Q & A

I’ve shared a lot of me on the over 2,200 posts over 11 years on my little corner of the world. As part of my farewell from regular blogging, I want to provide a place for readers to ask questions about whatever (within reason).

  1. Place your question in the Comment section
  2. In time, I will answer it by replying
  3. To let you know I’ve answered your question, I will also click the Like icon

Now – let’s see if this works.

2 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Why ever do you want to leave? 😉
    Seriously, one knows when one is done with one “project” and desires to move on to another. I know you’re not gone yet, but I shall miss you tremendously.

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    • Dale,
      Good question … and thanks for being the first to participate!

      Everyone looks at blogging differently. Personally (and rightfully so or not) I place certain expectations on myself. I have been struggling with those for some time. The idea to step away actually came to me last winter. I stewed on that thought for many months before I mentioned that I was considering it in an OITS. When I did, only a few caught it. I kept thinking, and then mentioned it again when I actually made the decision, but without knowing the end. It’s been a great run for me, but I also know the time is right. Besides, it is important to me to have closure for myself and my readers. As a reader, I never liked when someone just walked away without telling us. As far as we know, they could have died.


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