Typical Publishing Schedule

For many years I thought of this blog as a weekly magazine containing regular articles and features. By the end of the week, the magazine is complete, thus the next edition starts building on Monday. By the end of May 2015, I wanted more time to visit other blogs, and the best way to do it was eliminate two regular posts (marked by the strike-through).

MondayMonday Morning Entertainment – Light, short posts recapping the weekend, a look at the week ahead, and a video to start the week with a chuckle. (256 posts are in the archives)

Monday/Tuesday – Open topic/feature

WednesdayOn Satire Bits – A mid-week dose of satirical headlines for some laughs. (134 posts in the archives)

Wednesday/Thursday – Open topic/feature/Musical Act

FridayOpinions in the Shorts – Short commentaries about politics and other topics, satirical headlines, a list of interesting reads, announcements, and music to send readers into the weekend.


  • Explore Series – A short post featuring a person, place, or thing, which includes a featured video.
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons – Features a cartoon character from the Golden Age of Cartoons because that’s what I saw in my youth.

Special Musicals – A musical featuring music around a theme. Once a musical starts, acts typically occur every two weeks. I announce the act’s theme in Opinions in the Shorts (Friday), and normal curtain time for the actual act is Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

Posting Times

I’m in the Eastern Time Zone (USA). Because of the global nature of blogs, new posts typically appear at 9:30 pm/21:30 (Eastern US) the night before the date listed below. For example, Opinions in the Shorts publishes at 9:30 pm (Eastern) Thursday night, but I consider it a Friday post. Saturday Morning Cartoons and Explore are exceptions with normal publishing between midnight and 2 AM (Eastern US) so other parts of the world can have it for their Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Schedule

    • Doggy,
      Fortunately, I have the time at the moment to maintain it …. or at least close to it … but the bottom line it is the “host’s/owner’s” choice to do what they feel is best for them.


  1. I have toured a bit of your blog and like what I see. I came to visit you via John Howell. Congratulations on being freshly pressed. twice! Maybe more? I admire anyone who can keep up a weekly schedule on WP. I am good to get my Sunday Synopsis done before midnight to recap my week once every seven days.


    • SK,
      Welcome first timer! Yes, I try not only a schedule, but a theme-based schedule. Of course there are times in life when it can’t be met, but readers are very understandable.

      Also, as you can tell by the Categories, my topics are wide ranging, thus I like to claim there is something here for all. Thanks for taking the time to comment and cheers to John for guiding you this way.


  2. Have you ever done—or considered doing—a post on the IG NOBEL PRIZE, Frank? It’s a a lot of laughs and pokes fun at “trivial” scientific research, though admitting that sometimes it’s a small experiment that can lead to larger discovery.


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