They’ve Earned It Rankings

Week 1 is over and the time has come for one of the most unique rankings in the country. Maybe the only top 10 in the country without LSU, Georgia, Ohio State, or Oklahoma, the They’ve Earned It bottom line is simple: who played and who won. Consider the following.

– Last year doesn’t count
– Nor does the year before that
– Nor any other year
– Traditions don’t count
– Expectations don’t count
– Power Conference membership doesn’t count
– Band program doesn’t count
– Hosting ESPN Game Day doesn’t count
– Storied history doesn’t count
– Home attendance doesn’t count
– Number of times on TV doesn’t count
– National Anthem singers don’t count
– Number of alumni doesn’t count
– Famous mascots don’t count
– Fight and spirit songs don’t count
– Number of press passes doesn’t count
– Played in fabled game doesn’t count
– Hype doesn’t count
– Famous alumni don’t count
– Media market doesn’t count
– Bowl history doesn’t count
– Number of 5-star recruits doesn’t count
– Famous celebs in the stands don’t count
– Amount of school clothing sold doesn’t count
– Past legendary coaches don’t count
– Number of players in the NFL doesn’t count
– Loving or hating Notre Dame doesn’t count
– Preseason predictions don’t count

Personally, I’m tired of soft nonconference schedules, judgments based on expectations, and ranking on past performance. Loading up against the little guys won’t get support here.


They’ve Earned It Top 10 Countdown

10. Arkansas State
9. USC
8. Fresno State
7. Cal
6. Bowling Green
4. Utah
3. Missouri
2. East Carolina
1. Alabama

Many fans don’t get this because they believe rankings should be based on other erroneous factors. Next week’s ranking could be very different. Beating Tulane does not guarantee the Tide the top spot. As the season progresses, conference games will play a big factor, but for now, only week 1 counts.