On a Memorial Salute

Greetings on this holiday Monday in the USA!

Given the 3-day holiday weekend, I’ve developed this post ahead of schedule. If all goes as planned, our weekend will include two ballroom events, visiting the Cincinnati Museum Center for at least one (maybe two) Omnimax films, a bit of work around the condo, a long walk to town  (and back) for lunch, work, and hopefully some infrequent down time at home. What did you do this weekend?

Meals: The Musical returns this week. I wanted “Seafood” as a theme, but after researching the topic, I’m not convinced about the availability of songs. Therefore, Ingredients is the theme. Think flavors as herbs, spices, extracts, and other common ingredients that aren’t dishes themselves … however, no fruits or vegetables (a previous act) and no chocolate (reserved for later). There is a lot of leeway here, so chose judiciously.

Celebrations For Your Week

  • (Week) Week of Solidarity with the People of Non-Self-Governing Territories, Hurricane Preparedness Week, Frozen Yogurt Week, American Beer Week, Emergency Services Week
  • (Mon) Something Day, Wine Day, Tap Dance Day, Brown Bag-It Day, Missing Children’s Day. Nerd/Geek Pride Day, Cookie Monster Day, Towel Day
  • (Tues) Lindy Hop Day, Blueberry Cheesecake Day, Sally Ride Day, Cheery Dessert Day
  • (Wed) Cellophane Tape Day, Popsicle Day, Senior Health & Fitness Day, Sun Screen Day, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day
  • (Thurs) Brisket Day, Hamburger Day, Slugs Return from Capistrano Day, Whooping Crane Day

Monday is Memorial Day in the US, so I’m passing on the normal Monday frivolity for one of my favorite military tributes. Have a good week.

On Veterans 2014

Upon seeing this commercial, I knew I had to use it for Veterans Day. On this day, a special salute to all US military veterans.  Also, for my world-wide audience, may this create a moment for you to give thanks to the veterans who served your country.

On Celebrating the Fourth 2010

Although we know these days as a holiday and a day away from work, but I, like many others, probably don’t take enough time to think deeply about the significance of holidays as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans’ Day. I guess that’s one of the reasons why appreciate the various reports the cable news channels provide on this days because they stimulate my reflection.

We Cincinnatians see today as the first July 4th without Maestro Erich Kunzel, who passed away last fall. Not only was Maestro Kunzel the founder and conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, he was known by many across the nation who conducted annual holiday concert celebrations from Washington that PBS broadcast – such as tonight’s Capitol Fourth program.

So with this YouTube, I not only salute Maestro Kunzel for his role in our life, but this tribute is perfect for all those who have served our country – past, present, and future.

Have a safe holiday weekend everyone.

On Memorial Day 2010

I’m old enough to remember some referring to this day as Decoration Day.  I recall the annual parade in my small hometown, the firemen barbecuing chicken, and the boats going to the river for the first big weekend of summer. I can also remember the trips to the cemetery as the American Legion members held a public service to honor soldiers.

Interestingly, we first observed Decoration Day in 1868, but it didn’t become a national holiday until 1971 as it was driven by the states.

Today, in our time of political hostility, I wonder how many people take the time to reflect upon the past – the lives that were lost due to country pride – not hostility within. I hope that today everyone takes a minute or two out of their fun day to reflect about the sacrifices given by so many.

Meanwhile, here’s a tribute to our armed forces- past and present. Have a safe weekend and positive week ahead.

On Memorial Day 2009

arlingtonParades, picnics, barbeques, neighborhood parties are many of the activities scheduled for the last day of this 3-day weekend. On the other hand, after watching interviews with Admiral Mullen and several Iraq-War veterans, I was once again reminded that today is not about any of the things, but more about remembering those who died while serving.

I must admit, I didn’t serve any military time; nor did many of my friends. Today I know more who served in Vietnam than I knew at the time of that war. Although I had a draft lottery number of 046 and had successfully passed my induction physical, President Nixon had started troop withdrawal.

But in those recent interviews, these soldiers asked us to remember the fallen warriors – the ones who returned home in a flag-draped casket. So with this post, I recall Tommy from my hometown.

Tommy was the first person I knew to die in combat. Although I was 7 years younger, I knew him as one of the teenagers who helped while I was in little league, plus through the American Legion where both of our fathers were members. I recall how the news of his death shocked our small town, and for some reason he occasionally pops into my mind over the past 40 years.

In the early 1990s I recall my first and only trip to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington. A different felling came upon me as I walked down the ramp into this simple-looking memorial. I never found Tommy’s name, but I thought about him again on that day.

So today, salute to you Tommy, as well as all others who have died while serving this country over the past 200+ years.

Here’s a collection of editorials cartoonists from around the country.

Image from ArlingtonCemetary.org