On the Finale: The Puzzle’s Last Piece

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Thought I’d have an opening song. For me, the tone of the first word fits this post.


In life, I’m not a “Look at me – see what I did” type of person. There are times I even prefer walking away or without fanfare. Of even do something without recognition. A friend told me that one of the reasons they like dancing with me is because I don’t bring attention to myself or the couple. I just dance. That’s a private side of me, but I must admit – I appreciate positive praise and recognition when it’s timely – more during because (to me and at times) after-the-fact seems shallow – contrived.

It is interesting how I’ve ended this place that has been part of me for over a decade. I knew I couldn’t just walk away from my regulars – leaving them wondering “Whatever happened to Frank?” I just couldn’t. On the other hand, just maybe – this formal closing series is something I needed for myself along while respecting my readers.

When I started my little corner of the world on 28 August 2008, I had no idea what I would do and for how long. Beyond writing a post and having people read and comment, I had no clue about what was to come. The respect, friendships, encouragement, and more have blown me away.

Some say a blog’s average life span is 3 years – and to think I’ve gone strong for 11+ years. Guess that means I did OK. Well, at least in these terms.

Many stats are worthless, but I’ve enjoyed watching them: 2,304 posts, 13,531 categories/topics, 442,397 visits, 96,911 comments, 8,017 followers. They cause me to smile – but I’m most proud of my longevity, versatility and the way I’ve handled myself here. Stats will also make me laugh in the future when I receive notifications of a new follower in the days to come. You know that’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll see the day when the counter rolls over to 500,000.

My first post was short – a mere 11 sentences with 166 words. The excerpt below is from that first post.

To readers I promise insight, yet will respect comments from others. I will be respectful to all as bashing is not my style, thus hope others are the same. Disagreement and criticism are fine, but it should be done with class. Other times I will simply provide information for readers to use.” (28 Aug 2008)

With much unknown ahead of me at that time, little did I know how those words would resonate in this final post over 11 years later.. Yes – I accomplished it!

I plan on leaving this blog up and hope to continue visiting and commenting on blogs. Maybe not as regular, but yes – you are important to me! You are part of me. We are friends who have never met. But, I hope to stay away for the rest of the month of February – or at least only be limited because I have some things I must do. Maybe I will start snooping around sometime in March.

My future plans? As long as I’m able, I want to keep doing what I’m doing: ballroom dance, walking, travel, golf, working at the golf course, and whatever else. I’ve started playing a bit of pickleball. In terms of blogging, wisdom tells me to beware of saying “never” because one never knows what lies ahead. I don’t plan to post here again – but I’ll let the future determine what I do on WordPress. Maybe I would use the mailing list here as a future announcement post.

Personally, I would love to turn the beach walking series into a podcast. That’s easier said than done, I’ve done the research – I know that endeavor requires a lot of work, especially for what I visioned – so, I doubt if that happens because I don’t want to dedicate that much time to the task.

I can say that I secured beachwalkreflections.wordpress.com just in case I proceed. If I move forward with the idea, I can’t imagine not letting many of you know. If I don’t do the podcasts, maybe I’ll return to blogging by solely focusing on beach walks. Maybe I’ll use this platform for an announcement to get the word out. Time will also answer that question. Therefore, I ask you to keep me notification active. 

I enjoy research. I enjoy writing. I enjoy interacting with visitors. To me, those are very important factors of blogging. I try to practice what I believe. If someone takes the time to comment, I feel obligated to be welcoming and reply with something meaningful. Then again, that’s time consuming – let alone reciprocating and visiting my favorite blogs. One of the reasons I’m stepping away is failing to meet my self-imposed values and standards.

I’ve tried to be true to myself here – that is, being who I am – well, at least who I think am. Each of us are different and complex in our own way – that defines humanity – and, I know I’m far from perfect.

In person, I try to be personable, friendly, and kind (but some people make that difficult). I have a sense of humor (that some don’t understand). I’m definitely a thinker and a contrarian one at that – yet not confrontational. Yes, I’m a talker, but not a nonstop talker who continues talking when they inhale. Emotional endings to movies can cause a tear or two. I’ve shed more than a few tears here recently – and YES, my eyes are blue. I’m average size and build (5’10.5″) and 67th birthday is coming soon. Cheers to other Aquarians.

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The closing process has been a reflection opportunity. Throughout my life, and no matter the endeavor, I’ve wanted the following: acceptance, respect, and appreciation while being part of something. I think those build my self-esteem. My work career is where I discovered my contrarian nature. Overall, I didn’t feel valued – the feeling of swimming against the current or being alone on an island. But, I had the desire and confidence to push forward with my ideas and approach – and in many ways, mission accomplished.

My contrarian nature, desire, and confidence continued here, and my readers here have made me feel valued – yes; accepted, respected, and appreciated. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me! Because of you, I’m a better person today than when I started this blog on 28 August 2008.

I also believe YOU are the ones that kept me going for so long! For me, some of the praise you have given me the past few weeks is a bit of a shock. Appreciative yes – but I’m still surprised. Simply put, I’m wired to think more what you have done for me as opposed for what I’ve done for you. After all, I’m just being myself. Maybe just a different view of selfishness.

I recently received an email about comments on the closing agenda post, and the person asked if I realized how much I had affected people. To be honest, I had not – so the message caused me to look at those comments in a different light. My impact on people here has never entered my mind. I’m not one who focuses on himself. In the comments of the final two posts I’ve included locations of commenters, which says two things to me – the world has touched me – and it seems I have touched the world. Now that’s an overwhelming thought. All I can say is, “Wow and thanks for allowing me into your life!”

It’s been a fabulous 11+ years – and I have no regrets. Blogging has been a gift, and you the treasure inside that gift. Thank you for being you and for visiting my little corner of the world. Thank you for accepting me and my quirks. Thank you for your role in making this a friendly place. Thank you for making me a better blogger. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for building my confidence in humanity. Hosting has been an honor and a pleasure that you have made easy.

Thanks to everyone for reinforcing my belief that the majority of people in the world are good, and for helping me take my little corner of the world beyond my wildest dreams. I love the people here! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

201 thoughts on “On the Finale: The Puzzle’s Last Piece

  1. Cincy,

    I wasn’t about to let this moment pass without being here to read you, to comment with you and to share tears with you. Some gal from Montreal can attest that I behaved very much like a “softy” as I was reading you. Tears. Grateful ones. Because you did come to mean so much to us over your time in the blogosphere. Your influence will not be found in the box-score of stats and followers and posts. But it will be felt by each and every person who learned from you, who laughed with you and who is already missing you terribly.

    We connected over baseball, but I kept coming back because you always felt like that next door neighbor I wasn’t skittish about spending a few minutes with on occasion. And I imagine this place of yours as a front porch. In summer. A baseball game happening on the transistor as we figure out the world. And that feeling, you made it so with your words and your thoughts and your amazing capability to make us laugh sans the sarcasm.

    You made us feel like we were home.

    Blessings, love and all good things to you, my friend.


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    • Cayman (Pennsylvania)!!!!

      OMG … Is this really you? Oh wow – I’m surprised, thrilled, giddy and more … and you came without a pingback. (Sorry about that). You may believe this, but yesterday I was actually wondering if you would stop by. Must have been a premonition.

      Doing want I did here without sarcasm wasn’t easy, after all, you may be the King of Sarcasm. Even when I tried it didn’t seem to click for me – and you weren’t around to help me – to nurture me – to let me be your apprentice.

      But hey – I’m simple goo-goo have you being here at this time. Drinks was always a good read – and sorry you stepped away – but hey – life goes on. So, how are you spending your time these days?

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      • It’s me in the virtual flesh. And I’m glad I proved your premonition correct.

        Yes, unlike that guy over at Sorryless, I was not only a user of sarcasm, I was a distributor. And I was pretty shameless about it too. Well, I still am. Fret not because I can always provide lessons. 🙂

        I felt it was time to step away from this Drinks blog, seeing as how it had taken me on a journey from there to here and I was just looking for that next blog chapter.

        Other than drinking well with others (still), I am tossing around an idea for this blog. I’ll keep you posted via email. 😉

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  2. Dearest Frank,

    What a beautiful post. You know, you being your endearing self is what has created this wonderful place for us all to congregate and hang out in. You attracted the lot of us by being the welcoming, friendly, fun person you are. It has come across over the years in so many different ways.
    Only you would have the grace to say goodbye in such a fashion that shows us how much you appreciate your following but who are really now your friends. You have created bonds between us as well as with you and that is an achievement in itself.
    I suppose I could wax poetic and go on and on but I won’t – I shall harass you on email instead 😉
    Thank YOU, Frank. The world is indeed full of mostly good people. And you, my friend, are top of the list.
    Lotsa love,
    Dale xoxo

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    • Dale (Quebec Canada),

      Your words are perfect. Thank you. They are so eloquent, genuine, calm, and beautiful. My first thought was that it embodied the words that I wrote for this post – that is positive, not sad. Then way and the hell are tears rolling out like a waterfall? Well, partially because Cayman and Marc just softened me up!

      As with Marc, I don’t know what to say. You are special, so maybe the best I can do is ditto & thank you. After all, I have to (somehow) compose myself to move on. … OK … deep inhale, slow exhale … repeat …. repeat … wait.

      Well, at least you know I’ll be snoopy around sometime. After all, I have to keep my eye for the post listing gratitudes.

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      • You know. I was being all stiff upper-lip while Marc got a little misty-eyed as we read your post together which got me cranked up.

        And then, I realised after that I didn’t mention the great tunes used and I felt we had exchanged quite a bit of music just recently on that final musical so I didn’t add one here.

        And then, as if that’s not enough, I didn’t even mention how happy I was to see your handsome mug – not just a little bit through a video 😉

        So much for my composure, eh? And yes, I am happy you’ll be snooping around and like we already said, there is always email and who knows what the future holds.

        In French we say: “Ce n’est qu’un au revoir.” meaning, “This is but a til we meet again”…

        As for gratitude post, well… you will HAVE to stay in touch to make the cut 😉

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        • Awe … that’s ok. After all, being close, you had a lot on your mind. Interesting how the music for this post evolved. I pretty sure it’s in the comment thread with Resa … just above a great video that I shared. Check them out!

          I’m doing better at this end – but still in awe of the whole thing and floods of generosity poured upon me. Then again, I also know time will take care or it.

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  3. So maybe not a final farewell Frank, more a ’til we meet again’. That’s nice. Whatever life brings you may it come on a fair day, with a good wind at your back and strong shoes on your feet. Or no shoes if you are walking along a sandy beach. As we say round these here parts ‘Haere ra, kia kahu’ Goodbye my friend, stay strong.

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    • Pauline (New Zealand),

      Hooray – You are the first (maybe the only) to notice that I mentioned I possible return. Like the way I embedded it within the midst, then just moved on? 😉 Love you thoughts of wind at my back and feet on the sand while walking. After all, I know you realize the specialness of those moments. Hope you realize how lucky you are to have that so near to you! … and I imagine Siddy loves it!

      Meanwhile, I’m guessing your “stay strong” message is in the native language of the islanders – so sharing a saying from your part of the word is special. Thank you!

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  4. Frank,

    That Cayman fella stole my thunder just a little bit, but that’s okay because I got more where he came from. And to echo some of those sentiments, I too am immensely grateful for having made your acquaintance here in WordPress-Land. You provided me with every kind of fantastic from your Midwest perch- beaches to ballparks, salsa dances to funky ice creams to bells and balls and brilliant captures of faraway places.

    You took your experiences as an educator and translated them into front porch speak (the one Cayman wrote of earlier). Where the impossible questions were met with reasoning. Where the math of this great big world felt less daunting somehow, because you had a way of making us believe in the good.

    The majority of people in the world are good. That’s how you live your life, and we are the beneficiaries of your beautiful mindset. And so to this I bid you a teary farewell . . for now. But I hope to see you down the road again. Because the world just makes more sense with peeps like you around to keep it honest.

    Expect me to bother you next season when the Bengals and Dolphins battle for AFC supremacy. Until then, do your good things, young man. Be well. And I love you.

    PS- What in the hell is pickleball?
    PS2- Great song choices all!
    PS3- Cayman didn’t mention the tunes. Just saying. 😉

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    • Marc (Pennsylvania),

      After reading Cayman, I jumped over a few to get to you. After all, he got me in tears and you continued them. And to think I was doing so well. But that’s Ok. They are good ones!

      In many ways, I don’t know what to say – sometimes speechlessness comes with emotion. We’ve grown close the past several years, so your words hit me hard. At this point, I can just say, thank you!!!! … and I’m going to change the subject so I can get myself back together.

      Joe Burrow sure seems like a good guy – and damn – I feel sorry for me possibly coming here. This is such a lousy organization.

      Pickleball? Well … although invented in the late 60s, it’s a craze in the retiree crowd. Played on a badminton court, but the net is low (like tennis). Played with a paddle about the size of a beach paddle … and a whiffle ball sized between a baseball and a softball. Here ya go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTvPYdKZqO0

      Hey – thanks for noticing the tunes (you were the first to comment on them). After all, you know I’m serious about my music choices.

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      • As long as I brought on some good tears, Imma take it. After all, I shed a few myself as I wrote my comment last night.

        Yes, let’s change the subject. Hey! How about those Bengals!

        Well yanno, maybe Burrow helps to change that. There was a time when the Bengals had quite the collection of talent on the roster, so it’s not like they haven’t built good teams in the past. Maybe having such a talented kid at the most important position who WANTS to be there will make all the difference.

        I checked out the video and it does look like fun. I’ll stick to playing (losing) tennis for a few more years but it’s nice to know I have another option.

        I loved the tunes. And I dig how you started the post on one too. Perfect choice for the opener.

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        • Actually played some pickleball this morning. Game is tougher than one thinks. Small court – not many openings. Your tennis sense will help.

          The Bengals? Well, talent was the best when Marvin had a greater say. They expanded the front office, and drafts haven’t been as good ever since.

          A toast to our tears!

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        • It looks like it would be a challenge. But a fun one for sure.

          I hope Burrow can help to change that course they have been on in recent years. Marvin brought stability to that franchise and they need someone to adopt that direction.



  5. Look who made it here especially for you on a Tuesday night! Such a nice reflective farewell. Thank you for all the love and joy you’ve given to so many, Frank. I’m enjoying your taste in music on this post as I write this. I have no idea what pickleball is, but I hope you have a great time playing it. May God bless you and yours always!
    <3, Betsy

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  6. Frank… This has to get one of the most touching posts I’ve ever read. It takes a special person to connect with people in the way that you have, to show your support and loyalty and truly make people feel valued. You are an inspiration in the truest sense of the word. You know your values and you are true to them. It’s a privilege to have been amongst your many followers and supporters on here. And I loved the photos you included in this post.

    I am so happy that we might get an opportunity to see you on here again. It’s much nicer to say ‘see you later’ than ‘goodbye.’ Sending you all the very best wishes from the depths of my heart. Take care, dear Frank.

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    • Rachel (New Zealand),

      Our time together here has been relatively short – but joyous and a blessing. To me, your poet side came out in your expressions of appreciation. Yes, tears flowed. (It’s been an emotional morning) 🙂 … but all for the good.

      Long-timers here have seen the baby pic – one that I commonly used for my birthday posts. The other one is recent – like two days ago.

      When I mentioned the possibility of continuing the beach walk series, you were one of those who came to my mind because I know how much you enjoy them. If I did that, I would return to the previous walks … add to them, combine some when appropriate, and have new ones. But, I will let time answer the question if I will do that. Again, thank you!

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  7. Wonderful sentiments, Frank. I also believe the majority of people in life are good, and for sure you’re one of them. It’s pleasing to know that although you’re closing the door on your blog you’re not bolting it shut, and we may still hear a word or two in the future. Be happy and healthy and may all good things come to you!

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    • Vintage (France),

      Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by during this series. Our encounters have been brief, and the fact that you’ve visiting this closing series is not only special to me, but it shows the type of person you are. Cheer to the goodness in the word. … and thank you!

      In terms of keeping this place up, I had to – there is too much here – and selfishly, a sign to a lot of work. Someone, somewhere, sometime may find something useful – and that would cause me to smile. … and yes, I’m leaving a gap in the open door or a possible return – but time will take care of that.

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  8. Good morning, Frank! What a lovely final (for this blog) post. I like what Pauline said about it being more of a “till we meet again” post. Good luck with all your future plans, and I hope to see you around again at some point. Thank you for all your done here, and for the people I’ve met here through you.
    Another clink of the glasses to say “till we meet again.”
    And am I the only one to mention what a cute baby you were? 🙂

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    • Merril (New Jersey),

      Clink … It’s noon somewhere! 🙂

      Some would think this was the hardest in the final series to write – but the words came easy for this one – the previous one about People was the hardest. Very hard!

      You got me thinking about various transitions in life. Everybody has them, but they are all unique to the individual. For me, this is one of them. Definitely not at the same level as marriage, entering the workforce, or retirement, but still one. After all, my little corner of the world has been so much part of me for (at this point) over 17% of my life. That’s almost a fifth! That’s a lot!!!!

      Nonetheless, I look forward to the transition … and till we meet again, Clink!

      PS: Yes – You are the only one to mention the pic. You’ve been around enough to know I trot that out every now and then. 🙂

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  9. Ah, Frank… I remember and will continue to, and not in my “wildest dreams”! 😉 and of course will not ‘forget about you”… thought I’d take the cue from your songs! But what I hold with joy is you not ‘closing’ the door behind, by visiting from time to time and even more joy the “beachwalkreflections.wordpress.com” …now that made me smile and brought a ray of light to an otherwise gloomy day over here.
    By the way, you haven’t changed much! You have the same sweet heart smile!
    Looking forward to your new plans, and remember, you have a friend across the ocean, blog or no blog! 😉
    ps that was the sweetest ‘farewell’ post and shows even more what a caring person you are!
    Yamas, my friend

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    • Marina (Greece),

      LOL … Love the way you opened you comment by incorporate my choice of songs. Yet, I also know that you understand why I chose each of them. 🙂

      We’ve been together a long time – and each of us know the friendship bond we have. Replying to the extra special has been the hardest – especially after receiving such glowing accolades. Tears …

      I wanted this post to be a positive – and I smile because you confirmed it. I just can’t walk away from friends. After all, that’s something we don’t do in person – so why do that here? Oh no!!!!
      Nonetheless, I thought the news about the possibility of Beach Walk Reflections would cause some smiles.

      Meanwhile, this entire closing series is something I had to do for two parties – two parties that deserved closure – two parties deserving more than just walking away – and those two parties are the readers and myself. Mission accomplished. 🙂

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  10. So here’s the thing. I get sad over losing people and places I love. AFA is one of those, which includes you the blogger, and your creative blogging ideas, your readers and their ideas, and my ideas when they stare me in the face after I comment. I doubt I’ll ever follow another blog, or that I’ll ever again comment. I gave it a try the last 11+ years, and find it (commenting online) just too personal. And besides, you’re just too good an act to follow. All that said, the celebratory theme in your post today and the replies to your readers were exactly what I needed to go forward in a happy way. THANKS! Signing off – with my golf bag fuller, and hoping to be well, to do good work, and to keep in touch.

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    • Tim,

      You are the only regular here who knows me personally outside of my little corner of the world. What readers here don’t know is the number of discussions we’ve had talking about things here. Bottom is simple: I greatly appreciate your inspiration at the beginning on forming this place, plus your interactions here – well, along with your acceptance of others. However, you no longer have to fear the buzzer reaction by The Producer.

      Now – regarding that golf bag. I not only expect it to have within th3 14-club limit, I also expect it to be lighter!

      Thanks for the kind words and support during this journey of mine. We will talk later.


  11. In a world (remember the “in a world” announcer) in which so many people attempt to say “look at me” by outrageous words and acts, what attracted me to your blog (and attracted so many others) was your ability to voice your views and interests directly, succinctly and without affectation.
    Well done, aFA!

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    • C-A-L (parts unknown),

      Thank you kind sir! As you know, there are so many blogging styles – and rightfully so. Your comment about the name of my little corner of the world – yes – an honest opinion – but I failed to mention the tagline – Thoughts from the inner mind – which to me (all along) meant I wanted initially wanted a brain to brain connection – which also implies knowing to share – and sharing so others can know. Your comment shows I achieved that … but we also know the personal connections is what my tagline didn’t include – and it’s those personal connections that are blowing me away in this finale. I went for and got mind to mind – but also got heart to heart – soul to soul. Wow – who would have ever thought a curmudgeon would stimulate so much of a philosophical thought? 😉 Now, get back to being cranky! 🙂

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    • Phillip (England),

      Thank you. You have been a pleasure to host because people like you (and the others here) made it so easy. Yes, your time here has been short, and sporadic (that is not every post), but the mere fact that you have stopped by for this and others in this final series makes me smile. Continue your good work – and my your future bring you many smiles.


    • Jim (Missouri),

      I don’t think I’ve encountered you so speechless. I couldn’t resist because I know you’ll take it the right way. Then again, knowing the type of person you are, including being one with genuine intellect, I’ve got the feeling you let Mr. Sinatra speak for you. You see, I listened to the lyrics and heard you telling me. But not only telling me that I did it may way, but with class and intellect – which are also two of your trademarks. … Tears …. So thank you,

      And hey – a tip of the cap to where we first met – I know Moe’s … maybe Sekan’s too.


  12. Dear Frank,
    Finally, the blog sunset I didn’t want to happen.
    Still, it’s a lovely sunset filled with rays of warmth, splashed with colour and has a soundtrack.
    So, maybe it’s not a full good-bye, just a “hasta luego”?
    Maybe you’re like a Blogger Terminator? “I’ll be back”.
    Perhaps your love of beach walking and thinking will begin a new blog phase in your life? New phases are good.
    As you said, time will tell.
    I’ve had some big fun here, in Frank’s world. I’ve learned things, met people, and listened to a lot of music.
    With luck, we will all get to have then and now pics as fab as yours.
    Dance on!
    Golf on!
    Walk on!
    Love on!
    ps. We’ll always have email.

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    • Resa (Ontario Canada) … I had to include that as per sidekick Thunder

      You are special. Your words were simple, and got to me … tears … yep they were there before the first word in this reply. However, your take on my possible return also made me laugh. After all, who can’t picture Arnold saying that! Yes – time will tell.

      Glad you mentioned the music. Having the right songs wasn’t an easy task. Everyday People is a classic – but I love how this video involves so many people – which is what closed the deal. Wildest Dreams was a late addition when I modified the text to work it in. I added both the songs by Adele and Simple Minds about a day or two before going live. Adele’s first “Hello” stuck me as a perfect way to start … and the Simple Minds the perfect way to end.

      Oddly, I (just now) stumbled across this one. It’s wonderful and perfect for the occasion… and one that you will enjoy. So good, that I will display it with hopes others will see it. After all, it also distracted me enough to shutdown the tear fountain. 🙂

      Cheers to you, my friend …. clink! (It’s noon somewhere)

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  13. What a beautiful ending, Frank! It’s good to know that you’ll still be out there, and might pop up unexpected sometime. I have a few friends who’ve given up blogging, but appear with a smile and a comment from time to time. It always gives me a warm feeling. Thanks very much for your company on our chosen path. I wish you much happiness as you saunter off into the sunset. Take good care! 🙂 🙂

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  14. Frank, my friend, you have me in tears. Good tears, though, for a good man who created this wonderful place for people to meet. When you wrote about your visitors and how you connected with people, you left out how we visitors also connected with each other in various ways. You’ve created this amazing web, all by being yourself. Well done. Very well done.

    I am so happy to read that we might meet again somewhere in cyberspace, and that you won’t be closing down this place. I love your beach walks and they would make an amazing podcast, but I know little about putting together podcasts so that’s easy for me to say.

    There are so many wonderful comments here. This, from Cayman, struck me because I think it encapsulates how I feel when I visit your blog:

    “And I imagine this place of yours as a front porch. In summer. A baseball game happening on the transistor as we figure out the world. And that feeling, you made it so with your words and your thoughts and your amazing capability to make us laugh sans the sarcasm.”

    Cheers, Frank! Thank you. Wishing you all the time in the world to do all the things you love to do. 🙂 And I almost forgot… So great to see you!

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    • Robin (Maryland),

      Thank you – so much to respond to, but let me start with the easiest – a podcast. When I came up with the idea, I also thought about trying to get a sponsor – which then got me thinking about marketing the podcast – let alone the actual production. I put together some notes, then looked – oh wow – that’s a lot of work. Not sure I want to take on that much work at this stage in life. But, thinking about the podcast also led to more walks (even more work). The blog part has a much greater chance than the podcast – even though I think the podcast is a great idea …. now on to the task immediately at hand.

      I’ve been lucky here. I’ve had a core group for a long time that interacted – but since people come and go, it evolved. On the other hand, the interactive core at this time may be the best ever. Yes – it happened here – me as the orchestra’s director. Many times I just laughed, then stepped aside to let it (conversations) go – without the feeling that I had to be involving with every comment.

      Connections is one of the things that continues to astonish me about blogging – and that’s something non-bloggers fail to understand. Besides, the comments in this post alone demonstrate that power! ,,, and the feels here are as real as any face-to-face encounter. In some ways, maybe more genuine because there is a freedom associated with not being face to face. (I sure hope this makes sense.)

      Thanks for stimulating the thought for bringing out another reflection – which now I laugh because I see you as being a reflective person. 🙂

      We go back, so I don’t want to get mushy – after, I can’t at this moment. Tears. I can’t thank you enough for you being you and for touching my life … and for the kind words you have stated about me.

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    • Jo (Texas),

      I’m so glad you made it to the finale. Just when I was beginning to think you would, you show up with a smile. Thank you for your time and kind words. Now I’m thinking – … hmmm … I believe John Howell is our connection.


  15. Exquisite sound choice, Frank… but especially the “everyday people” (which I didn’t know) and which I will put on my media.
    I don’t think I would be able to carry out a “closure project” like what you did… no, I just don’t think I would be able.
    For me, posting has always been a type of liberation, bringing out the deep pain in witnessing cruelty, the pain of other sentient creatures (specifical animals).
    A drifting planet where few want to open their eyes and do something. Where writing is a therapy that helps you continue to live or vegetate, depends on your mood.
    I have been writing for so many years, since I was a child, perhaps, then for at least 53. In the beginning, were my diaries, escapes from everyday reality, where my sensitivity resulted in interrupted crying.
    Then, for me, it was the time to remember travels around the world (and also in the parallel dimensions that few “see with the eyes of the heart”).
    Finally, the stories found the first attentive listeners: my children, and in 2006 the first novel was “given birth” and published.
    Thank you to be part of this huge “Energy” which will continue to go round in our Planet. But… but there is a “but”… I guess you will someday need to come back here and tell us about your journey. Be in peace and love. Hugs :-)claudine

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    • Claudine (Switzerland),

      Thank you for stopping by, for the support, the kind words, and for sharing. I certainly don’t advocate the type of closure I did here with a series of posts. That’s certainly isn’t for everyone. However, my hope is two fold … 1) Bloggers giving their readers advance notice and 2) some closure. Personally, that is good for both the readers and the host. So at least I’ve given you something to think about

      I know music is an important part of your life – as well mine. Picking out the selections for this post (as well as the rest of the series) wasn’t easy – but for me, it was very important. Besides, readers here know that if part of this place.

      Thanks again … and peace and hugs to you as well!

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  16. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but I think you can clearly call yourself a blogging success story.😊

    Glad to know your site will remain live and that you might possibly drop by to “see” me someday. I’ll be on break a couple more months I expect.

    Best wishes for a few holes-in-one and no stepped-on toes.😉

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    • Eilene (Colorado),

      Measuring blogging success. Now that’s an interesting thought in itself – let alone determining the measure. For me, and I think it’s the way you intended it, it’s not the numbers, it’s the connections. Whether my words in the posts and replies or in the comments by readers, there is a lot of success. I want you to know that the mere thought of you getting me to looking at this a different way, is very helpful to me – especially at this highly emotional time. An extra bit of thanks to you for helping me process everything a different way.

      Best wishes to you …. and thanks for taking time out of your blog break for me. After all, blog breaks are good! 🙂

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  17. 11 years is an amazing accomplishment. I’ve reached 8 (I think… ;-0 ). Never thought I’d blog this long, but I’m not sure I ever really thought about what I was doing when I began my blog. I had NO IDEA how much I’d get out of it. (You said it better.) We ARE the world, and bonding through blogging definitely is proof of that. We all are going to miss your presence here. None of us are going to believe that you’re really gone for good. I like your idea of the beachwalkreflections blog. Hope you’ll do that! Lastly, I couldn’t see the video, but to be honest, I already know who you are (kind, thoughtful, introspective, witty, always learning but also guiding) so I don’t need to see what you look like. Happy birthday, soon, from a Pisces of the same year. xo

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    • Pam (Massachusetts),

      Oh thank you for taking a bit of time from your Kauai getaway. North shore or south shore?

      … and oh my … not only are our birthdays relatively close, we now discover that we graduated together from different high schools! Awesome … A toast to connections! 🙂

      Yes, connections – the thing that has blown both of us away about blogging. Ending this blog is so much easier than the replying to comments in this post. My readers would also tell me that commenting in most of the other posts is much easier than doing so in the finale. There personal connections have been incredible powerful – yet – a surprise.

      Thanks for the encouragement for Beach Walk Reflections – but, I’ll let time sort that out. Enjoy your time away, and the videos in this post are good ones – so feel free to come back for them after returning home. Thank you!!!

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  18. As much as I am going to miss your regular appearance on this site, I feel it is entirely possible you’ll decide to just share a thought or two once in a while. I am going to keep the light on waiting for you. 🙂 Be well, Frank, and yes, by all means enjoy the pursuits and activities that bring you joy and happiness. I would love to think of you with a podcast, so let’s see where that goes! All the best, dear friend.

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    • Debra (California),

      We’ve shared so much together, yet I appreciate the surprise you gave me in your comment. We’ve already commented deep within the heart, so this time you made me smile. (Still choked up a little) … but smiling with a good feeling. Then again, that is what you do – and naturally so. I sure hope my future cruise stops in LA. 🙂 … and oh … thanks for echoing Tom Bodett’s phrase about leaving the light on … Perfect .. after all, he’s our generation, too!


    • Patti (California),

      Replying to these comments hasn’t been easy – but (as you know), that’s what I’ve done in my little corner of the world. I say that because you not only said so much in few words, the tone caused me to smile … to feel good. I needed that because I’ve shed enough tears! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still choked up writing this response. 33 words and I focus on 7 of them. That’s a darn good percentage, especially when considering the articles. What are the 7? … enjoyed, caring, friendly, insightful, laughs, wisdom, provocations … You have affirmed my little corner of the world – and I thank you for that! All the best to you!

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  19. ‘Hello’ Frank,
    So glad I didn’t miss the chance to post a few words on your final post! Lately, I’ve only been able to visit a few blogs which have appeared in my reader, but when I caught a glimpse of this post earlier today, I made a mental note to ensure I visit before the day’s out.
    My visiting has always been intermittent at best, but whenever I have popped by, your posts have always been enjoyable and informative to read. I used to love your Saturday Morning cartoons. I still remember your He/She challenge from 2018, where I had to cheat a little to complete it! But hey, sometimes it’s necessary in the creative process!
    You have a unique voice in Blogland, Frank, and one I’m glad to have been able to ‘hear’ over the last ten years. Your voice will be missed, although it was heartening to read that you may still be around in the form of a visitor and commenter every now and again. If ever you feel like calling by my random realm of nutty nonsense, you will be more than welcome. As and when is what I always say, so no pressure and no worries.
    In the meantime, enjoy your time away from the blog, and use your newly found spare time to do something else you enjoy doing – and have fun.
    Take care and so long (for now – see you in the comments sometime!)
    Oh, and if you do start a new blog in the future, please call by and let me know!

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    • Tom (England),

      Hey there! As I was reading, for some reason I recall your first visit. (Well, I think it was you – but maybe not,) I recall a party – and John Erickson was hanging around a lot at the time. You stopped by and he immediately engaged you. If so, the rest is history. … and I’m impressed that you recall Saturday Morning Cartoons!

      As far as my future, time will tell. As of know, I’m not visiting or writing, just answering the call here. I’m going to take advantage of the downtime to do other things.

      Meanwhile, I will bask in the glow of your kindness and those who commented on this post. The feeling is both surreal and exhausting! Thanks for your kind words and best of luck to you at your place. 🙂


  20. Dear Frank, this is wonderful post, and you are so nice blogger that I have ever met… You know I always follow you, it is always so nice my days to run with your posts… And music, dance, and language, ah language,…anyway, enjoy your time dear Frank, you are special in here. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

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    • Nia (Turkey),

      Oh Nia. You are one of the visitors who has been here the longest – so thank you for that. However, you are also one of the most kind. You are so genuine, as is your heart.

      I recall that you led to Shimon, and when I mentioned you, he quickly welcomed me in. I miss him.

      Thank you for your time here – for being a blessing of goodness to all.

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      • I miss him too dear Frank, have you heard anything from him, I really worry… you know he went to private blog and he writes in his own language before Christmas we wrote to each other but from that time I can’t hear him. If you know anything pls let me know too. As Shimon, you are so nice blogger friends dear Frank, and I say because of this I am so lucky one, in real life I can’t show anyone like that…Also there was a Lady George… ah… you see, almost took me to the past in this world… I know this is life… as in real life. But the most beautiful part is to leave something nice, good behid us… Pls take care of yourself and take a rest and enjoy your time… but don’t disappeaar! Welcome and million Thanks for your nice words… (this is because of your beautiful mind and heart) Love, nia

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        • In the last post that Shimon did, I sensed that it was his final post – so I asked – and I confirmed that he would no longer be blogging. In time, the blog became private – which to me means he took the blog down. Since then, I have not heard from him.

          As for me, all is good – just not blogging. Keeping on eye on this place, but resisting looking at my reader and visiting. Yet – in time – I hope to return to visit. Thanks for your kind words and genuine kindness!!!!

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  21. Nice last post, Frank. Sorry it took me so long to find it – it’s been a busy few days. Enjoy your post blog time. I was going to say, “Keep on doing what you do”, but that is a Roches song that might not fit the situation 😉 (look it up if you don’t know it – The Roches (folk group) meet King Crimson (prog group) – Robert Fripp produced the album and played some of his best guitar, Tony Levin on bass and Bill Bruford on drums)

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    • Trent (New Hampshire & Massachusetts),

      Thank you kind sir … and come on now – there is no late in blogging. After all, the next post is not up. 🙂 I couldn’t resist.

      The most important thing is that you stopped by – so thank you! Although I’ve changed notification settings and resisting the urge to visit, I’m keep a watchful eye here.

      I appreciate the musical thought. I know King Crimson and Robert Fripp – but not The Roches. In the meantime, I better get back to want I was doing. 🙂 Thanks again and best wishes to you.

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  22. Oh Frank, your words to your readers brought a tear to my eye. I haven’t really known you all that long and I could have definitely been a more interactive WP friend, but I have certainly enjoyed the times we have chatted. Your blog has always seemed to me like a rock in a sea of pebbles. Others come and go, but A Frank Angle is one of the steady, reliable anchors that you can count on.

    If I may be so bold, I predict that we’ll eventually see you again. A well-deserved break, a time of reflection, a time to explore other interests perhaps, but I think in time you’ll return to blogging with a fresh take and perspective. 😉 Until then, please don’t be a stranger. All the very best to you, Frank.

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    • Wendy (Virginia),

      Thanks for the extra kind words. “A rock in a sea of pebbles” is both quite a line and praise. It touches me. I’ve seen my share of people come and go both from here and from blogging, so I’m very proud of my longevity – but everything has a time, and I recognize that. The past two weeks have offered much reflection – and I’ve embrace it. Meanwhile, glad you see a positive future. Best of luck of you!

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    • Monika (Colorado),

      Knowing that you have been on the run, I’m very appreciative that you have found a bit of time to stop by. Your presence is important to me. Yes, digital friendship are important, and it truly is amazing how it happens. This is something that I never imaged happening when I started. You time here has been comparably short, but hey – you jumped right in and bonded with me and others. A toast to the good lady! 🙂 Carry on your good work with the dogs.

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  24. Just as I’m coming back, you are leaving. I don’t have the words to express how much I’ve enjoyed your thoughts and adventures these past few years. Yours is a very special voice, one that will resonate beyond this time and blog. Maybe one day you’ll grace us with a few words. After all, your beloved Reds might actually be on the upswing. That might be something to celebrate. Until then, God speed and be well.

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    • George (New Jersey),

      Thanks so much for the kind words and pleasant surprise. After all, I thought you may have closed up shop. Although I’m not posting and currently not visiting others, I am keeping my eye on my little corner of the world for comments – especially on this last post.

      The Reds may make some noise this year. Hopes are high. But as I say, in the history of MLB, no team has ever made the playoffs winning zero games. Even if they won it all, that would not draw me back to post here again. However, as I eluded to, there may be one more post in the future. Thank again!

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  25. See you hiding over there…you do know after so many years in blog neighborhood invisible tendrils secretly attached – you noticed a slight, unexplainable, tickle or tug periodically as your readers slid by for one last visit on this porch?
    Always enjoyed your gatherings – great assortment of people – ones not all the same which made it fun – and we all enjoyed your presentations and entertainment.
    So often people do not realize there impact they have on others – sometimes one slight word or thought could be exactly what another needs to hear or see. A butterfly’s wing movement on the other side of the world does make a difference. And no doubt you have.
    Actually it’s nice to see people ( and so many are it seems) move back to non-screen life – back into things that interest them, things that may have been left aside for a bit, or thing waiting to be discovered. May you have many grand adventures and delights cross your path. Vaya con dios. Hasta la vista. Mañana awaits. (Oh, Bob sends a head nod…Not to be outdone, RC Cat sends a fond paw salute…she hopes it makes up for the mud Molly flung in her paw wave…dunderheaded mutt.) Adios from one and all

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    • Mouse (Texas),

      Thanks for sharing a bit of your philosophical side on this post. Butterfly chaos is a good example. As I mentioned in the post, an email helped me realize the impact I’ve had on others (whereas I tend to focus on the impact people have had on me), It’s been overwhelming. Meanwhile, chiming in for Bob, RC, and Molly is a special treat. Thank you!!!!


  26. Dale just told me, and I hesitated coming to read your last post, thought I totally understand. I too have been blogging for a while and often think, it’s time to pull the plug, then don’t for a variety of reasons, one being, it’s a place I can do what I love the most.

    You said your stats are worthless. An unfortunate word for any of us to use. I won’t say all, but most readers read because they enjoy what the writer writes., and your posts are always packed with care and generosity.

    I know you’ll do other things since leaving will free you up since, it is a time consuming endeavor to keep one’s site up. I like the podcast idea, and as long as you keep writing then all will be well.

    Our affair has been short, yours and mine, but like a great bottle of Champagne, that pop will resound forever.

    Good Luck

    Sincerely, Susannah Bianchi

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    • Susannah (New York),

      When I was dealing with this last post 9 days ago, the first two days were difficult. Very emotional. As you well know, time has a wonderful way of healing – calming – settling. Responding to others since then has been much easier. Well …. until now. Your words are from the depth of your heart – I can feel it … I’m touched, a bit speechless, and I can feel my inner emotions building up again.

      The thought of stepping away actually first entered my mind a year ago during Jan/Feb. I recall the thought sticking with me. I didn’t say anything for many months, then in the summer I floated the idea to gauge responses. While vacationing last August, I drafted the closing series as a test. It felt right, from which I announced (probably in Sept) my intent – but not until I cleaned out my blog closet of unfinished posts and ideas. That carried me for months – and then I planned the ending.

      Yes – our time has been short – and your sense of humor makes me smile, while knowing (from your posts) that you have a genuine heart of gold … so I thank you for (if I may Julie Andrews) some of my favorite things … so keep doing what you are doing and keep smiling!

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  27. Hello Frank, though I haven’t messaged you in a long while, I’ve enjoyed coming back to read your posts from time to time. It’s illuminating to see your perspectives and, on occasion, get an idea of the joys, interests, and challenges you have along the way. You touched my mind (and my brother’s) as a teacher all those years ago, and I appreciate still having your words within the sphere of my life. Warm wishes from Florida, and I hope we may stay in touch in some way for a long time to come.

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    • Luke!!!!! (Florida),

      OMG!!!! Now you are an unexpected surprise for my last post. I stunned and happy at the same time! You, your brother, and your family were an absolute pleasure, so thanks not only the kind words, but the positive impact you had on me. Given where you and your brother are now, the fact that I played a nugget in your success makes me smile and feel proud. So tell me, are the two of you still on similar paths as several years ago?


      • I’m back after a COVID-19 hiatus! (We’re healthy, just focused elsewhere for the past few months.) Yes, Todd and I are still on similar tracks overall. He has been the Math & Sciences chair at Florida College and was just appointed to the position of Associate Dean. I am still involved in some archaeological work in the Ancient Near East and have built up to regular travel with leading int’l tours, attending occasional conferences, ongoing missionary work, and some personal interest trips with my wife. All on hold with the lockdowns & restrictions but ready to resume as conditions permit. Your influence on my brother is clear and he has continued to develop and climb in the Sciences. Though I took a different academic route your influence on me was significant. My mind goes back to you more than any other academic teacher I had in High School. Your discussions challenged me and shaped my interests. I am honored to have reconnected with you years ago and enjoy seeking out details on your life and perspectives. I pray we may continue to stay in touch and, dare I say it, consider meeting up should you be in Central Florida (or me in So. Ohio?). Thank you Frank!

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  28. Hey Frank,

    Very late to the party, but no way I wasn’t going to comment here. You and I go back a lot of years on here as well as TSN. As I’ve said before, I think a lot of life lessons can be taken with blogging and writing, and I think it’s safe to say that – along with interaction – was worth it for the times we’ve posted on here.

    Yes, there have been times I’ve been active and you’ve stepped away as well, but we still have connected in some kind of way to this day since we crossed paths. Life happens for us offline, but I’m glad to say I’ve met some people offline after initially meeting on blogs/writing over the years. Basically, online friendships matter, too.

    I have a hectic schedule, and I don’t know how much I’ll post going forward. But I’m glad to see you’ll still visit people on their sites. Maybe one day we can cross paths in person. Best of luck to you and thanks for all you did here for 11 years.

    Happy Birthday, Frank!

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    • Dave (North Carolina),

      You may be late, but (more importantly) you didn’t forget! Then again, is there ever a late in blogging? Well, to me, late is better defined as after the next post. In that case, you are on time! ,,, and you came on my birthday. Thanks for a bit of an extra touch. 🙂

      Yes, we go back, and as I mentioned about the beginning, you influenced me. Thanks again! Maybe some day your work travels will bring you to Cincinnati – and yes – hopefully a chance to meet.

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  29. It’s bittersweet you know Frank, to know that one of the main-stayers of this blogging community will be off on a new venture not to be seen again with his interesting and provocative posts always stirring the pot as food for thought and music to our ears. I know you mentioned you may be back again with a different blog, but it goes without saying many on here are going to miss you. I distinctly remember one of your blogs discussing taking a break and that it was okay – I heard that perfect message and did just that. For me it became and in many respects still is a tug of war between blogging (posting and reading) and how best to spend any spare time I might have. Let me close by saying, I only wish you all the best as you walk the beaches with the warm sun and breeze offering you a reprieve of all life’s stresses – look out beyond the seas horizon, for there is treasure to be found. It’s been a real pleasure to know you through this beautiful medium and perhaps one day we will meet again my friend . . . http://www.seagullshop.com/surfcam.php (a 24/7 cam shot of Maine and her beautiful coastline – whenever I get missing her I call this wonderful vision up – turn up your sound and click onto the video for a larger real time image).

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    • Mary (Texas),
      Yes – I think ‘bittersweet” is a good word to use for this … and as I write your response, a few days more than 2 weeks since I posted this, I can respond with a bit more calm and less emotional than those initial 2 days. 🙂

      Oh yes – Blog breaks are good. Not only do I recall the post when I first used that phrase, it became a personal mantra – and I believe it to be so true now more than ever! Yes – the tug of war between blogging and life – or as I like to say – sometimes life has a way of getting in the road of blogging.

      Thank you for the kind words. The fact that you stopped by these last two posts and took your time delivering such a thoughtful response is very touching – again, thank you … and what a beautiful beach cam view!

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  30. Hi Frank,
    I am surprised by the news – but understand completely – a new phase of life calls. And that new phase is one that will not include the blog “afrankangle”

    I like how you reserved the new blog name just in case that idea unfolds.

    One of the ways you impacted me as a blogger – you helped me to slow down at a time when I was in this rush and build kind of mode. A little hard to explain it – but the second time we connected via blogosphere was when it happened. We shared a few comment exchanges and you remembered when we had connected previously. You had such a non-rushed approached and “fully present” interaction, which later I saw trickle into my next blog phase. I slowed down and tried to be present more.

    Some of your post shares will always come to mind – like when we are in the panhandle I might recall a Flora-bama reference of imagine Kenny Chesney playing impromptu…
    And glad you are leaving your 11 years of blogging up in the blogosphere – it will leave your essence –
    Angles, grooves, expounding, interacting, and essence of Frank’s love for language, music, and people!

    “be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

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    • Yvette (Virginia),

      The ending was planned and with notice to the regulars. I first announced my intent in the Fall, but stuck around to clean out my blog closet. Even this post was the last of a 5-part series. This little corner of the world has been mine for 11+ years, so the days surrounding the conclusion were very emotional for me – but I made it – and now can calmly respond to others who drop by.

      The fact that you mention the Flora Bama makes me smile. What a special place!

      I remember your reinvention phase when you returned to blogging and the fact that you stopped here. I touched to know that I influenced you because that is something I never intent to do. I laugh because I’ve had new bloggers ask me questions, then I say read this this and this – then get back to me – and they never did. In my eyes, they never wanted to know.

      Nonetheless, thanks for the support and kind words! Best wishes to you!


  31. Look how many people you touched over the years, Frank. That is what blogging is all about … connecting with people from all over the world, something we would not be able to do without this medium. Your post is so tender-hearted and honest that it put a huge lump in my throat. Eleven years in the blogosphere is huge and I do applaud you! I so do wish you all the very very best in all you endeavor to do. There’s no stopping you when you make up your mind to do something. Just listen to your Inner Guidance and you will know what direction to take and what “new” to introduce into your life. Life is amazing and it is a miracle. Those of us who dare to live, I mean really live, know that. Bon voyage! I look forward seeing you over at my blog.

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    • AmyRose ( New York) Pennsylvania),

      Now you see why I made the comment at your end. 🙂 More importantly, thanks for the kind, touching words. Yes – connections here have been special – actually extra special – and looking back, that is something I didn’t expect when I first started … and to think that some of the connections in the comments are for more than half of my time here. Just amazing to think about. Comparably, your time here has been very short – but your positive attitude has made an impact – so thank you for what you have done in my little corner of the world. Stay positive – and I’ll see you on your side. 🙂

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  32. Aww—just as I come back now you are leaving! Haha! But I understand. My own departure was titled “The beginning of the end”. When we connect here with other good people—we can’t just leave suddenly without saying goodbye! But people have their reasons for leaving—and that’s ok too. Wish them well.

    Wonderful to connect to you through Rachel (New Zealand). I wish you all the best and hope you do come and visit my little corner now and again as I continue on this journey. I still have a lot of growing up to do!

    Much health and happiness to you, Frank. I do look forward to your beach walks.😊

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  33. Dear Frank, looking at the world situation, a strange shiver runs down my spine… I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are fine (I read above that everything is OK).
    Unfortunately in the United States, precautions have not been taken with the right seriousness… we in Southern Switzerland, on the border with Lombardy, reacted even if with a slight delay.
    The situation now appears to be under control. But tomorrow we don’t know. Everything is closed completely. Only grocery and vital shops, hospitals and pharmacies are open. Everything else is frozen and we don’t know until.
    Many, work from home, those who have to be present in the office (for example I who am a consultant for the Job Unemployment Office), shift work of 5-6 hours at the most since our work at this precise moment is absolutely vital for ensuring financial income for the whole population. As for my son, on the 2nd. year medicine is called to give help at the local Covid-19 emergency hospital. I feel a mixed feeling, but I cannot deny, I’m a lot of scared since he’s living with us…
    I should write a post… I procrastinated because I don’t feel like it… but I have to decide.
    A big hug and best wishes that you too can pass this moment and look to the future with serenity. 🙂 claudine

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    • Claudine,

      Thank you for thinking of me and sharing a bit of what you are going through.
      All is well with us here. On the other hand, incidents are increasing in my state and we anticipate the rate continuing to increase. Fortunately, our governor has been aggressive in his approach. In my opinion, he has done an excellent job.

      On the other hand, the response from the president and his people have been everything from A to Z and beyond. A month ago he proclaimed it a hoax, contained, and it will pass through like the wind with 15-25 total cases. Even now has be tries to appear strong, his messages are inconsistent and unreliable.

      I’ve communicated with my cousins in northern Tuscany, which has increased my understanding. Fortunately, all are still well.

      Glad you are safe and I hope you and your loved ones the best in the days ahead.

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  34. Dear Frank.. Thank you for your last piece… beautifully written..
    Sending my thoughts in your direction and hope all is well with you …
    Take care in these changing times..
    Much love sent your way to you and your family…
    Sue ❤

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  35. It seems like we have some similarities. For one, I don’t like to bring attention to myself, either. I would add, that it was fun to finally learn more about you as a person. And then, thank you for the 11+ years. And please, let us know when you commence with the beach walking series. Yes, when! Take care and enjoy whatever else you are planning for your future.

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    • Otto (Norway),
      Thank you very much for the kind words. Because the majority of the world is good, it’s important for goodness to stick together.

      At this point in time, odds are very good the beach walk blog will take place. My aim is October. The virus situation has actually given me a lot of time to prepare for it, hence my high confidence level. If I proceed, the announcement would take place right here in order to use the following.

      How is the coronavirus situation in Norway? Nevertheless, I imagine it has cut down on your travel.


    • Agnes (Australia),
      Good to see you and thank you. Consistency is something that I’ve always strived to do. That doesn’t mean one can’t change, but one has to be true to themselves. Keep up the great photography work!


  36. Frank, lovely choice, good to see you hanging around, hugs! Of course if you choose to podcast, we’ll join you over yonder at the microphone. Or if you’re beach walking and occasionally drop a post about it, we’d be thrilled. Funny thing about this community, it may leave our view but never our hearts. mahalo my friend!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Roxie (Connecticut),
      So glad to see you reappear with your post. As you can tell, this post was early February. I announced my intent around October, then spend a few months cleaning out the blog closet. Then I planned the ending – which was actually a series.

      I doubt if the podcast will happen – simply more work than I want to do for free. However, at this point I would say a new blog has a good chance of happening … possibly October. I’ve actually used this quarantine period to prepare for it. After all, I have the time! BTW – if I launch the other blog, I will announce it here.

      This community is special – no doubt about it – which is one of the reasons I stick around. Thanks for popping over for the conclusion of my little corner of the world.


    • Beeze!!! (Ohio … but I think now Pennsylvania)

      Oh wow … another Pioneer in my midst! I’m honored. Amazing. How and the hell are you? I will stop by your Blogspot home soon.


  37. To be frank, a little late to the party considering reading your post for the first time as a finale. Kudos on the longevity and going by the numbers you have mentioned, must have been worth it. Much appreciated and thanks for sharing.


    • Billboard,
      Although this is my last post, I still want to welcome you as a first-time visitor. I greatly appreciate the fact that you took the time to comment, in to me, it remains important to answer visitors. I had a good run, and longevity (along with consistency) are two of my proudest accomplishments. Keep your eyes open as there could be one more post here in Sept-Oct range announcing my next endeavor. Hope you visit.

      Liked by 1 person

  38. Oh wow, hanging up the blogging shingle–I completely understand. You certainly outlasted most, and your words did indeed inspire people. What I always valued about your posts was your level-headedness and pragmatism. I’m all about pragmatism–do what gets the job done, helps the most people, and doesn’t cause harm.

    You’ll be missed, Frank, but like you say, you may venture back from time to time. (As I just did myself…) Best to you in the future!


    • Carrie (in Ohio)!!!!!!

      OMG …. The fact you made it to the post is a thrill in itself. As we know, we were in common circles and supported each other. I missed you, but also understood why you stepped away. When I saw your catching-us-up post, I smiled!

      In many ways we are out of similar molds, and in my opinion, that’s a good thing. … although I also an in-person extrovert. I still think about you using blogging to bring out your inner extrovert side. 🙂 Wish I could remember the exact words causing us both to chuckle.

      I have missed my time on my little corner of the world – but I also know the time was right. I still troll around to keep in touch – and it is looking more and more likely I will return in the fall on a new WP site focusing just on beach walks. But time will tell. Your visit here caused me to smile. Thanks.


  39. How are you dear Frank, I really miss you. I hope and wish everything is fine and you are with your family in safe. Be careful please. I always remember you! Love, nia


  40. Just checking back in with you again to see I had not missed any vital update lol… And found myself looking again at your now and then photos…. 🙂 Sending well wishes Frank…. and thank YOU for dropping along to the plot… 🙂


  41. Pingback: Beach walk reflections | restlessjo

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