On Ushering in 2014

Believe it or not, no alcohol is associated with that video!

I recall watching the Mummer’s Day celebration from Philadelphia on New Years’ Day. After all, there’s something about a band of saxophones, banjos, and accordions with extraordinary outfits that capture my fancy. Yes, I am a Mummers-want-to-be from afar. However, nobody does this song better than a Mummers band.


Once again, nobody in that video was influenced by alcohol. For those wanting more Mummers, here’s a melody of tunes with better sound quality.

How is your final week of 2013?

Following successful handbell ringing on Christmas Eve, we had a low-key Christmas Day afternoon with my father-in-law. A few days later, the three of us traveled cross-state to my sister-in-law’s home for the weekend – thus why you haven’t seen me. Meanwhile, we continue with preparing to sell our home and packing for the whenever-it-will-be move.

Glad to see that readers have been enjoying my Exploring series. Given the mid-week holiday, three more posts will finish the week before I return to my routine.

Given a new month and a new year, your calendars are eagerly anticipating new entries, so enjoy this bountiful list of celebrations!

(2014) Year of Crystallography, Year of Family Farming, Year of the Horse, Year of Small Island Developing Status

Month-long celebration for January include polka, soup, hobbies, eye health, book, hot tea, volunteer blood donor, life, Ok to be different, personal self-defense, wheat bread, candy, swapping soup, reaching your potential, oatmeal, letter writing, bath safety, get over it, bald eagles, mail order gardening, stamp collectors autism awareness, creativity, crime stoppers, bread machine baking,

(Wed) Guapo Surfing Day, Bad Hangover Day, Bowling Day, Copyright Law Day, Commitment Day, Ellis Island Day, Euro Day, First-Foot day, Global Family Day, Polar Bear Plunge Day, Bloody Mary Day, Surnames-Beginning-with-Z Day, Bonza Bottler’s Day

(Thurs) Buffet Day, Swiss Cheese Day, Motivation and Inspiration Day, Personal Trainer Awareness Day, Science Fiction Day, Cream Puff Day

(Fri) Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, Festival of Sleep Day, Drinking Straw Day, Humiliation day

(Sat) Spaghetti Day, Dimpled Chat Day, Tom Thumb Day, Trivia Day, Braille Day, Hypnotism Day, Free Flower Basket Day,

(Sun) Whipped Cream Day, Bean Day, Bird Day, Second-Hand Wardrobe Day

Hope everyone has a safe New Years’ Eve, and cheers to good health and spirits for 2014! Happy New Year!

On Bye to One, Hello to Another

At the time of this posting, 2010 is about to close and the door into 2011 will open with gusto hour-by-hour throughout the world. Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote the words to Auld Lang Syne in 1788 and set it to the tune of a traditional Scottish folk song … and yes, the song remains a New Years’ Scottish tradition.

Those of us of a certain age recall bandleader Guy Lombardo (a Canadian, eh?) ushering in the new year on television (and radio before that), thus also causing the tradition to spread to throughout America and eventually to film and stage.

Almost one hundred years after Burns, Tchaikovsky wrote the 1812 Overture (in 1880) to commemorate the Russian defense of Moscow against Napoleon. Today, this is a common festive tune of American orchestras on July 4th.

The connection you wonder? Ah ha! How about saying goodbye to 2010 and saluting the start of 2011 to a stirring three-minute combined rendition of Auld Lang Syne and the 1812 Overture in my entertainment spirit – from a bottle orchestra complete with canons!

Happy New Year to all … safely celebrate …. and tons of joy in the days ahead!