that. You always find such interesting food for thought or the eyes.

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  5. Cincy,

    Everything in life has a goodbye involved. The football season . . where goodbye usually comes early in Miami, movies (unless you’re talking about the Fast and Furious flicks, which will go on forever) and your blog.

    That last one is going to take a while to process for you, I’m sure.

    Us too.

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  6. Although I wasn’t that pleased with my combo, I’ll add it just for old times sake 😉 Law expert afraid he’ll blowtorch Amazon tech support as siblings create financial chaos with toaster! So, tomorrow we add music – any music?

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  7. I would despair about the political mess we call our federal government, except that history reminds us we really have been here before (and lived through it). Yeah, Twitter exposes this president more than some other bad ones in the past – that’s modern life for you.

    I clicked on the size of countries link, but those map projections are old hat to someone with a GIS background. I did love the boulder photo collection though! I wish more of them had been labeled with locations. Some are simply amazing.

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    • Eilene,
      There is no question that the country has been here before – and survived, too! Politics also has a history of nastiness – so that’s not new. What is new is the lack of common ground because both parties have either removed or marginalize their centralists.

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  8. OITS has always been my AFA favorite and No. 425 more than held its own with the other 424. I liked how your political opinions summed up many of your long held views, while applying them accurately to the present crisis with Trump. As to the situation with Congress and the state of the two party system – I’m listening to what you’re saying! As to whether for impeachment the Founding Fathers might have switched the jury responsibility from the Senate to the Supreme Court, I doubt it, because collectively they sensed that removal of the head of state is simply too disruptive to trust to anything expect raw, brute politics. In the reads, I plan this weekend to further peruse the “Impacts of America’s slow-growing population,” “A discovery that may treat all cancer,” and “Rise and fall of the Hummer.” The gold mine of 425 was the Onions. They were ALL SPLATS – with one exception – “New sip-and-weld studio provides opportunity to drink wine and create own masterpiece with blowtorch” which rubbed my artistic sensitivities the wrong way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tim,
      Thanks for not only the kind words, but for the support through the years. I know most of your friends are either right or left, so hopefully you have found me not only more center, but also more authentic. As far as the High Court being the arbitrators of impeachment, I have the feeling they felt it should be left to the people, therefore the Senate was the next best thing.


  9. That German Shepherd dog dance video is hysterical! Happy {albeit, belated} birthday to the lovely Fiona. As for the trial phase of the impeachment, as a naturalized citizen, I’d be hard pressed to feel more cynical than ever. A true farce exhibition of biblical proportions. And alas, the country is beginning to echo the hum-hum sentiment as just another day in the administration. Nothing new. 👿

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  10. I should be sad reading the last OITS, but it was too, entertaining. The doggie dance, Fiona, your view on American politics and Gloria.
    LOL! The first OITS I ever read, the lead pic was like men’s boxers or shorts on a clothesline.
    I actually thought you hung around the house (comfy) in your shorts writing opinions.
    Hahaha! xo


    • Patti,
      Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your love for nature at your end. I sure hope you stop by for the gift party (your early afternoon Sunday) … and the rest of the closing posts. You are important, so I will appreciate your presence.


  11. I was really enjoying the dancing dog video until my husband came over and said someone must be behind the dog doing that. But the ears are moving! I said. But I’ve done that before with my dogs where if you just grab the back of their neck it makes their ears do that, he said.

    Disappointed. I’m going to choose to pretend that’s not the case and that the dog really was dancing with his ears. 🙂
    Happy belated birthday, Fiona!

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  12. I am saving this OITS in order to give it the attention it deserves. As I work my way through the interesting reads I will be thinking of you, Frank, and appreciating your talent in presenting a panoply of thought-food. Thanks, and aloha. Jim.


  13. Frank, your opinions in the shorts have always taught me things i did not previously know. Mostly due to the fact that we are, I suppose, in entirely different worlds. Yours is always vibrant and full of knowledge that is beneficial.

    Liked by 1 person

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