Challenge: She/He

The She/He Challenge


The She/He Challenge involves writing a story that bounces between the mind of two people. The twist is that I have written what is the man is thinking about her (She statements), so the challenge involves writing the woman’s thoughts (He statements about him). To increase the challenge, each sentence in the woman’s thoughts must begin with “He” to complement the “She” that starts each sentence in the original story.

Challenge Overview

  1. Copy/Paste the original story (On She) for the “She” statements. (Linked here)
  2. The original “She” statements are part of your story
  3. Compose a “He” sentence immediately after each “She” sentence
  4. The first word of each sentence of the final product appear as She, He, She, He, She, He, etc
  5. She and He contractions are acceptable
  6. Limit each line/thought to one sentence
  7. Genre and direction is writer’s choice
  8. Just because he’s thinking about dance does not mean she is
  9. This is NOT a conversation, but involves thoughts of what is going on in each person’s head
  10. Story title is writer’s choice
  11. A video at the end is NOT required
  12. Feel free to ask questions

Option A (by posting on your blog)

  1. On Tuesday 13 November 2018 at 9:00 pm (Eastern US), I will post my She/He Challenge story
  2. In order to link to my post, wait until I post my She/He story on Challenge Day
  3. If desired, embed the badge on your post
  4. Link to my She/He post (not this page, not the original story)
  5. Encourage others to participate
  6. Post the entire She/He story on your blog

Option B (by commenting)

  1. At the designated date and time, I will post my She/He story
  2. Readers can enter their story into the Comments section
  3. If desired, take the badge for your collection