On a Farewell Music Fest

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Music has been an important part of my little corner of the world for a long time – unquestionably, the majority of the 11+ years. From holiday parties to blog musicals to weekend concerts, to sending readers into the weekend with a song, embedding music in many other posts, and even sharing handbell music  – music has been a common bond between you and I. Because of the role music has played here, music is the right choice to serve as the kickoff to my closing celebration.

The Producer’s Guidelines

  • Leave me a song (supply SONG TITLE (all caps) and the artist)
  • As you mingle with others, leave them a song (SONG TITLE in all caps)
  • No duplicate songs
  • Have fun by listening to other songs


470 thoughts on “On a Farewell Music Fest

  1. I’m having difficulty to believe it’s the last musical and a farewell…
    Choosing a song for this was probably the hardest of all your concerts. I wanted to avoid however ‘farewell’ songs, as I don’t feel it’s ‘farewell’! 😉 So, thinking about your wonderful beach walks, this came to mind… Morcheeba “The Sea” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOLN9T9w9kA More to follow… Meantime a beautiful weekend and a hug to a wonderful host and sunny greetings to his wonderful friends! 🙂

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  2. Now that I’ve stuck my nose in everybody’s bidness… time to really supply one of my owns, right? But how to choose? I’m definitely not going sad, that’s for shizzle. I’ll start off (yeah, I’ll be back) with Serena Ryder’s SING SING https://youtu.be/GWRmtd3iawM Her powerful voice needs nothing more than a clap and a stomp!

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  3. Dear, I hope is just for a short time…
    I enjoyed the chosen of Vangelis’ song (at Marina’s blog). Too many old memories for me as well…
    And for you both, I bring this one:

    since my daughter is a violin player, but mostly ’cause I have a deep connection with classical music during the last 60 years.
    Hugs and farewell into the future! :-)c

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  4. Hi you prob don’t know me I came to you via Marina K. I love the Moodies so I had to comment by adding a link. https://youtu.be/I8pvOnv4-OQ

    Maybe you’ve seen this one or it’s already listed – one long thread! – or perhaps it’s unavailable where you are. Hope not. Good to compare the old and the newer versions. John Lodge and Justin Hayward… two peas in a pod or what?

    Best of luck wherever life takes you.

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  5. For several weeks I’ve been thinking about what song to send in to your Farewell Music Fest. A lot of great tunes went through my head, but a couple weekends ago my wife and I heard Renée Fleming singing with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra at Music Hall. Walking out of that thrilling performance I knew immediately what to pick! Here’s Renée singing “UN BEL DI VEDREMO” from the opera Madame Butterfly (1904) by Giacomo Puccini. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z3-yBlDckY

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  6. Thank you Dale! THE FLOWER DUET was stunning, and Yes we owe Frank a lot for the many years he’s been inviting us to share in his musical life. I’m sad right now that AFA won’t be around much longer, but it cheers me to imagine Frank at his house, or in his car, or walking on a beach, and able to listen to any of the 1000’s of songs his readers have sent in to his concerts. Thank you Frank, and thank you Dale for being his trusted concert assistant.

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