On the All-Time Girly Girls

The start of the World Series is a good time for a baseball post. As many of us know the song A Boy Named Sue, and some of us actually remember when it was a Johnny Cash hit.

Although nobody named Sue has played in a major league baseball game, the lineup below features players whose name could be of a female. Keep in mind that my goal is to include as many female-like names as possible. To ramp up the difficulty of fielding a team, I have added a self-imposed rule of only one person per name, with the exception of Hall of Fame (HOF) members.

Even with that in mind, the roster still includes ten members of the HOF accompanying many All-Stars. This team can hit and pitch, thus would be a contender and far outdistance the All-Time Randys who can’t hit, field, and are thin at pitching. Meanwhile, the Randys are perfect for being repeatedly beaten by a bunch of girly guys.

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After the roster, make sure you see the honorable mention list, plus the video.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Guys with a Girl’s Name.

1B – Lee May (AS)
2B – Jackie Robinson (HOF)
SS – Cookie Rojas (AS)
3B – Judy Johnson (HOF)
C – Jody Davis (AS)
OF – Babe Ruth (HOF)
OF – Jesse Burkett (HOF)
OF – Robin Yount (HOF)
DH – Dixie Walker (AS)

SP – Christy Mathewson (HOF)
SP – Sandy Koufax (HOF)
SP – Robin Roberts (HOF)
SP – Jesse Haines (HOF)
SP – Candy Cummings (HOF)
RP – Lee Smith (AS)
RP – Allie Reynolds (AS)
RP – Lynn McGlothen (AS)
RP – Rosy Ryan

Mgr – Connie Mack (HOF)

Bench: Ryan Klesko (AS), Shannon Stewart, Taylor Douthit, Kim Bautiste, Dana Fillingim, Angel Barroa, Lena Blackburne, Tillie Walker, Kitty Bransfield

Honorable Mention: Jackie Jensen (AS), Jesse Barfield (AS), Sandy Alomar Jr. (AS), Connie Ryan (AS), Lady Baldwin, Sadie McMahan, Dolly Stark, Goldie Rapp, Blondy Ryan, Cuddles Marshall, Daisy Davis, Bonnie Hollingsworth, Faye Thorneberry, Snooks Dowd

On the All-Time Roys

A Rob Roy cocktail is named about a guy with a middle name Roy who didn’t go by Roy or ride Trigger, play music, or box – that was Roy Rogers, Roy Orbison, and Roy Jones, Jr.

Roy’s Motor Café is on Route 66 in the Mojave Desert (Amboy, CA), not Roy, UT or Roy, WA.

After the July trade with the Astros, the Phillies 1-2 pitchers are both Roy. Not many Roys have made it to the Show (80s), let alone having two on the same time. Besides, with my Reds facing the Phillies in the divisional playoffs, it is a great time to examine the All-Time Roys.

The All-Time Roys are better than expected, especially considering that number of Roys in MLB history. Offense, the first two starters, and closer are strengths, but pitching depth is an issue. The Roys won’t be contenders, but they should have no problem dismantling the All-Time Randys.

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Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Roys.

1B – Roy Cullenbine (AS)
2B – Roy Smalley (AS)
SS – Roy McMillan (AS)
3B – Roy Howell (AS)
C – Roy Campanella (HOF)
OF – Roy White (AS)
OF – Roy Sievers (AS)
OF – Roy Thomas
DH – Roy Johnson

SP – Roy Halladay (AS)
SP – Roy Oswalt (AS)
SP – Roy Parmelee
SP – Roy Mitchell
SP – Roy Evans
RP – Roy Face (AS)
RP – Roy Lee Jackson
RP – Roy Thomas
RP – Roy Walker

MGR – Roy Hartsfield

Last but not least, here’s a baseball salute to The Natural, Roy Hobbs that chokes me up every time.

On the All-Time Only Guys I

In the past, I have honoring teams of the same name. Being All-Star Game week, I dedicate this post to the players who played and they were the only one with that name. Since there was enough to fill two teams, I decided to split the alphabet, but that is the easy part!

We could fill a roster with names as Pokey, Boog, Arky, Kaiser, Tuffy, Mookie, and many more that aren’t their given name or even a form of it. But hey, Kiki Cuyler is in Hall (HOF), but not the only Kiki to play; but he is the only Hazen. If you toss out Arky (HOF), do you also toss Bid (HOF)?  There’s only been one CC, and only one Carsten (the first C), but is there a spot on the roster for him?

Then again, there’s only one Wilver, but he went by Willie plus one Sanford called Sandy. There’s only one Dolph and only one Dolf – now what? There’s only one Healthcliff, but is he good enough to make the roster? Only one is named Honus (HOF), but he name was John Peter, yet was nicknamed the Flying Dutchman. Or there’s only been one Rocco known as Rocco, but other Roccos were Rocky.

In other words, Houston we have a problem. But there’s only one Houston (Jimenez), but a Huston (Street). There’s only one Dock, but numerous Docs. In the spirit of what I’m trying to do, the bottom line – It’s my decision since this is my post. Heck, at least I tried.

Since there are so many names, I created two teams by alphabetical first names. The A-L team is simply loaded with strong pitching and good-enough batters. By the way, for the other all-time teams, see Categories in the Sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams, or simply click here.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the all-time Only Guys A-K.

1B – Boog Powell (AS)
2B – Emilio Bonifacio

SS – Honus Wagner (HOF)

3B – Harmon Killibrew (HOF)
C – Biff Pocaroba
OF – Cristobal Torriente (HOF)
OF – Hazen Kiki Cuyler (HOF)
OF – Ichiro Suzuki (AS)
DH – Arky Vaughan (HOF)

P – Addie Joss (HOF)
P – Burleigh Grimes (HOF)
P – Clark Griffith (HOF)
P – Early Wynn (HOF)
P – Eppa Rixey (HOF)
P – Ferguson Jenkins (HOF)
P – Gaylord Perry (HOF)
P – Hilton Smith (HOF)
P – Camilio Pascual (AS)

Mgr. – Haywood Sullivan

Honorable Mention: Firpo Marberry (because he is one of my favorites)

On the All-Time Mickeys

Hollywood gave us Mickey Rooney and Mickey Rourke. Music provided Micky Dolenz, and Mickey Gilley – plus a rock legend called Mick (Jagger). Toni Basil sang about Mickey, and Walt Disney brought us M-I-C-K-E-Y. We could also include Mickey Spillane and Mickey Way, but hey – this post is about baseball – and the All-Time team of the new baseball season.

The intriguing note about baseball’s all-time Mickeys, only 45 Mickeys have played MLB, and that includes a handful of those nicknamed Mickey. Yet, considering the odds, this is an interesting team of 17 and strong enough to dominate the All-Time Randys.

To see the All-Time Randys and other all time teams, see Categories in the right-side sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Mickeys.

1B – Mickey Vernon (AS)
2B – Mickey Morandini (AS)
SS – Mickey Dolan
3B – Mickey Hatcher
C – Mickey Cochrane (HOF)
OF – Mickey Mantle (HOF)
OF – Mickey Rivers (AS)
OF – Mickey Stanley
DH – Mickey Tettleton

SP – Mickey Welch (HOF)
SP – Mickey Lolich (AS)
SP – Mickey Harris (AS)
SP – Mickey Haefner
SP – Mickey McDermott
RP – Mickey Melton
RP – Mickey Mahler
RP – Mickey Callaway

Mgr – Mickey Cochrane

On the All-Time Bills

Buffalo Bill is linked to the wild western frontier, but the reverse is a football team. Bill Clinton was a U.S. President, Bill Cullen a game show host, Bill Cosby an actor, comedian, and role model and Bill Bailey came home to a song.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft, Bill Murray makes us laugh, and Bill Cartwright was a pro athlete would wasn’t on Bonanza – but I do have a good friend Bill who is part of the dinner group on Gilligan’s Island.

Baseball is loaded with Bills. There’s the Yankee manager who loved to fight and got frequently fired and rehired; plus a former first baseman who went on to be AL President. The Hall of Fame even enshrines several umpire Bills.

With Bill being a common name, if you think an All-Bills team will be strong – you betcha – and upper division strong to boot! A team of all-Bills not on this team would soundly drub the All-Time Randys – much to the agreement to my college roommate (Bill) who tragically died in a car accident, who was also a good baseball player and also knew Randy.  I even consider splitting the Bill and Billy, but Bills say they have been called worse.

By the way, for the other all-time teams, see Categories in the Sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Bills.

1B – Bill Terry (HOF)
2B – Bill Mazeroski (HOF)
SS – Billy Goodman (AS)
3B – Bill Herman (HOF)
C – Bill Dickey (HOF)
OF – Billy Williams (HOF)
OF – Billy Hamilton (HOF)
OF – Bill Buckner (AS)
DH – Bill Madlock (AS)

SP – Bill Foster (HOF)
SP – Billy Pierce (AS)
SP – Bill Donovan (AS)
SP – Bill not the Spaceman Lee (AS)
SP – Bill Dinneen
RP – Billy Wagner (AS)
RP – Bill Campbell (AS)
RP – Bill Henry (AS)

Bench – Bill Freehan (AS), Bill Doran (AS), Bill Jurges (AS), Bill White (AS), Bill Nicholson (AS)

Mgr – Bill McKechnie