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Below is a lengthy list of bloggers grouped by variety of categories. Having one long list makes it easier to move, add, or delete bloggers. Enjoy perusing this list. If I have the incorrect location, please let me know.

A-Team Premium Visitors (listed on the sidebar) frequently visit and comment on this blog.

The Pop-Ins – I never know when they will appear, but no matter, when that time comes, it is always a pleasant surprise that causes a smile.


The Salutes – The Retired, the Inactive, and Infrequent posters



29 thoughts on “BlogRoll

    • Audra,
      Thanks. Believe it or not, most of these were already previously displayed, but in three different places. At least the majority are here, and this will be easy to add or move bloggers.


    • Christy,
      Communities are what they are. Once I figured out the plan, it was fun to do. This format makes sense to me, and is easy to move people around into a different category … or to delete to move to the front-page or add from the front page deletion.

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  1. Frank, I am in AWE of you, this BLOG , Your posts……..THIS BLOGROLL. Oh my goodness…..Even here you are so organized… thoughtful.
    It is amazing.
    Yes, I looked for my name……Never expecting to see it. I really didn’t since we have just met so to speak.
    I SMILED, ALMOST CRIED when I saw my blog come up…..with my names. All of them. LOL
    You are amazing.
    I need to visit more or at least comment when I do come here……

    I am going to try and explain something and I pray it comes out right.

    I love reading what you write. I do. I love the in depth writing.
    I can’t imagine how long it takes you to write what you do….After reading all you do.
    Then taking the time to visit everyone else’s blog….AND COMMENT like you do.
    I enjoy our talks.

    Here comes the hard part…….
    My head aches from trying to read your posts because I always try and read it all or most of it…..
    I mean really aches….HURTS….
    Remember I suffer from Migraines and just bad headaches…..Sometimes thinking…..really thinking or concentrating does that to me,

    You have a wealth of information to share …..
    I wish I could even remember a forth of what you wrote after I read it.

    I remember when I didn’t have this trouble. When I could think, spell, write and talk without all being hard for me.

    What I need to do if I just can….IS to read just a bit……
    Then comment. And come back….
    By then you have written another awesome post.

    Knowing you and visiting with you the past couple of months have made a difference in my life.
    I am reaching out more. Sharing more of myself.
    So Thank you, My new friend .
    Sarah 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤

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    • Sarah,
      Many thanks for the kind words. You are another example of my belief that the majority of people in the world are good.

      As the Categories in the sidebar validates, I’m all over the place in terms of topics. Some are deep … others more informational … and then whatever else. Your migraine condition must be horrible – but I can’t imagine. Hang in there!!!!

      A special thanks for sharing so much about yourself – which also helps me!

      This blogroll page is relatively new … I think early this year. Before that, my list was just that … a list … and poorly organized. I got this idea, then decided to go with it. I like it, and do occasionally add bloggers. On the other hand, I’m due for a major re-work on this page … that is, moving some around, deleting others, and rearranging the order of the groups..


  2. Frank, You and a few others I have met while blogging have made it easier for me to share.
    I got so use to people not wanting to hear about Migraines, Lupus and Fibro. They only knew I was one of “THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE ALWAYS SICK”.
    So I stopped explaining to anyone why I hadn’t written or why I wasn’t volunteering. Usually I couldn’t.
    I wish I could get organized. The more I try the worse I get. LOL
    I agree with you. The majority of the people here on earth are good people. Sadly, the ones we usually see or hear of are the complainers , the users, the deadbeats…..that list could go on forever,
    Just know, I am often here reading bits and pieces…….Even comment.
    Also, the internet is so slow it takes forever for me to leave a message. Nothing you can do about that.
    HUGS, Sarah


    • Glad I’m able to be a bright spot for you. In terms of blogging (thus considering your condition), do what is best for you. After all, you owe that much to yourself. Your readers will understand, so don’t pressure yourself.

      Our weekend has been full so far .. .but nothing hectic. However, I’m way behind on visiting blogs. Way, way behind!


  3. Thank you, Frank, for your generosity. I can only say: wow! It would be impossible for me to collect such a vast amount of information at this time. I’m relatively new to this act of blogging, and I only met your blog just by chance, but I’m glad I did. And more… I found my name in one of your lists, which is so flattering but I don’t know if I deserve it given the little time I’ve been there. I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend to all the precious words, thoughts and knowledge that everyone is so willing to share uninterestingly around here. Really, it’s overwhelming. As Sarah’s Attic of Treasures says somewhere in her comments (sorry I don’t have the honour to have met her before on the blogsphere), it is almost unbearable to see that everything flows at such a fast pace that it makes it difficult to reply, comment and produce new stuff at the same time. But all the same, I have the intention to enjoy it, and keeo enjoying your entries, Thank so much again, Frank 🙂

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    • Moonish June, Hello there……
      We’re meeting now….After I write this I will visit your blog.
      I am new here as well. I started the blog in March but only wrote a few times.
      It wasn’t until June that I really got into it. Posting almost every day at first.
      I can’t begin to keep up with even a fourth of the people I follow. There are just too many of them.
      Reading comments and answering them…it all takes time.
      Time I love….but don’t always have.
      So I do what I can when I can.
      Happy Saturday. Enjoy your weekend.
      Happy Blogging.
      I am off to your page.
      Hugs Sarah

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      • Thank you so much for visiting me, Sarah! Nice to meet you too. I had tried to write a blog before; for quite a long time that had been my intention, but it didn’t really fit my way of communicating with the world, and besides, I was not sure I wanted to. I didn’t know what to expect of it or what to share… This time I’ve started from scratch in almost everything concerning writing, reading, communicating, etc., and I can say I feel just fine. I hope it lasts. I enjoyed your comments on Frankangle’s site. Thank you again for your message, and a hearty welcome to my humble site 🙂

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    • Olga,
      I see it the other way around as I’m the one who should be thanking you for the kinds words … that’s just the way I’m wired.

      I’ve been doing this for 7 years (actual anniversary was Friday) – thus I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. My previous way of recognizing bloggers was very disjointed, so earlier this year I reorganized into the format you see today. The New Acquaintances group is relatively new … and I already see I have some shuffling to do (which I hope to do soon). To me, this format needs periodic updating.

      I can’t say enough about the good people in the community here. A past post on The Blogging Blues sparked an interesting series, which was actually a compilation of thoughts from other bloggers in comments on the original post. I say that because you said you’re relatively new to blogging, so you may find something helpful in it. Here’s the link to the last in the series of 5 … the previous 4 are linked at the end of the post … and the Blogging Blues post that started it all is in the opening paragraph.

      I’m a survivor in the blog world .. but not a bit stat generator … however, I am consistent in many ways while being a good host. Thanks again for your kind words.


      • Great help to a starter, Frank. AS I have said in my previous comment for Sarah, I have tried to get into this before never succeeding in what seemed to be my intention or goal. Perhaps that was really the reason I could never get going, the fact that I had no goal, purpose. Not that I have a clear goal now, but at least I don’t mind not having it 😉 Ironic, right? See you soon!

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  4. Frank,
    Then laying low would be the way to go. Enjoy your quiet time.
    Danny’s had enough of being home at night by himself
    He misses me at night.
    He has to make his own coffee.
    The hospital is really great about letting him stay LATE. And he has been.


  5. You are so generous and thoughtful to put together these lists. I recognize a lot of them and am a little sad at the ones who aren’t around anymore. If I need a go-to list, I’ll just come here, Frank! Great job with this.

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    • Amy,
      Thanks. Before creating this page, my links to others were very unorganized. This took time to create, but it was the way to go … however, this method also requires occasion updating, which is now on my to-do list.

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  6. Frank, wanted you to know I have added you to my Blogroll on both my sites. I hope you will visit and comment on them when you can. I believe you mentioned this site started out as sports and then blossomed out into “life.” I started out with two separate ones from the jump. Looks like we both have much more to say than just sports talk. Love your work and will be a constant commenter from here on. Best, Bruce B.

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