I’m a baby boomer living in Ohio with varying interests. Sure I love sports, but my interests go into food, wine, politics, religion, education, golf, ballroom dance, travel, and wherever life’s journey takes me.

Points of Interests

  • Food Network is wonderful
  • Political moderate
  • Cincinnati Reds & Bengals fan
  • Bowling Green, Cincinnati, and Cincinnati State graduate
  • Caraway seeds are evil
  • Christian
  • Long-time married
  • Science background
  • Spectator sports are a reflection on life
  • Long live zinfandel

Specific Posts About Me

My Favorite Videos

217 thoughts on “About

        • Sasha,
          Ah ha! Confirmation that my idea for this post meant the new audience. Cheers to you. BTW – Being a bit overwhelmed at the moment, I will get back to those links you sent me! … but if I forget, yes – remind me! Thanks for stopping by. … BTW – I think you will like March.

  1. Hey there again! I can’t remember if I have already invited you to become a contributing member/author on my new site yet or not, but if I haven’t, please consider becoming one. It is on Blogger/Blogspot. So, it might take some getting used to with you being so familiar with WordPress, but I would be more than willing to help when it is wanted. Anyway, the “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” site explanation near the top of the side-bar should answer many of your questions about what the site is meant to be all about. Furthermore, if you know of others that might be interested in joining, please have them email me at FishHawk7@gmail.com.


  2. I love your blog. Where have you been all my life? You stopped by my blog and left a lovely comment. Please come back and read some of the other stories — they’re sure to make you laugh. I’ll certainly be dropping by your site as much as I can. Not only that, we’re both Buckeyes!

    • Emtomczk … can I call you E-tom? … If not, I’ll go with Eleanor.
      I must say that your “About Me” page made the most adjectives I have ever seen – but I saw DC … so your roots are in Ohio?

  3. Frank: You can certainly call me E-tom. Yes, I live outside of DC but was born in The Cleve. You’re so right about all those adjectives. I was “coming out” so to speak and was trying to establish an identity outside of the uber-conservative Christianity I’d been in for over 40 years. I was trying to say, “I’m a Christian, but not one of THOSE Christians without writing a thesis to do so. I think I got a little carried away :)

    Thanks so much for mentioning my story in your comment back to me and listing me in your blogroll. I am deeply humbled and greatly appreciative. All the best. So glad to have found you.

    • E-Tom,
      Thanks for sharing some thoughts about your faith. I too am Christian, yet never a fundamentalist or overly conservative …. which the posts about religion plus religion & science will bear out. As I said on your site, I appreciate the fact that both of us have a similar philosophy about communicating with our readers – and we both reciprocate. So hey hey hey! Plus you have good stuff and a successful following that I aspire too. Many thanks for sharing and commenting.

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    • Ginger,
      Welcome first-time commenter. I’m glad you dropped by and hope you return. As far as the topics here, the Categories in the sidebar tells you that I’m across the map. Nevertheless, always respectful to others here. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Frank, first, I LOVE the title of your blog. I have enjoyed perusing your posts, as they mirror many of my interests. Although a gardener and composer, I have a deep love of science and math (my mother and oldest brother are mathematicians) and I constantly find connections between it all. I love your connections across seemingly disparate subjects, thanks for sharing.

    • Composer,
      Not only thanks for visiting, many thanks for the kind words. I like to write across my subjects, usually more of a serious tone – although subtle wit can be found. Hope you return, and I will be visiting your site as soon as I finish this reply. Besides, according to your description, sounds like we have many common interests, thus we could see each other regularly on our pages.

  6. Ah, see it works on your site, just note mine. Is yours one of the upgraded “paid” for sites? Cause my theory is that “unless you pay” you don’t get the capabilities to have certain flexibilities. What do you think?

    • Alex,
      Many thanks for the return visit. Shhhhh … but Guapo can be found here too. Topics are across the board with standing features on Monday and Friday (which I typical post the night before). Hope you return soon.

  7. Hello! Thanks for the like! It was sort of surprising once I travelled to your blog; we are completely different blog types haha. But I enjoy what I’ve read so far, and I’ll be sure to come back! :)


  8. THANKS for visiting my “punny” photoblog and leaving a “like.” I related to your “Points of Interest” in that I’m a long-time married, politically moderate Christian in Ohio who loves food. ( Alas, I work for one of Bowling Green’s rivals–Ohio University, Athens).

    –John: http://TheDailyGraff.com

    • John,
      Thanks for leaving me this message. OU also has a special spot in my heart as my youth includes time at Byrd Arena, Pedan Stadium, the Convo, and even a few at Grover Center. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. FYI: Please check your blog’s spam folder for my comment on your blog.

  9. I like your blog a lot, and wish I had the range which really brings in the readers and fun, plus I can tell the seasoning of someone who has thought a lot about matters. As for my blog, I take your suggestions very seriously, and in fact am learning a lot about set up etc. from looking at yours. Thank you for your help.

  10. I just recently took blogging seriously, and as per my best friend Rantonit’s opinion, I have started bloghopping, and stumbled onto yours from his. Amazing stuff man, it’s always great to read different people’s perspectives on things.

    • Vent,
      Welcome first-time commenter – even though you must not be very good at picking best friends. (I couldn’t resist picking on Rant). :) … Notice Categories in the sidebar, which tells you I write about anything. Nonetheless, thank you for the kind words and hope you return. Hi to Rant for me and thanks for visiting.

    • GingerSnaap,
      Welcome first-time commenter (via Guapo?). Ah … you know Cincinnatians well. Unquestionably Skyline and Graeters. Interestingly, Food Network featured a Graeters vs. Aglamesis ice cream challenge. Ruby’s vs Montgomery Inn is similar to Graeters vs UDF it that they are different levels. Ruby’s is a better restaurant, but it is more expensive. So how do you know of these Cincinnati treasures? Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      • I may or may not live in a suburb north of Cincy that sounds like ‘Liberty Township’. I may or may not have grown up in Mt. Airy- right on Colerain Avenue, mind you. Maybe. I’ll never tell.

        I saw your comment about Cincy on Guap’s Blog today.

    • Jennifer,
      All angles are welcome here, even the obtuse. Besides, recommendations from Alex are significant. Topics are wide ranging here. Thanks for visiting and hope you return.

    • Janet,
      Welcome first-time commenter. The smell of caraway seeds is one thing, but biting into it – Extra Yuk! I accidentally bought a bag of sauerkraut with caraway seeds one day for our New Years Day meal. Even though I volunteered to return to the store, my wife picked out many! We cover a lot of different things here, so I hope you return. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  11. Frank? I am a Frank as well. Lets be Frank here.

    I am a new blogger and impressed and confused by all the things a blog can be! I guess over time you develope all those titles, categories, headings on the sides and top of your blog? Everything on yours is neat and in order and interesting. How do you get there? How do you know to copyright your material, add the comment about permission to repost? Does that all come in time or are you incredibly intuitive?

    • Roxie,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Obviously, my topics are wide ranging here. Typically, there are two main stays – Monday Morning Entertainment (to jump start the week) and Opinions in the Shorts (a Friday assortment of thoughts, views, and information). In between, and sometimes on Saturday, anything goes. Since January, most Wednesday feature satirical headlines, but not always. Just giving you an overview of this place. Thanks for stopping and hope you return.

    • Politiks,
      Congrats on your blog and wishing you success. Quite the collection of stuff here, thus you may be interested in a retro look at election 2008. (See the sidebar). Thanks for stopping by and hope you return.

  12. Your Reds are in the Playoffs, and my pick to win the National League. Here is hoping a World Series is coming your way. That would be awesome to blog about.

    • Randel,
      Thanks for the congrats … and coming from a Cardinal fan, much appreciated. I remain weary of the playoffs because the Reds offense is (and has been for some time) shakey at best.

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  14. Well Mr Frank…..I had to stop by to let you know that I am amazed at how you have your finger on the pulse of the art world………took part in the Art festival that I love to do each October……aside from the massive image of “Bob and Joe”, my horse friends….guess which ONE photo people most often stopped and exclaimed at and which eventually sold………….a BIRD image….not one blue jay in the image, but six cardinals in the snow………I’m starting to think…..zapplications?…..grilled cheese donut?……..Cincinnati?…….like you said….they can only say no! :)…I know for sure…more birds next year, wherever I go :)

    • Zannyro,
      Great news. Glad your recent show was successful and good luck on the app process down here. Oh … and you forgot one important point in your list …. a chance to meet me. :)

        • That’s good – whew – I was worried being a lower priority and donut grilled cheese sandwich. BTW ….. I hope you video of the gang eating ,,, Placing it there was an attempt to bring a smile.

        • Mission accomplished!! I’m sorry that I didn’t respond…hurrying, at that point to get to a school,,read “Bob” to five classes and then pack everything up for the show…but…I LOVED IT!!! Thank you…It did really help my day :) I can always count on you Frank!

  15. Hi Frank, I would love to get … your home address – promise not to pop up in person. Have lost your email address … hope you don’t mind. Send it by email address,

    • Lobotero,
      Welcome first-time commenter. As a foodie, I appreciate your link! Meanwhile, you can see that my site is like an old-fashion hardware store with a wide array of topics. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return.

    • Teeny … or should I call you Bikini … Teeny it is unless told differently.

      Thanks for stopping by. I actually come over as I saw you liked a post, and being a reciprocating blogger, hence the visit. Meanwhile, hope you come back. After all, topics here are across the board.

  16. Hey there Oh King of embedded videos!…I need help…I can never get a video linked and actually have it work…..tell me your secret steps to do this pleasssseeeee…..you can email me at zannyro@yahoo.com…I know you’re busy this week, so whenever would be amazing!! :) :) :)

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  20. Are you going to the Special Tasting Room? Some outstanding wines there. Otherwise, quite a great line-up! I would be sure to hit these if I were going (and also be sure to spit!):

    For Sure
    HC. Patz & Hall
    14. Vintner Select Imports of France

    20. Orin Swift
    25. Longboard
    44. Duckhorn
    45. Rombauer
    51. Cline (great value wines)

    15. Torii Mor
    40. Fess Parker

    3. Gruet
    12. Terry Thiese

    but that’s just me….

    • Great input …. many thanks. Unfortunately, I will not be going into the power room.

      Interestingly, we’ve been to Torii Mor, Fess Parker, and Rombauer. Unfortunately, I don’t see Rombauer’s chard on the list.

  21. I had to take the lift down here Frank but I will certainly call in later and take in the full tour, I am visiting you today from my great friend’s M3 Space at http://mommasmoneymatters.com/ of whom you already know :) :)

    I know that you don’t know me but will send
    you an invite to my Private Space nonetheless
    and welcome Frank if you decide to call by…

  22. Frank, I just realized (to my horror!) that I had never subscribed to your blog (that has been corrected). In my defense, I read you weekly because I want to and not because I’m nagged by an email which I think is the characteristic of a real fan, but it doesn’t help your numbers if no one else knows I’m one of your followers. Please forgive. Have a great Sunday!

    • E-Tom,
      No need to apologize … after all, each of us use the following notices differently. After all, I don’t like getting nagged either!!! Therefore, no need to forgive because no harm done! You’re a good lady who treats me well … and for that I’m grateful.

  23. Wow Frank. We’ve been blogging buddies all this time and I don’t think I ever looked at your About page. What mysteries about your background don’t you know …

  24. Your current header is the best. It combines an earthly view of the here and simultaneously of the heaven beyond That God can paint in such a color pallette is amazing.

    • Randel,
      Glad you liked this header. Interestingly, I brought this one on board with thoughts of winter approaching … and with the intent I would change it in the spring. So changing it is on my radar, but without a timetable.

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  26. I do not know if you know this, but I am from the Buckeye State as well – born in Cincy, went to the University of Cincinnati – CCM – danced professionally for the Cincinnati Ballet Company and Opera – I am a Reds fan (never, ever, ever will I root for the Cubs – i live in Chicagoland now), a Bengals fan and a Bearcats fan. My mom worked for Graeters Ice Cream and now that we get it at the stores here, I know longer have to eat anything else!!!

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  29. Hi

    I was nominated as the recipient of two nice blogger awards recently. You can go The JAR Blog to read about them. The nomination entitles me to nominate others for the awards. I have chosen you as one of them. Your efforts as a blogger have impressed me. The work and energy you invest are appreciated by many, especially me.

    What you do about the nominations is entirely up to you. You may accept them and pass along the nomination(s) to others by way of the rules posted at my blog. Copy and save the award images to your collection.

    Or, you may decide to not participate and do nothing more. Do whatever you want. I have no expectations. It is entirely up to you.

    Sincerely and thanks for being a good blogger.

  30. You probably got a message saying I was now following you. I already was, but I caught the Unfollow button when I when to click on the address bar. D’oh!!

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  32. HA HA HA! I hate caraway also. Did you know that the Caraway aroma (or is it taste) has the same chemical formula as mint? They are chiral molecules…
    Regards, Steve

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    • Peak,
      Welcome first-time comment … and yes, gotta love that bell piece … simply fabulous … and a holiday tradition on this blog. FYI … For more handbell videos, see Category > Handbells on the sidebar. Enjoy!

  36. Great blog! I am a huge Bengals fan. I have been all my life and I have gone through the ups and downs and the playoff losses. Like you I express opinions to all types of things, mainly sports. My name is Ari, I am a 12 year old sports blogger looking to grow a fan base just like you. I have already told some of my friends about you and they said they want to follow you. I have already followed you, to follow back go to sportstalkwithari.com. You can go tell all of your friends about my website just like I did for yours.

  37. Hi Frank…sorry that I haven’t been visiting…still off my game since daughter’s short lived marriage. My heart just isn’t in too much of anything. Trying to keep the blog going, I know I’ll bounce back at some point, it’s just taking longer than I thought.

  38. Hi Frank – found your blog through our mutual friend, FiftyFourandAHalf. I think you were neutral on Barney…but I’d have to double check my facts on that. In visiting you, I see that you live in Ohio, as do I (CLE – the only place to be) and that you went to BG?? I graduated in ’92. Glad to have found a fellow Falcon! Were you in a fraternity? I was an Alpha Xi. Yes, I had fun. I’m very new to the blogosphere and having so much fun here that I don’t have any time left to put content on my own blog. It’s that little bell in the corner that gets me every time. Your blog is incredible and I’m looking forward to learning more about you :)

    • Kelly,
      Welcome first-time commenter … and cheers for reaching out to me … so here’s the perfect welcome gift for you.

      A friend of Elyse is a friend of mine … plus, hey … common states, common schools = golden! On the downside, I’m in Cincinnati, but my wife is grew up in Parma Heights + my sister-in-law still lives up there. Regarding BGSU, I’ve got the feeling I graduated before you were born. ;) (’76) .. Yikes! .. but that’s OK.

      I’ve lived in Ohio all but the first 3 months of my life. To explain more, here’s a past post for you … but I want you to see Chapter 6. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/on-an-autobiography-blog-style/

      OK … I’ll stop because I don’t want to overwhelm you … welcome!

      PS: I hope you realize that Elyse is a Queen (yes, that’s capitalized)

      • Hi Frank – too late, you overwhelmed me. Still can’t believe out of I think 50 million blogs on WP I connected with one that just sent me the BGSU fight song. Absolutely loved your post on your pic from marching band – they have always had an incredible reputation. Thanks for indexing it for me! I might have gotten lost in your blog never to be seen again! And make sure you wish the Queen with a capital Q a happy bday today if you haven’t already – see you soon :)

        • I did wish the Queen a Happy Birthday. Even embedded a little note on my Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts. BTW … see the Schedule subpage under About to let a feel of my normal schedule. Checkout out Categories on the sidebar to notice wide-ranging topics. This week offers your first exposure to Life: The Musical (theme explained in the current post) … of see Categories > Entertainment > Life: The Musical. Only two acts to go. Glad a Forward Falcons toast made you smile!

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  40. I’ve read in the interview with you: “Human Hate: Just think how much better the world would be without hate. Cultural would be appreciated and differences accepted. Many wars have been fought because of culture…” – yes, you’re right; hoping, ISIS will agree soon…

    • Sarah,
      Many thanks … but this page needs to be re-done … well, that’s on my to-do list. Cheers to you enjoying TSO … wonderful music. Because you like them, that video is one of their songs played by a handbell choir .. .amazing … thus a lot of fun to watch on a day when your connection is good.

  41. Your blog is amazingly structured covering so very interesting areas. I’ll be paying attention to the one that “obsesses” me – jazz music – and your perspective on it!
    Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

  42. Frank, I have no idea how we “missed” each other on WP but thanks for the follow and I am already enjoying your site as well. I have a second site at lifeattitudes.wordpress.com I invite you to visit as well. I hope you will enjoy it also. Regards, Bruce

    • Bruce,
      As I mentioned in the other comment, I know we have common visitors. I started as sports and politics, but evolved into an eclectic collection … and actually not much on sports anymore. Trying to catch up, but I’ll check for out there. Thanks for the invite.

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