On Curly in the Court

Last Monday’s tribute to Curly Howard with the Cha-Cha Slide was well received, so I have to do a follow-up post. Since the courtroom scene cracks me up every time, I searched for the original scene – Success! To me, and other lover of Stooges and off-beat humor, this is a classic – so enjoy and have a good week.

On Teaching with a Song

Since children throughout the country are in the process starting another school year, here’s a look back at three people you may not have considered to be classroom specialists: Larry, Mo, and Curly. Now, for more of the story – You may not know that Larry Fine was a proficient classical violinist before joining the Stooges.

On Nyuk-Nyuk-Nyuk

Some people need a musically jolt to get moving on Monday morning. After all, I’ve posted music for Monday morning before.

To those who do, here’s a musical tribute to the one who brought us “nyuk-nyuk-nyok”, “SOIT-an-ly”, “Oh – a wise guy” and many more. Enjoy the Curly Shuffle below and here’s more information about one of my favorite funny guys: Curly Howard.