Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 41

On Palin Endorsement
Recently in a New York race, Sarah Palin endorsed the third-party candidate instead of the party-backed Republican. I wonder about the following: Why hasn’t the Libertarian Party courted her? Why hasn’t she (or has she) approached the Libertarian Party? It seems their platform matches many of her ideals and the party could use a nationally-known figure to boost its image. Plus she would bring some voters with her. Now she still wouldn’t get my vote, but still, it seems the idea would be worth considering.

On a Gambling Issue
Ohio voters will face another gambling issue next week. Although the past 15 of so related issues have gone down in flames in the past, this one seems to have a chance of passing. I’m amused by the attack ads, here’s the one that I find the most interesting. The Cincinnati Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church is against the issue because of “economic, social, and moral” reasons. Interesting, especially because of the legal gambling they use as fund raising.

On Cutting into Learning Time
Unfortunately for me, since I’ve taken on a major project the past couple of weeks, my blog reading and writing time have suffered – translated into decreased learning! My apologies to the bloggers who may be wondering where I’ve been.

On the Afghanistan Fight
It seems our armed forces are in Afghanistan to take on Al-Qaeda – an enemy that has little presence in Afghanistan because they are in Pakistan. Therefore, the fight is with the Taliban, who isn’t the target, but the group who oppose the US presence. Can anyone else hear Abbott and Costello “Who’s on first?” What a mess!

On Rushing the NFL
Who doesn’t feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh as his attempt to become part of an ownership group fell short of the goal? Yes, he has the right to be an NFL owner. Yes, the NFL has the right to turn him down. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this Leonard Pitts column about the issue.

On the World Series
A friend of mine roots for multiple baseball teams. Obviously, whichever one is doing best is his favorite. Since none of his teams made the playoffs and the Indians being one of his teams, he turned into an instant Dodger fan because they have so many ex-Indians. Then they lose. So now he’s pulling for the Phillies because of ex=Indians Cliff Lee and manager Grady Little, well, unless CC is playing (then he’s torn). He’s such a Homer, a fact that he continually denies.  I’m a Reds fan and since they aren’t in the World Series, I don’t care who wins.

On the BCS
Although the Cincinnati Bearcats are trying to upset the BCS apple cart, I don’t have a good feeling about their trip to Syracuse this weekend. Nonetheless, I tip of the Angle cap to the Global Sports Fraternity for their taping of the BCS Committee Meetings. For anyone who missed the latest, watch below.

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 35

On a Contrarian Deficit
I’m not wild about the size of the federal deficit or its growth rate; nor do I blame any one political party. Nonetheless, this Paul Krugman column made me think and think about the deficit in a different way.

On a Passing Giant
We get a chance to relive history and moments anytime a major public figure dies – and the ups and down in the life of Edward Kennedy was no different. He was both a saint and a sinner, but aren’t we all. As a local friend said to me, “He grew up late in life.” I was touched by the young Kennedy of today with their role and words during the Prayers portion of the service. I was touched by comments from Sen. Orin Hatch and Sen. John McCain. I smiled when Senator Hatch explained how he went to Washington to slay Kennedy and his likes, but instead got a true friend. I enjoyed seeing the former presidents seated together near the front because they only get together on special occasions. And I appreciated these columns by David Brooks and George Will.

On a Site of Remembrance
I can’t recall what I was watching to directed me to this site, but here’s a not-so-well-known site run by the government about terrorism and fights for liberty. With 9-11 approaching, this well-done site is worth noting.

On Confirmation by Columnists
Last week I commented on Afghanistan, and this week George Will writes an interesting parallel. Also, on more than one occasion I have mentioned that President Obama losing support from the center and the need for him to recapture the center.  (Most recent). Thank you David Brooks for your column confirming this.

On Real Men of Genius
The Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” radio commercials crack me up. Did you know over 100 have been made? Better yet, here’s a site with all of them. #32 causing me to lose it each time I hear it.

On Fight Songs & Nicknames
Kickoff to the college football season now opening, here’s a site for all college fans – a site with all the fight songs and spirit songs all schools in the major conferences.  This past post features a different look at school nicknames.

On a Lighter Note
Here’s a tune from One-String Willy who plays a guitar with one string.

On Iraq and Afghanistan

As a reaction to 9-11, the U.S. targeted Afghanistan. As the action was swift, the Bush administration took their eye off the ball and shifted their focus to Iraq. Although many Americans initially supported the invasion of Iraq, time demonstrated a changing public sentiment as the public had little patience on continual use or our country’s armed forces and resources.

Out of Iraq we come as President Obama returns to the initial focus – Afghanistan, thus this will become his war, just as Iraq become President Bush’s war. The public eye will shift from Iraq to Afghanistan, so how long will it take for the American public to again have little patience with continual use of our armed forces and resources? Time will tell.

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 17

On Afghanistan
Ever since our leaders decided to militarily engage in Afghanistan, I’ve continued to wonder if that’s the best decision. History shows mighty armies of the British and Russians both left with their tails dragging behind. We fighting the Taliban, a group that our subversive efforts armed and helped gain power (as per Charlie Wilson’s war).

  • Does our mere presence in that country in the name of finding top Al Qaeda leadership actually motivating people to join Al Qaeda?
  • Would capturing Osama bid Laden create more harm than good?

David Ignatius’s recent column is a good read.

On City School Superintendents
Public school systems in the large cities throughout our country struggle for a variety of reasons, thus regularly rank low on state-scoring criteria. Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is currently searching for a new superintendent. I’ve been in the area long enough to observe a search pattern, so I ask these questions.

  • Why do urban districts (like CPS) continue to search other urban schools for new leadership, thus not the successful suburban schools?
  • Better yet, if the suburban superintendents are so good, why aren’t they setting up to face the challenges in the urban districts?

On the Next Justice
No, there’s no opening currently on the U.S. Supreme Court, but Paulette at Let Us Talk tosses out a name.

On the Hall of Justice
I’ve never been into comics, but those who are will be interested in this article from the Cincinnati Enquirer about DC Comics’ Superheroes and the Hall of Justice of the Justice League of America.

On a BG Legend
I attended my first college sporting event when I was in grade school. I grew up near Ohio University and my uncle took me (and my cousins) to a game because he wanted to see a player on the opposing team known as a greater scorer. Little did I realize this would actually be my first Bowling Green game (I’m a BG grad).

Howard “Butch” Komives, a guard, was the nation’s leading scorer in the 1963-64 season with 37 points per game – long before the 3-pt line existed. The other day I read of his passing.

In another link to me, that same season Loyola (Chicago) won the national title, thus preventing Cincinnati’s bid for a third-straight title. (I was am a Bearcat grad and fan). Interestingly, the Falcons pounded the #2-ranked, undefeated Ramblers earlier that season. Sports fans will like this look-back perspective from Loyola and the 1963 tournament bracket.

On the Sweet 16 Games
Gotta Pick

  • Louisville over Arizona
  • Memphis over Missouri
  • North Carolina over Gonzaga
  • Oklahoma over Syracuse

Coin Toss Says

  • Michigan State over Kansas
  • UConn over Purdue
  • Pitt over Xavier
  • Villanova over Duke

On Something to Chuckle