Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 299

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Wow – time is creeping up on the celebratory edition of Opinions in the Shorts.

My wife has been gone all week as she was one of 5 long-time friends now in 3 states went to Florida for a week. Believe it or not, I didn’t do a lot of dancing this time. We will refresh the upcoming waltz formation routine when she returns.

Happy Easter to my friends who are Orthodox Christians.

Because of the revenue-driven aspect of college sports, instead of NCAA, I think they should embrace a new set of initials – NCIC ….. National Collegiate Industrial Complex.

House of Cards is currently in Season 4. Any ideas how many years the season will run?

Thanks to George (The Off Key of Life) for posting this video that has many lessons.

Colors: The Musical resumes next week with Act 6 featuring songs with purple, indigo, and violet in the titles. Curtain time is Tuesday, May 3 at 9:30 PM (Eastern US)

  • Purple, Indigo, or Violet must appear in the song title
  • No forms of the any of those three words (as purples, purplest, etc)
  • No compound words containing any of the three keywords
  • No shades of any of those three colors
  • No duplicate songs

There will be a Saturday Explore post this weekend.

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Donald Trump (R-NY) admitted that his campaign-trail personal has been fake, so he’ll now pivot to a more presidential personality. Although I knew all along that much was an act, the pivot insults me even more than he already has. If the change results in more support, this is even a sadder commentary on the American public.

I expected Trump’s big night this past Tuesday, so next week’s Indiana primary is big – although the Cruz-Kasich strategy is goofy.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announcing his running mate shows he knows Indiana’s importance.

Looking ahead to the Republican convention, what if a delegate decides not to vote, and those designed to set in choose not to do so? I introduce you to Rule 29.

To lead you into your weekly dose of satire, The Onion offers ways the GOP can stop Donald Trump.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Brita unveils new in-throat water filters
Report: Only 893,000 news stories to go until 2016 election over
Pope Francis proclaims happiness cannot be downloaded
Psychiatrist cures patient
Pigeon waits for walk signal before crossing street
Experts warn climate change will increase incidences of stepping into puddle and getting whole goddamn foot soaking wet

Interesting Reads
5 ways Americans and Europeans differ
A Brazilian city’s love for the Confederate Flag
Rotifers, genetic engineering, and sex
Different religions and their view of God
Farm animals in the style of Rembrandt

To send you into this weekend, enjoy this easy listening song from Michael Bublé. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On Losing Friends when Old

At the Olympics, gold is the highest on the podium and the national anthem played during the ceremony. Gold is the material of desired jewelry and whose discovery sparked rushes. Gold is the color for a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. Golden Years refers to the age of retirement – freedom from work.

My dad is 83, and on Saturday he lost Paul, a long-time friend and probably his best friend. Although their personalities and interests were different, they shared bond that strengthened through retirement.

By living in a small town as well as being in business, many knew Paul. People loved his sense of humor and his positive attitude, both of which were scene in the quick bounce in his step. But now all of us who knew him must rely on his positive memories.

When on the phone with my dad over the past 20 years he always talked about who’s in the hospital, who he visited at a nursing home, or whose funeral or visitation he attended. Being small town business owners, Dad knew many people, but that also means he’s seen many people leave this life. The golden years have got to be tough.

Just a few months ago Dad lost a long-time friend and best friend from his youth in Missouri. I was with them the last time they saw each other, but it was in a care facility due to Alzheimer’s and recognition was only slight. The golden years must be tough.
I also think of one of my longtime friends who recently lost both of her parents within 6 weeks! Meanwhile, Paul’s loving wife is left behind to fight her own health issues without children, without nearby family … only small town friends. The golden years can be lonely.

Not being in that age group, I don’t fully understand their daily trials and tribulations. Although I can recall losing a classmate in third grade and many others since, I can’t imagine what it’s really like to watch close friends dwindle away.

Paul was my friend too, thus I’ve spent much time with Paul through the years. I appreciated his positive and humorous spirit that was also caring. He always asked about my in-laws, someone who he met twice. He always talked about staying young, feeling young, staying active, and enjoying life. I was with him on Christmas Day, yet even with his health struggles, his joyous personality was still there.

So to Paul I say two things: thank you and say hi to Mom for us.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 6

During the automaker hearing and subsequent discussions, members of Congress slammed executive compensation. Since members of Congress get an annual cost of living adjustment (COLA), I wonder if they would forgo their COLA and any raise until they operate the federal government at a budget surplus for two consecutive years? Ah yes, the dilemma of practicing what you preach.

Wow – sitting president’s age twice as fast as the rest of us. Now that’s pressure.

It appears Norm Coleman will be known as the one losing to a wrestler and a comedian. For Coleman’s sake, I sure hope Joe the Plumber doesn’t move to Minnesota after returning from his journalism stint.

I find Ann Coulter to be much more obnoxious than Rush Limbaugh.


SUV and truck sales are rising. Isn’t it amazing how quickly people forget? Here’s a good article on rising gas prices.

Is anyone troubled by the fact that Russia has cut off natural gas to much of Europe?

Congratulations to Florida on winning the mythical national championship game. By the way, the game has nothing to do with which conference is better.

Although the UC Bearcats didn’t play well in the Orange Bowl, I give credit to Va. Tech for getting the job done. Congratulations Hokies!

Since I have a warm spot for nonBCS schools, great job Utah! Too bad voters are too ignorant and/or too biased to notice. Wonder if they even watched? Here’s a great article by Dan Wetzel.

OUCH, said this proud MAC grad whose conference was winless this bowl season. Didn’t that also happen last year?

Sports fans like good stories about community involvement by players. Here’s a new site to see, and check the Athletes on Board link.

Shout Outs
To be in a commercial and listed as a sponsor by Basic Bloganomics is an honor.

I’m looking for to an upcoming exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center: On Race: Are We so Different? It runs here from mid-January to late April. Checkout the exhibit’s site; including its virtual tour!

It will be worth a few minutes to view MSNBC’s The Week in Pictures.

If you didn’t see it, CBS News did a great piece on how Brad Pitt aged in his latest movie.

Let’s hear it for the guy who used a blow torch to melt the ice on his porch. It sure takes all kinds to make this world go around.