On the Farewell Gift Party

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This post wasn’t in my initial retrospective series. Actually, it is a relatively spontaneous decision. Usually linked to holidays, I’ve hosted more than a few blog parties. So – hey – we need to have a farewell party – a celebration. A gathering place for the good of the cause!

This is going to be a bit crazy for both readers and the host, so I request your patience!


  1. Behind each number is a surprise gift. (For the record, a gag gift which you will not receive from me)
  2. Only one gift per person
  3. Once the number (gift) is taken, it’s no longer available (next note is important)
  4. While I hope to strike-through taken numbers, I must sleep and run errands – so I request readers check the comments before taking a number. (See the Last Updated note above the numbers for my strike-through progress.)


  1. Pick (click) an available number for your surprise gift
  2. In your comment, type your number (hopefully on its own line so all can see it)
  3. Tell everyone about your gift
  4. If necessary, bargain a trade with someone else
  5. An option: Offer your unselected pick for a known gift … then the other person gets another pick
  6. Because others want to know what you got, please tell about your gift in the comments. After all, parties involve good conversations.

Giftbag and Availability Scorecard (Last updated at __)

1                    10    11    12    13    14    15    16    17    18    19    20    21    22    23    24    25   26    27    28    29    30    31

389 thoughts on “On the Farewell Gift Party

  1. NO 17
    Ah ah ah Frank! What stuff … Earthworm Jerky (beef jerky?)
    but luckily I’m a vegetarian (almost vegan if it wasn’t for the cheese that seduces me).
    Anyone willing to give me carrots or other veggis???
    🙂 Wishing you all a lovely week Claudine

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  2. No.18: A ‘Chewbacca Hoodie’. I think I’d look quite cute in this. It may be a bit warm for Florida, but when one is looking ‘cuddly’ and achieving ‘Galactic Greatness Status’, who cares about comfort? I’ll take it. 😀 This is a fun idea indeed and way to go , Frank. 🙂

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  3. #13

    Golf Club Urinal. Hahahaha! Not particularly useful for me. Any male golfers out there care to trade? If this works as advertised, you’ll be able to drink all the beer you want and not have to worry about such amenities as bathrooms or hiding out in the woods. AND you get to carry your own personal water hazard.
    Come on guys! I know you want this… 😀

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  4. 31

    I’m intrigued with my gift, “Donner Party Dinner Game.” I’ve always been fascinated with the history surrounding the Donner party, so a dinner party game seems to fit me well. Thank you, Frank. A very thoughtful parting gift!

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    • Hi Frank, I just got back from work… (I never go on-line during work). I guess I will put the earthworms jerky in my garden for the lovely birds coming to feed themselves with seeds I put for them in the little birds-houses.
      By the way, I will write a short story about a little earthworm trying to flee from the beak of a lovely robin The Hood. 😁

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        • Well, two days are gone by. I’m working for the labor office and I’m an HR consultant. Since I have around 200 jobless to follow… believe me Frank, is a heavy task and with quite a huge responsibility. I’m doing it for almost 25 years… but after all, it’s combining well with the Buddhist philosophy I follow. All sentient’s needing to be loved, taken care of and helped to overcome his samsara, which is the pure chaos.
          And tomorrow is another day. Hugs Frank :-)c

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        • It is, oh yes, of course, it is.
          But all living creatures need to be helped… even if sometimes isn’t easy. And many of them do not deserve it either. Another four years to go, then, when I’m retired, I’ll write a story about all I had seen and felt. I huge task. But there is really much to tell about: the government’s gaps, the misjudgments, the harshness of the “so-called leaders”, the lies of the employers, the missing will to find solutions of the jobless… In my country when you have worked for at least 12 months you have the right to enroll and perceive a 70 or 80% of the median of the last salaries, for 260 days or, if you worked 18 months, for 400 days. You can imagine that it is a luxury which, sometimes, makes people “take it easy and enjoying the ride”. This is the “rich Switzerland”… Hugs


  5. No. 20. The world’s largest coffee cup. Appropriate I would say, as I picked 20 because it is my wedding anniversary, and I ever drank coffee until my new husband started bringing it to me in bed!


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  6. Number 30 – a shepee pee tunnel

    “With the SHEWEE, you’re not only making someone’s life easier — you’re striking a blow for urinary equality”

    So basically this contraption will allow me to pee like a man via a ‘funnel’ 😂😂. Funnily enough, it could have its uses? (Regifting possibly one of them)?

    What a fun post Frank!

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  7. OK, I did a search and didn’t see it – I like even numbers, like tow cubed or four squared (not the game) or perhaps twice eight or, uhm, 16. Number 16 was a roast Chicken hat, the stylish way to dress warmly when it is cold. I mean, who doesn’t love roasted chicken? Can’t think of better head-wear for going to a vegan event…

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  8. Nothing like s party at Frank’s blog – your creativity and wit shall be missed
    Being part of the simplify movement and so aware of the worrisome sleepless nights over decisions concerning FGSI (future garage sale item), I gratefully say “thanks for the generous thought, Frank” and graciously leave a gift unchosen for any late comer.
    The camaraderie and remarks are gifts enough

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  9. Coming late to the party (as usual), I’m stuck with #19, Donald Trump toilet paper.
    Can it be combined with something instead of exchanged? (You know how I like combos.)
    I was thinking that it would go well with #27, Butt Face Soap and #21, Funny Dog Butt Tissue Holder & Dispenser.

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  10. Well, I was out of town for a bit, so am arriving late to the party. I do enjoy seeing all the great gifts being cheered and jeered by all. You are so fun and creative, Frank. Enjoy your retirement. You will be missed.

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  11. No. 11…. gradual the garlic twist! I love garlic lately, it is excellent for the immune system, and i never knew there was such a thing as a garlic twist. A garlic crusher for sure, but a garlic twist somehow seems so much more fun!


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