On Retrospect: The Posts

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This is post #2,302 – and the vast majority of them are non-fiction. Some say one should write about what they know – and for me, that’s been important.

Fiction and poetry are not my strengths nor my interests – but (over time), I did a few posts in those genres. Although I never thought of them as poetry, a few readers say my flow in the Beach Walks have a poetic feel – therefore are poems. To me, they aren’t – but I’m flattered when others say they are. Otherwise, I’ve only published one poem here.

As long-time readers know, I enjoy research. From more light-hearted topics as monthly celebrations (National Potato Month), weekly celebrations (National Rutabaga Week), and day celebrations (Talk Like a Pirate Day) – to saluting numbers celebrating birthdays (missing my upcoming one), anniversaries, milestones, or whatever – to serious topics as the separation of church and state, examining the US as a Christian nation, to the complex topic of the relationship between science and religion – I don’t really enjoy the research – I love it!

Entertainment (especially music) has been important for much of my time here in my little corner of the world. I remember the thought about featuring music with “time” in the title. That idea morphed into Time: The Musical with many acts featuring different aspects of time. Eventually, this led to 8 musicals of 81 acts. Before deciding to step away from here, Opposites: The Musical was next on the docket featuring consecutive acts of opposite terms (big/little, happy/sad, etc). Other long-standing musical ideas included Travel, Questions, Roadtrip,, and more ideas that I never created. Oh well.

On the plus side, the musicals paved the way for the Weekend Concert Series (23 posts). My initial intent was for these concerts to fill the void between musicals – a good idea that I never used.

My love for research and old cartoons led me to the Saturday Morning Cartoon series (71 posts). Featuring classic cartoon characters from the Golden Age of Cartoons, these posts were a pure joy to do.

Sometimes good ideas pop into the mind and they work – as it did with the Beach Walk series (71 posts). During my first season as a snowbird on the Alabama coast, I noticed my mind (especially while walking) focused on a topic in a different rhythm from my normal thinking pattern. Fortunately, I realized I needed to write notes after walking. Those notes would form the basis of a beach walk, so the series was born.

Collaborating was another good idea. It came to me after seeing some images by a long-time friend, Steve. We eventually did 5 posts together – but then expanded it to others. Thanks to Marina (2), Robin (3), and Ray (1). In my opinion, Ray had the most difficult challenge in this collaborative post.

I started another series – Take 5 – aiming to promote other bloggers. I only published one featuring Marina. Failure to do others is on me because I never got around to doing other interviewers.

Keeping in mind that I started this blog focusing on sports and politics, politics has maintained its space here. Whether in Opinions in the Shorts (425 posts) or posts on specific topics, I aimed high with pragmatism. In real life, I’m an authentic independent and an unapologetic moderate – and getting more so. One of my favorite posts explained my view of an independent moderate. Besides, I like liberal having their heads in the clouds because that is a response to the conservatives having their heads up their butt – and I am glad to be grounded with my head looking around to call it like it is.

Because I love research, of course there are topics that I wanted to do but never got completed. I actually started analyzing the Supreme Court rulings in District of Columbia vs.Heller (an important Second Amendment case). Definitely heavy reading, yet interesting. I may finish reading the majority ruling and dissents, but I won’t be writing about. I also had more to say about the relationship between science and religion, but I won’t publish them.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my travels with you. Some say they travel through me. Bringing my beloved Cincinnati to you has been a treat. From murals to events to places to my link to aces, eights, and Dead Man’s Hand, and to whatever. Resa, you inspired me to capture murals – yet, I left too many untouched.

It’s interesting how comments or posts by others spark ideas. I recall a post about the blogging blues – actually where I introduced an important phrase – blogging breaks are good. While some thought that post was my retirement announcement (which was never the intent), the discussion in the comments was so good, I created a good series (4-5 posts) from the fabulous comments. Readers shared so many useful insights that I had to re-share them with others. Personally, they should be required reader for all bloggers.

Introducing topics as handbells, ballroom dance, and the relationship between science and religion has been very rewarding. Thank you for embracing what may have been an unknown.

Although I’ve encountered a few WordPress members who only comment (and don’t post), publishing posts is the mainstay that drives blogging. In general, if they aren’t posting, they aren’t visiting. Blogging has been a wonderful experience for me on many levels – including (but limited to) the posts at this end.

Next Topic: The People (To be published Sunday 2 Feb @ 9:00 PM Eastern US)

88 thoughts on “On Retrospect: The Posts

  1. Frank, I’ve appreciated the wide range of topics and posts I’ve read of yours. I never cease to be amazed at your in-depth knowledge and intelligent delivery on so many subjects. I agree, beach walks are often very poetic, and I often thought it would be great to turn one into a poem. I wished I’d done it. I always meant to. I remember the one poem you posted. I remember loving it, about a moment within a dance if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, congratulations on having such a fantastic blog. 2,302 posts!!!

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    • Rachel,

      Thanks for the kind words. Although our time together has been short, I appreciate your feedback on the beach walks. Hey – never too late to transform a walk into a poem. All we have to do is find the one to touched you the most. Meanwhile, two more to go – so I hope you stop by!

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  2. My memory tells me I first came across you when you were publishing posts featuring deep space photos from the hubble telescope. I’ve always been fascinated by those views and, in the early days, kind of hoped those posts would continue. Of course they didn’t, but I stayed anyway – excepting for intermittent blogging breaks 🙂 I’ve found your comments on American politics interesting too Frank. You wouldn’t know that as I never comment – it’s not my place to – not my country – or: not my rodeo, not my pony as I think you guys say, But still interesting and sometimes illuminating. I think my greatest joy here on your blog has been our shared love of dancing, that has always been a highlight for me and I thank you for it!

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    • Pauline,

      First of all, I just noticed this – back-to-back comments from Kiwis. Now that’s a reason to smile!

      Thanks for sharing a bit about your journey here. Great that we share the love of deep space photos, hence my use of them as headers. An idea – click the Past Headers page to see if you recall any of them.

      I know what you mean about commenting about the politics in other countries because I know I either wouldn’t or if I did, be cautious. I had to laugh – yes – not my pony. 🙂

      I recalled your interest in the dance series. Because of a comment you made was the reason I eventually worked in beginning steps. Thanks for that! That was a fun series, and unfortunately, there was still more to share there.

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  3. Dearest Frank, that is a massive amount of posts, and it was a delight this early morning here to find your post blazing in my reader.
    As I’ve said before Frank, each and every subject you’ve written, you do so with enthusiasm,whit, and prescion.
    Bringing not only a wealth of knowledge in the facts you present, but you add with it your own blend of humour, spelt the English way 😆.

    I’ve loved our interactions and conversations over the years Frank. And I thank you my friend for taking the time out to read my own poems and thoughts when you’ve had the time.

    Time is of great importance, it’s previous, and last year I too thought very seriously of closing my blogs too. Because I follow many I always felt I was letting others down when I could catch up with everyone.

    But there comes a time when we have to please ourselves. And follow our own hearts.

    I’m now not in WordPress half as often, and I’ve learned not to feel guilty, but appreciate the time in here with my wordpress family. Meeting and greeting when we pass each other by.

    I will miss your wonderful compliments Frank, I will miss your laughter, humour and music challenges, as you pushed me to do some researching too.

    Enjoy your newfound space to BE my friend. That after all is what life should be all about.

    To BE.
    Much love Frank, you are a special man, Enjoy your time to BE on your travels and with your family.
    Take care and live and blessings sent your way to hold you safe and well. 💖💕💖
    Love Sue

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    • Sue,

      I touched by the mere fact that you’ve not only taken the time to read this post, but to also write such a wonderful comment. I can’t say even – but remember – I”M NOT DONE YET – Two to go!

      Doing my research to be thorough has always been important. Life is full of people using a shallow view – too commonly to distort. Relying on generalizations to make a point, and as I saw – although generalizations are a brief summary, generalizing generalizations takes one further and further from the point. Yesterday I read an opinion column in the local paper, and I was banging my head against the wall because the column was full of generalizations that he used to enhance misconceptions. That column would be easy to counter point by point.

      Oh … the fact that my style is so English made me smile! 😀

      I’ve always appreciated your view of the role of people in the world. Whereas I continually say the majority of the people in the world are good, you go beyond that by how people need to put that goodness to work for the benefit of all. Cheers to your passion. Let us not forget your joys for your garden.

      Remember – I’m not done yet! 🙂

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      • Good to hear that Frank.. and thank you for the return of compliments.. 🙂 I have been out trimming back shrubs Hydrangeas I should have done in the autumn, but it was one of those garden tasks that got left, They will soon sprout into life again..
        I meant what I said Frank, and I say whats on my mind at the time.. Not knowing if I will be catching up on time.. I take each day as it comes, and yesterday we enjoyed our day out celebrating our 45th Anniversary, So this early morning I follow my instincts and jump into WordPress and several people I had not caught their posts in a while were in the reader.. LOL…
        I know what you mean about assumptions!! and much of it is personal perceptions and not FACTs…
        We are in a period of time right now where many Facts get distorted, for many reasons… I so agree with you about Diving Deeper! .. Something I recommend we all do, not only to seek out the truth of events and situations, but to Dive Deeper into themselves…
        When you take that dive, and look Beyond!… You see there is a whole world of GOODness out there not being shared..
        Have a great rest of the day my friend… and thank YOU once again ❤

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  4. Happy Saturday or Happy February, Frank! I’m trying to remember how we first “met,” but I really have no idea. Your posts have certainly been wide-ranging–something for everyone. A comment above reminded me that I did take a line from one of your “poetic” beach walk posts and wrote a poem from it. I had to look it up: https://merrildsmith.wordpress.com/2018/04/05/horizons-napowrimo-day-5/
    So thank you again! 🙂 [Clink coffee cups, “Cheers.”]

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    • Merril,

      Wide-ranging topics have been important to me here. As you stated – something for everyone – which is something I tried to do in the weekly Opinions in the Shorts. …. and I remember that Horizon connection we made! Love it!

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  5. Frank, you probably shared it with you readers at some point and I missed it, but I’m just wondering what brought you to your decision to retire from blogging. You are obviously going to be missed by a whole lot of people. 🙂

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    • Wendy,

      Thanks for the kind words. I can say I’ve never written a post about my reasons, yet have stated them in various ways and places. If I could summarize in an unprioritized list …. 11 1/2 years is a long time, noticing bloggers/visitors no longer around, the self-imposed pressure of visiting others & commitment to posting, the fear of writing and posting for one – but a few first …. but not a lack of ideas or things to say. None of them primary, but collectively an impact.

      I first entertained the idea about a year ago. Stewed on the idea for months, but the conclusion stayed the same. Then I mentioned it here that I was thinking about it – I was also gauging reaction and taking comments to heart. Went on a vacation, drafted the conclusions to see how I felt about it. They felt right. Then I announced my intent, followed by cleaning out my blog closet … and now the time is getting closer. Two posts to go … and I hope you also saw the previous two.

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  6. I enjoyed this retrospective since it brought back some lovely memories of your posts. I could always count on a visit where in any given paragraph; I could learn something new, remember something beautiful, Be inspired, become outraged, be challenged, smile, or shed a tear. In all cases, your posts were not to be missed and that says a whole lot about what you have accomplished here, Frank. Yes, you have two to go, but somehow I feel that the time to start missing you is now. I don’t want you to go without knowing your contribution to what is known as the blogosphere. Thank you.

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  7. Reading this, I thought back to what I used to blog about on Drinks. There was a ton of sports and politics to be had, and now? Not much of any. It’s funny how we evolve, or in my case, how we kinda have the shits of politics and ditch talking about it altogether.

    I am honored to have been a fan of yours while blogging on two different sites!

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  8. Previous comments by others have already covered subjects I would mention – like the breadth of research done on all the topics you have written. It is a testament that, after 2,302 posts (!), you still retain an easily readable, creative and always enjoyable style. Your posts also reflect the wide range and interests of your blogging “family” whether A-Team Premium, Pioneers, Potpourri and whatever I am.

    I truthfully cannot remember how we first came across each other but I’m glad we did and I am very sad to see you end your long “reign.”

    I understand your reasons and will stay for the last posts but – turning curmudgeonly for a moment – how in the hell can you do that to us?
    (I hope that proves that I don’t need my meds. 😉)

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    • C-A-L,

      Priceless comment about your meds. Glad to know that you still have the golden touch of mudgeonisms. FYI: You are listed on the Blogroll page! 🙂

      In terms of our connection, I’m not sure, but Elyse has come to mind – but that’s a guess. Cheers to us coming together.

      Our kind words about my posts are special. The two descriptors I really like are research and easily readable. Those are two important targets that I aimed for – especially with complex topics. So, thank you, thank you, thank you … and many times more.

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  9. Okay, it’s a fabulous retrospect, and not just because I (and murals) got a mention. 😉x
    Seriously, you’ve written a lot of wonderful articles and hosted many fun events. The musicals and concerts are my faves, but there is so much more.
    There are: things about Cincinnati, Fiona (her own category) the murals you DID post, the Beach walks, OITS (did you ever wear shorts while writing an OITS?), dancing (I’m especially touched by ballroom dancing with dancers in wheelchairs), birthdays, numbers and still more.
    Your political opinions always piqued me. Those were great.
    No one could ever say this is a shallow or self serving blog. Self opinionated, yes, self serving, no.
    I met Dale here. She’s a gem, and she was a wonderful cohost for you on certain posts. How lucky for all of us.
    I can’t remember exactly how we met, but the closest I can get is… through Marina’s blog.
    Okay, enough! Tomorrow is bound to be most amazing, as it is about the people.

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    • Resa,

      I appreciate you letting me know your favorites. I took pride in a wide variety. Of course every topic is not for every person, but odds are an interesting topic would come around for everyone – and hopefully in not much time.

      There is a difference between content posts and those about opinion – although both require research and well-constructed thoughts. Like I like to say about opinion, one can say we disagree, but not say that I’m wrong. There is a big difference between agree-disagree and right-wrong.

      But here’s the statement that I adore: “No one could ever say this is a shallow or self serving blog. Self opinionated, yes, self serving, no.” For me, those are words that I searched for, but couldn’t find. So thank you for the words – and thanks for confirming my thoughts.


  10. Happy February, Frank!
    A whole world of posts and it only feels like yesterday! I think the reason is that all these years, you were sincere [word of the month 😉 ] in everything you did and your love for it simply came through. The variety of posts kept me wanting to read and look forward to your next one and of course, you’re one very rare host, my friend.
    Yamas and cheers to a wonderful man! 🍷

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  11. Favorites today included: (1) agreement with those connecting your beach walks to poetry (2) the Independent-Moderate post – from which I base the call – “I’m listening” (3) the evolution of the musical entertainment posts (4) the “On the Headstone’s Story” post.

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    • Tim,
      You’ve been with me from the start, so thanks for that. I know we are in different political spheres, but you’ve respected that … and even thought about my viewpoints. I imagine you also recall why I appreciate the far left having their heads in the clouds – and of course I being grounded to call it like it is and provide an alternative viewpoint from opposite both sides.

      The headstone story is a favorite – especially because I frequently pass by it. Hopefully you have stopped to see it.


  12. I’ve been hanging around a few years – I want to say thanks to Raye but yanno… we seem to travel in various circles and it becomes difficult to know who met whom where! The important thing is, thanks to you and your fabulous following, I’ve met even more wonderful people, like Marc and Resa and Marina and Merril and Robin and well, the list goes on…
    You know how important you’ve become to me so I shall just say it simply: thank you for being you.

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    • Robin,
      I think I got the idea for the first collaboration with Marina. Then with you, a good friend who is a photography, and eventually Ray, they were very fun to do. If I was sticking around, we would absolutely do more! Thanks for what you did here!

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  13. I’ve always enjoyed the magazine-type style of this post. Something for everyone – and lots of interesting commenters.
    I noticed a slight shift in tone/mood in the blog and your comments about a year ago and wondered if another planet or reality beckoned. Life does intrude or reality without screens seems, well, more real and more connected to life sometimes. It is what it is.
    It’s been a fun ride

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    • Mouse,
      Interesting comment that has my head scratching. I haven’t done the magazine format in many years, and this is the first I’ve encountered a change in tone comment – especially that consistency is one of the factors causing me to hold my head high. Nonetheless, thanks for letting me know.

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      • You should continue to hold that head up – this blog has quite an ambitious body of work – there is something for everyone. From the light Sunday newspaper Parade magazine style to the reflective essays, interactive pieces, longer posts worthy of a more serious journal /periodical collection of writings. (I always enjoyed the travel posts – the pictures, information as well as your comments and reflections. Quite a body of work – it has it all. Like a magazine, posts of different style and focus even if not each individual piece being in the magazine-style. Turn the page and a different format/theme/topic – a collection of work. All quality.
        (Oh, one of my strengths in business was the ability to spot slight shifts before others noticed. Kept my companies a bit ahead of the curve. Just a weird thing.)

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  14. I think you have definitely provided the most researched blog I’ve consistently followed, Frank. I’ve enjoyed that aspect very much. I believe I came in during the time you were providing the cartoon series and I particularly found that delightful. At the time I hadn’t seen any of those cartoons in decades, and it stirred such happy memories. Thank you for those! And all the others. 🙂

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    • Debra,

      Oh yes – I loved that cartoon series. One thing for sure, it brought back memories for many – especially we boomers!

      There’s another commonality we have – research. I know you enjoy getting deep into the weeds of your local history – and you know what I’ve done here. So think, and cheers to us! That fact that you say that I’m the most researched blog you consistently follow makes me proud … thank you for that – it simply means so much!


  15. I can tell you love research through your posts, they are simply rich with research and links to explore the vast and endless pit of knowledge that is the internet. You may not be much of a fiction writer but I have certainly enjoyed the bits and bobs you have dabbled in, my favourites, of course, being the gentle and soothing beach walk posts.

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